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Formerly: xXDisco_Da_FloofXx
Trainerlevel: 4

Trainerpoints: 40/51


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Staraptor645,997 / 13,143
Basculin (Red)545,708 / 8,911
Kricketune673,309 / 14,478
Beautifly637,800 / 12,097
Golduck613,590 / 11,347
Azurill748,688 / 13,321


Hi! My name is Disco! I’m a furry/therian who’s very cringe on purpose-

I have autism, adhd and anxiety (diagnosed) and osdd (looking into a diagnosis)

As a system, some of our fictives are from problematic sources (such as the dsmp) and we’d perfer if you dont get mad at them for it pleas -w-‘

Anyways, for me (the host) My labels are bigender, transmasc, Nonbinary, omnisexual demiromantic! Most of us use neopronouns but its not required to use them :>

I hope we can be friends lol, I remembered to finally add this!

Fandoms I’m currently in

Active: DSMP, Warrior cats, Agere/Petre, Minecraft, Art, Gacha, Furry
Inactive: Backrooms, Scp, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, CreepyPasta, Undertale
Semi Active: Tumblr, scene/emo communities, lgbtq groups, therianthropy



Do not interact

Homophobes/transphobes/racists/abelists, anti-furry, anti-dsmp (u dont have to watch them tho), anti-mogai/neopronouns/xenogenders, anti-therian/otherkin, cringe culture, reddit users, nsfw, fakeclaimers, endogenic/tula systems, people who hate on fictives bc of their source, allistics

Game Records

Trainer ID: #531600466
Registration: 09/05/2022 (1 Month ago)
Game Time: 1:53 Hours
Total interactions: 52
Money: 6,747
Starter Pokémon: Monferno


Just made a new avatar lol
16 Days ago
Bro being cringe is fun
16 Days ago
Sorry I didn’t talk to anyone, I got sad lol
16 Days ago
I go thru periods of not posting anything to posting litterally everything i think and i love that-
1 Month ago
Being cringe just for da sake of being cringe bc its fun x3
1 Month ago

JayPaw with the ancient cats, literally inventing religion: 0_o
1 Month ago
Ugh im offline so much :<

Ima try to remember to be online more tho, I mostly just use this for talkin to people bc I’m not a massive Pokémon fan, but yk what, hecc it!

Anyways time to go post about warrior cats, oh also I’m planning on painting my dino mask today >v<
1 Month ago
Watchin some mha content, i hella kin Tokoyami, he’s so kewl and edgy x3 nobody understands him and nobody understands me, we’e like- the same person UwU
1 Month ago
I ship TigerStar x DarkStripe bc like >////< they’re just- kinda cute together yk? :3 lol second post here and I’m discussing ships xD I’m just so weird lol
1 Month ago
First post here >.< this is gunna be so epic!! So excited to make sum new frenzz x3
1 Month ago


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