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Formerly: Bettalong
Trainerlevel: 50

Trainerpoints: 4,362/7,549


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Giratina12649,692 / 60,009
Giratina25244 / 2,439
Giratina13759,366 / 70,899
Big Bruh Moment
(Giratina (Origin))
1,0783,347,716 / 4,361,859
Giratina8317,458 / 26,146
Giratina8918,760 / 30,039

BRUH? (bruh)

bruh i haven't logged into this account for ages why is my username malafight 💀

u can call me betta or val!
I used to play this game A LOOOOOOT but left for a while, hoping to maybe get back into it! it's been a long time!

Shiny Hunt

malafight is currently hunting Giratina.
Hunt started: 01/01/2016

Chain: 129


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PenScales 1 Month ago
stormer90000 1 Month ago
Muse 1 Month ago
HisuianZorua 1 Month ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #470974245
Registration: 12/02/2014 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 2329:38 Hours
Total interactions: 990,893
Money: 3,884,357
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Ayo I haven't logged into this account for YEARS and my username suddenly changed? 🤔anyway this is bettalong idk if anyone remembers that username LOL - thought about returning today!!
1 Month ago
Wow, look! Your gems merged into a Mega Stone!
that's the third in a row now. o-o' where is all this mega stone luck coming from omfg

Well then.....
Interaction exchange? :0
6 Years ago
I kinda want to start my shiny Giratina hunt soon :'0
But at the same time, I would love for Glaff (VanillaCreme) to get theirs first, and I'm also not too sure about whether I truly have enough orbs to be confident (I have around 80-90ish idk I'm too lazy to count right now)

what to do, what to dooooo... ;;
6 Years ago
Wow, look! Your gems merged into a Mega Stone!

One right after the other! :'>
Selling this one (again) for 9 dragon gems ovo
6 Years ago
So, I've been wanting to RP with a certain wonderful someone on here, but I realized that being a fish is a very tough job (also known as: Roleplaying with a fish pokesona probably is hard when most of the plot probably takes place on land :'D)
So I made another pokesona. :0
Aside from being poorly drawn, the first person to guess what I combined gets a cookie! xD
6 Years ago
Congratulations, you have solved Mystery #10!


that was so incredibly irrelevant to what I thought

that I don't even think I can bring myself to unscramble the code now
6 Years ago
Wow, look! Your gems merged into a Mega Stone!

mmmmyes, finally >:u After a thunder stone and a fire stone , and I thought I'd waste a third dragon gem
Sooo... To make more use of this feed, I'm trading the stone for 9 dragon gems! 'u')/
6 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Zangoose hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #51)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.
n ice

Just when the breeding pair was getting productive |'D
6 Years ago
I do "productive" things during the night. :'D Yay me. //SHOT
(Anyway, I've finally updated the thread, and the specie is back up! I may have also messed up on writing some stuff )
I finally added kind of proper shading and yee, still not completely done though. |'D
6 Years ago
I need opinions. :'D (which is the reason why I'm throwing art into a feed in the first place) I'm curious as to whether my art seems to have improved or...???
probably got worse since last time lmao

before -> now
6 Years ago
So my day started off terrible. I looked to see that I lost a contest, and got yelled at and yeh.
I was unexpectedly told to go to Bestbuy, an D WHAT HAPPENS THERE???
IT'S PRETTY FAST AND IT CAN LOAD FR'S COLISEUM which my previous crappy computer couldn't even load |'D
OMFG ;;;;;
6 Years ago
Well that was expected.
I honestly don't really know how to feel about this. :'p
I mean, I'm happy for the winner(s), but....
At the same time, this kinda beats me down because of how bad my week's been going + the effort I put into my form. In addition to the fact that I never win contests. Ever. |'0 [...]
6 Years ago
"Eggs hatched 143"
none of which had any significance

where has my lab luck gone to ever since I've hatched that random shiny Bidoof whicH WAS WHEN I WAS A NEWBIE >:U
6 Years ago
"You have successfully solved mystery #6!"
Ahhh sweet :'>
And I didn't need to borrow anything from anybody hehe thankfully there was nothing like "Yveltal" or "Xerneas" lmao
But the letters I've unlocked so far are very unpromising.
There are... No vowels yet so... :'0
6 Years ago
Ayyy, 7th on site... Not bad, not bad I guess. .w.' Considering that I had a hell of a bad day today, I guess that's the "highlight".
I guess this makes up for the time he got stuck under Dialga's time gears. :b
6 Years ago
"Jackpot Winner(s): 2"
I wonder if there are going to be jackpot winners every day with the new minigame. :'D
6 Years ago
S o

I learned that according to my calculations if I'm correct, I'll need about a total of 150 hours or more less if I'm lucky to get the entire shiny dog trio. ;0
Welp. That's about.... Maybe 3 hours a day?? Therefore, I'm going to ask that n o b o d y messages me during this time (unless I slapped you onto a list that I'll soon make and put in my about me er something )
6 Years ago
"What if my Retro Totodile hatched into a female??? I really hope not-"

why :'D
I somehow just can't imagine Totodile as a female ahhhh
6 Years ago
Well PH is being quite... Dramaful, tonight. -v-'
At this point, I don't even want to know what it's about.
And it's probably best that I continue doing whatever I want to do on PH another day and another time.

Good night.
6 Years ago
Am I the only one or does anyone else take it personally/feel really out-of-place when you make art for someone, they put it somewhere, and a lot later, you check back there out of sheer curiosity and your artwork mysteriously disappeared from the list....? :'0
I've said this 100s of times and I'll say it again. One day, I'll get good. I'll get good enough to give gift arts to those who really were there to make me feel good about myself as a novice.
6 Years ago



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