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Formerly: Roly-Poly
Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 2,834/3,299


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gastly (Retro)31121,718 / 340,071

About Me

Hello, welcome to my profile, feel free to PP Me!

~ Stuff ~

Omplomgenderfluid (Check Pronouns for explanation/definition), Azalian Enbiromantic, Bisexual, Nerd, Geek, Certified Dumbo

Favorite Region ~ Hoenn

Favorite Pokemon (1) ~ Marshadow

Favorite Food ~ Basically Anything Italian

Favorite Things To Do/Hobbies ~ Drawing, Writing, Video Games, Legos, Swimming, Roller Skating

Favorite Pokemon (1-5) ~ Marshadow, Spheal, Torchic, Blaziken, Gallade

Preferred Messages ~ Palpad

Pronouns ~ Any/All, I identify as Omplomgenderfluid so I feel connected to all genders, fluctuate in those connections, and sometimes just fall off the gender spectrum

Preferred Book/Movie Genres ~ Mystery, Comedy, Adventure, Action, Horror etc.

Preferred Humor ~ Dark, NSFW

Expect Funny Quotes, Crappy Jokes, Mood Swings, Dumb Things, Wasted Time, and Stupid Rhymes.

[Updated] Zuzulocke

1. Usual Nuzlocke Rules (First encounter only, Nickname, Permadeath, Whiteout=Lose)
2. Roll for Roles (More on that below, yoinked from Apocalocke)
3. One-Gift Rule (Can only use one gift pokemon/trade pokemon, can be self-gift where you trade a pokemon to yourself or friend-gift where your friend tells you what specific pokemon to trade to yourself including name, gender, and whether or not it's shiny)
4. HM Pokemon Allowed (Unusable in battle)
5. Set Mode
6. Clauses (Shiny, Dupes, and Multi-Floor)
7. Artlocke Rules (Must draw caught Pokemon & how they die)
8. Random Starter Choice
9. Russian Roullette (Immediately after each gym is beaten you roll a dice and whichever number you land on, the pokemon in the corresponding party slot dies. Must do instantly after gym, cannot move party slots or put pokemon in PC. Is affected by roles)
10. TM Wipe (All TMs must be thrown out or used after each gym)

1: Lone Ranger (Bad, Cannot switch out unless in critical condition)
2: Voodoo Linked (Bad, If another member in the party with this pokemon dies, this pokemon dies)
3: Duo (Balanced, Allows for second encounter but second encounter is a duo with first and if one dies the other dies)
4: Extra (Neutral, Nothing special)
5: Healer (Good, Can revive 1 pokemon who dies while this pokemon is in the party)
6: Survivor (Good, Has 2 lives)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #727137307
Registration: 09/09/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 972:51 Hours
Total interactions: 242,140
Money: 153,925
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


With mogwai comes much responsibility
Yesterday, 21:42
I am still up
1 Day ago
My eyes hurt
2 Days ago
3 hours straight of pokemon
2 Days ago
The second I lay my head on the armrest, it's over. I'll pass out.

R e f u s e
2 Days ago
I've been playing pokemon for 2 hours straight and i'm just over here vibing with the gang. Meet Boots the Thwackey, Bandit the Galarian Linoone, Doge the Yamper, ALTray the Trapinch, Biter the Diggersby, and Purp the Toxel.
2 Days ago
I have 55 days until the County spelling bee. Something tells me that, of all things, Social Anxiety will be my downfall.
2 Days ago
I woke up from a terrifying dream in the middle of the night with the only light coming from the blue screen of the tv and now i'm huddled in bed listening to what's going on outside as it reminds me of the horror movie I just woke up from.
4 Days ago
It's possible to get someone to talk about memories that never happened by convincing them they did happen.

Keep that in mind when you wanna commit murder.
4 Days ago
I really wanna see how many apps can't run on my tablet anymore (it's old and super out of date) until I get a new device.

Youtube just stopped running because of a new update
7 Days ago
Quirk Idea: Crystal Scales

Skin can fold out into serpentine scales made out of extremely dense crystal
8 Days ago
10 Days ago
My goal when I get my own computer is to remake Hearts and Heroes in Scratch
11 Days ago
You can tell a lot about a person by comparing their account age with their time online
11 Days ago
As soon as I got home I did my chores and went to sleep and did not wake until dinner.

Just felt like sharing because I haven't posted much today
11 Days ago
The best part of now recognizing my gender connections is the terms I can use whenever it changes.

Crap, fell off the Gender Spectrum again
12 Days ago
Okay so I had another gender crisis and updated my profile. Check my About Me for an explanation lol, it's... complicated.
12 Days ago
I wanna watch a horror movie following a family of contortionists
13 Days ago
Trading Pokemon for Rare Candy! Anything in my Candies box is up for bargain.
15 Days ago

You are 14.2% good, 26.7% lawful, making you true neutral.
15 Days ago


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