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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 1,700/3,709


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gyaroppu #06 (JWUSAD)
19326,869 / 112,327
Gyaroppu #18 (JWUSAD)
15952,058 / 76,321
Gyaroppu #15 (JWUSAD)
12210,207 / 45,019
Gyaroppu #06 (JWUSAD)
1132,524 / 38,647

~About Me~

Sometimes I will set up a Pokemon in AH with max bid. It mean I set up Pokemon for Dream Points, not for sell. So please ignore that auction.

QuoteEverything in the world is double-edged sword.


I just love Rapidash / Ponyta so much...

Art by ??? - I don't know. The first time I see this art I just save to my aunt's PC, no need to know who is artist. I think this art has been 7 years now.

Please train all of them, I'll very thankful.


#54 Tue, 09/04/2019, 10:58PM
#76 Thu, 11/04/2019, 06:03AM
#95 Thu, 11/04/2019, 07:43PM
#138 Mon, 15/04/2019, 02:05PM


Adopted from the Lab 100 Ponyta eggs... *Facepalm*


All evolves + all genders + all natures... *Sigh* Same for shiny hunt... *Sigh part 2* *Facepalm part 2*

Victini and Harvest Sprites

Please train all of them, I'll very thankful.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #130425226
Registration: 22/12/2018 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 660:53 Hours
Total interactions: 521,890
Money: 500,988
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


By UnfathomableShadow
I think.... I want to do a contest lol

Share #FiveThousandAWeekForLife
I’m mainly doing this because I know how much daycare doesn’t give eggs, so share this to get a chance to win a ticket for 5000 PD every week for life

Lol you’ll have to friend me so that I can find you easier
Ends when I get 50 entries? Yeah that’s about right
Lol you’ll be able to use this low amount either to stockpile or for daycare, so share fast (I’m so glad I’m back with contests, it was hard to make a unique one, and this one came outta nowhere)
Today, 14:50
By Angell~Demaru~Day
It’s that time again!

#VaporvsUmbre Share this hashtag along with your vote, and the 4 members winning team will get 25k PD, and 10 random gems. Good luck!

Me: "Vaporeon."
Today, 13:51
By ProudWeeb
Ok i know i literally just did a giveaway buuuuuuut i donated something to someone for their giveaway and it was a miss understanding thing Blah blah blah boring boring boring

So i guess share #BlahBlahBlahBoringBoringBoring for a chance to win

1st Place :Relic Vase
2nd Place:100k
3rd Place: Idk yet ill think of something

Ends tomorrow at reset

Good luck everyone
Today, 13:36
By LucarioLover99
Wow, the generosity on pokeheroes is so amazing! I got so many gifts, and ended up with more that 1 million pd! Now, time to do a giveaway!

Share this ENTIRE post with my name on it, and also share the #millionpdforlucario and you will be entered into a draw!

1st place: 2 mystery items, 10k pd
2nd place: 1 mystery item, 5k pd
3rd place: 1 mystery item

The draw ends in a day, so post and share quick!
Yesterday, 22:47
By AngellRune~Kris
Ummm Ok. So from the Leaf Vs Jolt contest, I got a great suggestion: Let’s turn them into a Bracket like contest to find the Best Vee... So..

Ahem, Share the hashtag #FlarevsGlace. Battle of Fire and Ice.

So remember, vote for you Favorite, and two people on the winning team get 30K, and a Fossil Of your choice.

Me: "Flare. Because Flareon look like Eevee most."
Yesterday, 22:05
By Bell998
I saved up a lot of dream points, so here's a random raffle:

Repost this with the hashtag #bellhasnoideawhatshesdoing and on 28th April you can get:

1. 1k DP worth of plushies
2. 500 DP worth of plushies
3. 250 DP worth of plushies

(If less than 5 people join there will be just 1st place, if less than 10 join then 1st and 2nd, if more than 15 join then all three places)
Yesterday, 21:41
By ProudWeeb - 10 Hours and 52 Minutes ago.
Awww Ph is a great website!

So today we are going to create a # about PandoraPika And Venom! The new Ph Couple

So share #VenomousPika for a chance to win 300k!
Yesterday, 08:09
By LukaIzALuxray
Just a little announcement here. I'll be giving away one of my Shiny Luxray, and one of my Mega-able Luxrays when Grump, my Garchomp, reaches level 150. So I need your help getting her there. Share #LevelGarGrump for your chance to win! Please be sure to interact with her too! The more you interact, the faster it'll happen!
Thank you!
Yesterday, 07:44
By agayjew
[First]: Shiny Slowbro + MA Buneary + Refrigerator + Washing Machine
[Second]: Shiny Gardevoir + Reveal Glass + Douse Drive
[Third]: Shiny Steelix + DNA Splicer (Black)
All you have to do to enter is share the hashtag #FerretsGiveaway
Time: Ends at 5:30pm PH Time (1:30pm ET)
2 Days ago
By Argentis
If this hatches bedore reset, I’ll raffle out two prizes of 50k PD to anyone who interacts with it (comment or heart works).

Additional 25k PD will be raffled to anyone sharing my username #Ag
3 Days ago
By Iceland
In 1 Week is my Birthday and for Celebrate i want to do a Little Giveaway!
Share the Hashtag #Ru404 for participate
The random winners wins:
1.500k PD
2.A random shiny hunt
3.A Mega able Ampharos
The winners will be choosen on April 22Th Reset
Good luck

Happy (early) birthday!
4 Days ago
By Speedysanik
Sometimes the word is just noyou....
Make sure to share the hashtag, and like the this feed...
Three random contestants will be chosen to win one of three random prizes!!!!!
4 Days ago
By Kidkalamity
I'm doing a spur of the moment giveaway~
All you have to do is interact with Geist in my party and share the tag #GetGeistTo500
When my chandelure reaches 500 I will choose a winner~
[[I will check interactions with shares, dont be that person >->]]
Prize will be a shiny litwick~♡
6 Days ago
7 Days ago
By Spook
never done a giveaway so here we go.
touch the whale and share #trashgiveaway
1st - 20 Dragon Gems
2nd - 15 Dragon Gems
3rd - 10 Dragon Gems
4th - 1 Dragon Gem
probably ends sunday at reset
7 Days ago
By TheRecklessGreninja
You push the green key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

154x Game Chips found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.


[>☕ <----VS!--->(>O

The new and improved and TOOOTALY ORIGINAL robo coffee cat! Version 2.o0OwO


The TOOTALY copied fat and chubby cookie eating fat butt, cookie cat... Version Fat and chubby!

The winner gets The candy! Like if u want coffee to win and comment if u want cookie to win!

(Just relaized. This is like 1 of those spam comments on youtube.. *Face palm to self*)

Share #TheshowownofthecentuaryOwO to get 50k and any breeding event apir of ur choice ends on may... tahts it
8 Days ago
By XxToxicxX
I am bored so #KarpsAreGudPlushies
This is for a free plushie it might take awhile to get the points but still I'll send any plushies below 60 dp or 50 dp

==Karp! Karp! Karp!==========
===Karp! Karp!================
==Karp! Karp! Karp!==========
=Karp! Karp!============
(This is NOT about or even related to the magikarp plushie drama ok so please don't go saying this is an insult to the people cuz I don't want drama starting over a hashtag)

Seadra. :3
8 Days ago
By Roshi-JOAT
I'm doing a quick giveaway for a 100dp plush. All you have to do is spread the hashtag and i'll announce the winner in 30mins.
9 Days ago
By Mitake - 43 Minutes and 23 Seconds ago.
Greetings. So, an future friend of mine needs help. A survey for a Tech Math class. So let me accelerate things a bit:

Welcome to #PiyosSurvey.
The task is simple. Do the survey and comment (or heart) this post to get a ticket. Spreading the hashtag will earn you another one!
If the goal of 100 people is reached, three individuals will be selected and:
First selected one gets 205 Nuggets.
Second gets 150,000 PD.
Third one gets 75,000 PD.

The survey
9 Days ago
By Inverso

Quite easy.. just share #Love4Salamence to enter.


1st - 50 Nuggets + Green Orb

2nd - Shiny Glalie + Random Fossil

3rd - Shiny Carvanha + Random Fossil

BTw im buying M-Salamence pp me! ^~^
9 Days ago


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