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Formerly: Ryhdey
Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 1,521/1,609


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Zygarde (10% Forme))
507649,247 / 965,836
45845,853 / 630,667
Jolteon1186,596 / 42,127
(Giga Charizard)
2457,323 / 209,708

About Me

Henlo, Welcome To My Profile. You Can Call Me Ryhdey No Matter What I Change My Username To Since It Is What My Frens Called Me When It Was A Keyboard Spam. Now, On To My Favorite Things.

Credits to dawg for making this!

Favorites Of Mine
Movie Type:Animated
Plushies: Noibat, Persain, Umbreon, Houndoom, Torracat, And Tyrunt.

End Of Favorites

Don't Ask For My Zygarde Since It Was A Gift, Don't Ask For Shiny Poochyena,It Was A Gift, Same With Shadow Beedrill, And Don't Ask For Mega Absol Since It's My Favorite Mega.
If You Keep Asking For Them, I Will Block You.
First Ask Is A No
Second Ask Is A Warning
Third Ask Is A Block.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #532246339
Registration: 25/09/2020 (5 Months ago)
Game Time: 498:28 Hours
Total interactions: 73,603
Money: 35,661
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Once upon a time In roblox, I had a fren and we even had nicknames for each other, she was da best. Until my dad saw there was a chat option...I called her Moon and she called me Soap,but then I left without being able to tell her that my dad blocked off roblox from me...
Today, 00:58
I has a question, how come peeps on the internet that I haven't even met irl care if I leave? One of these years I'm probably gonna be forced to stay off and I wont be able to do anything about it-
Today, 00:38
You have to fight whatever is on your home screen. Stolen

What would you have to fight? I would have to fight a silvally with my bare hands TwT
3 Days ago
If I end up getting the remakes fir diamond and pearl, I'm probably gonna choose chimchar if there is still a lack of fire types in sinnoh-
3 Days ago
Finally, diamond and pearl remakes! R.I.P furret escalater
4 Days ago
I haven't seen the direct, they announcing diamond and pearl remakes?
4 Days ago
If you could be any pokemon besides ditto, what would you be?

I would be a Noivern since it's one of my favorites and I would be able to fly.
6 Days ago
Wait. If pokemon only say their name, did scientists name them before they started saying their names? Or did scientists just decide to call them what they said?
8 Days ago
My grandma: I got you something
Me: chocolate?
Grandma: no a cup.
My dad: I also got you something
Me: chocolate?
Dad: no, healthy food for dinner
My brain at night: I got you something
Me: chocolate?
Brain: no, the memories of something stupid you did years ago
Me: oh sh-
9 Days ago

All thanks to Wish for helping me get 25 dynamax crystals, i now have this beauty! thank chu Wish!
12 Days ago
Ryhdey---> ~Lolbit~. You can still call me Ryhdey if you want or you can call me Lolbit.
14 Days ago
My level 43 luxray helped catch the level 70 galar moltres. It paralyzed it, got it to yellow health and lived.
15 Days ago
I have returned from the dead, miss me?
28 Days ago

My Pokeheroes Goals.

Current Goals. 🖤

•Get 25 Dynamax Crystals For Charizard Shiny--✔
Progress So Far: (25/25)
•Get A Mega Stone For Houndoom--✔
•Get The Newest Mega--✔
Completed. (Leveling right now)

Future Goals. 🖤
•Get Pokeradar--❌
•Get The Shadow Radar--❌
•Shiny Hunt Shroomish--❌
•Complete Alolan Dex For Type:Null--❌
•Get A Shiny Mega--❌

If You Want To Help Me With These, Just PM Me.

Completed Goals.
•Get My Own Zamazenta--✔
•Get A Mega--✔
•Get A Shiny--✔
•Get A Giga--✔
•Get A Shiny Giga--✔

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