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Formerly: Izuku_Midoriya
Trainerlevel: 22

Trainerpoints: 1,217/1,473


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Zamazenta (Crowned Shield)16945,613 / 107,739
Zacian (Crowned Sword)418524,793 / 656,784
Eternamax Eternatus13834,089 / 71,934
Zenith Marshadow31061,892 / 361,539
Rhyhorn21054,921 / 166,164
Vivillon (Icy Snow)9313,737 / 26,227

President and god!ploosh hoard!

God:Riako (or Sir Ducklett)

Plooshie Hoarding:


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Abt. me

Hello welcome to my Profile ill tell all abt me:
Single or Taken:taken
Sexuality:Biromantic and Non-Binary
Roblox username:Pusheenthecat138 :P (plz tell me that u add me bc I might get confused who these people are thxs :)
Fave color:red and green
Songs:Alot of Alan Walker songs.
Fave show:Doctor Who,Stranger things,Naruto,and My Hero Academia.
Fave podcast:6 minutes
Fave animal:Cats,huskies,guinea pigs,chinchillas
Fave game:Roblox (I like to drop kick orphans there),Minecraft
Fave food:Sushi and ramen
Fave book:The miscalculation of lightning girl
Talent:(no clue)
Fave Artist/singer:Alan Walker,Panic!At the Disco (I am a huge fan of Alan Walker ya know
Usernames I had and now I have:Octo_boy121--->Naruto-Uzumaki---->SCP-049---->Izuku_Midoriya
Block:if you block me first then I would block you back and if you are being mean or cussing then I would block you and for reasons and don't attack me or use your friends to ask why or attack me.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #991770339
Registration: 05/05/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 733:39 Hours
Total interactions: 64,118
Money: 117,534
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


Ok so I am gonna leave pokeheroes but I will maybe come online once in a while (if I do come say hi 😊
Today, 02:30
I'm still thinking of leaving pokeheroes or not (pls if I do leave it's my decision not yours you can't make me stay if I do leave
3 Days ago
if anyone wants to talk or vent to me I am always online (if its not a school day) on discord I am Izuku_Midoriya#7397 (I am not online at 8:30 AM-4:00 PM)
3 Days ago
Well im kinda thinking of qutting pokeheroes and thinking of not quitting pokeheroes (i will think about it and because I use to be obsessed with pokeheroes and now I'm rarely being on here anymore
3 Days ago
What is angel dust's gender I'm always in confusion about angel's gender.
8 Days ago
Well I did survived athletics and the weights T-T but my body didn't survive (I'm in so much pain
15 Days ago
Fluff I forgot that in athletics class we have to do weights today :/ (ok time to not survive athletics
15 Days ago
Heading to school and wearing my athletics uniform cuz I have it for 1st period
15 Days ago
Neww userr namme
15 Days ago
Ok the most votes on my poll is King_Techno so I'm gonna change it to that :D
15 Days ago
Soo in choir there is a fundraiser (not sponsoring this just good news) and in choir we get to sell popcorn and the prizes of the popcorn orders from people they can get money or candy (they did not add the sticky hands in there :/ how am I gonna steal the test 🤣
15 Days ago
I kinda regret joining athletics cuz I'm constantly in pain after athletics and I hate it (and Monday I had to do a mile run and I gotten dizzy and so much pain 😕😖
15 Days ago
So me and my friend went to our backyard and screamed technoblade never dies (yea neighbors weren't happy
16 Days ago
In 3 days I can change my user but what will I change it to?
18 Days ago
<--- New avatar (yes its the blood god :>)
20 Days ago
going to a trampoline park today for my friend's birthday party🥳
20 Days ago
im in pre athletics now and the first day of exercising it made my leg sore for a few class periods and I'm fine but the 5-minute run was hard cuz it hurt but I didn't let it stop me
22 Days ago
Watching ranboo being live :I its fun
27 Days ago
My 1st period is athletics :/ boooo i have it in the morning
28 Days ago

Pokeheroes family:

Sister- KaiFIREYREDninjago2007
guinea pig-
dog- AmaterasuNarancia
Spider on my wall-Hollow-Masks
Demon Snek-The_Radio_Demon
The retarded guinea pig-Mommy_Flare
Thicc Chicken-Aspen
Smol demon dragon that steals your garlic bread-MadisonDaDragon
the cool uncle that lets you drive his golf cart-UncleNugget
my chaotic witch sibling-SmolBeanRey
The Sneek-Gl1ch-
Lil human fox-~Eevee~
My other sis:SpeedWag0n
more will be added soon!



Pixilart:Red Bean @RedTheHusky

Gmail:[email protected]

Picsart:RedTheHusky @izukumidoriya1273

Roblox:Pusheenthecat138 (display name:IzukuMidoriya)


My Oc!

my 1st oc:
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Oc name:Red Sus
Oc´s age:unknown
Species:Alien (most people say impostors are aliens)
Oc Gender:Male
Is my oc a crew-mate or an impostor:Impostor
Fave food:Crewmates (duh)
fave color:red
color Among Us character:Red (dats why he is called Red Sus)
My Oc's fave song:Show yourself by CG5!


My 2nd Oc
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Oc's name:Jaeger
Oc's age:1 yrs old
Oc's gender:boy
Fave food:waffles and meat
My oc's fave song:Darkside By Alan Walker

Shiny Hunt

King_Techno is currently hunting Eevee.
Hunt started: 18/05/2021

Chain: 82

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