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Trainerlevel: 58

Trainerpoints: 4,108/10,149


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Goldie Death (#114)
2,79720,038,184 / 23,478,019
(Zacian (Crowned Sword))
1,7574,877,192 / 11,583,024

About Me

Feel free to talk to me about anything! You can call me any of my RP names or Zace!
Profile pic by Luciel_Hughes of the mega for my my Absol OC Abs!
I'm 22 years old, live in Iowa, and my pronouns are he/his/him/she/hers/her/they/them.
I'm a fan of anime music, if you have any recommendations then tell me! My favorite band is coldrain!
Profile picture made by sire_sole1l

Credit to Luciel_Hughes!

Interesting Link
The next male shiny Hoothoot I get shall be named Ichorvio

Gift Backs

SM Hunt
DarknessTyplo: x58 Fire Gems (or at least something in return)
Mimikyu_Man: x19 Fire Gems Waiting to help in return

Aspen: Gave 5 Dragon Gems
Chungus: Gave 2 Fairy Gems
Torracat: Gave 2 Dragon Gems
LugiaBRE: Gave 30 Grass Gems

Zacian Hunt
James125: x1 Art of Combat

Ditto Gift Gem Count/Ditto Count
Purpleeda: x22 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
Miminite: x16 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
LugiaBRE: x26 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
ShinyMegaLucarioGuy: x5 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
James125: x294 Normal Gems (equivalent)/0 Ditto (yet)
Torracat: x3 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
DarknessTyplo: x379 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
TheUnknownCollector: x65 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
PenguinPowerful: x77 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
~Venus~: x1,000 Normal Gems/1 Ditto
RanbooMyBeloved: x620 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
ChikoritaMining: x300 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
~Techno: x100 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
Aqua_sapphire: x1000 Normal Gems/1 Ditto
Luciel_Hughes: x352 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
FreeHugz: x49 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
Izure: x50 Normal Gems (Pending)/0 Ditto (yet)
ShinyMegaGardevoir: x100 Normal Gems (Pending)/0 Ditto (yet)
-Koukio-: x10 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)

Shiny Hunt

FaithfullyBlindAbs is currently hunting Axew.
Hunt started: 25/01/2022

Chain: 98

Hunt 4 Normal Gems

I'll be hunting shiny hunting non-event, non-specially received Pokemon for Normal gems as well as regular hunting event Pokemon in my collection!
You can ask for a shiny through my newly opened Union of Shiny Hunters, the steps are laid out and fairly simple!

10 gems - 1 Easy Shiny Pokemon
15 gems - 1 Medium Shiny Pokemon
20 gems - 1 Event Pokemon and Region Variant Pokemon
25 gems - 1 Hard Shiny Pokemon
50 gems - 1 Rare Shiny Pokemon

Similarly, if you just want a regular Pokemon from me, unless otherwise discussed or offered, I would like 1 normal gem (if you'd like you can bargain with me, I won't be unreasonable)

Note that any Normal gems received by me through this exchange will be added to my tally for my Ditto hunt, which means that if you do it enough there's a chance you could somehow end up with a whole Ditto by the end

Buy List: (Pokemon: Buyer)
x2 Axew: ~Techno
Drampa: ~Techno
Drampa: Izure
x2 Drampa: ShinyMegaGardevoir
Mareep: -Koukio-

RP Info

Shino - Besaray, born in the Dark Forest (Picture by Luciel_Hughes)
Abs - Absol, regular form has slightly dulled eyes, born in the Dark Forest Mega Form (Picture by Luciel_Hughes)
Rocke - Half Ditto, Half Human
Cynder - Cyndaquil born in the Dark Forest (Super strength)
Pyrk - Twin of Cynder, a Ponpin with a giant "X" shaped scar on his belly and a broken outlet.
Goldie - Daughter of Shino and Abs, Shiny Caterpie, very relaxed around everyone but her mom, Shino.

Rocke - (Again, info above)
Johnny Joe - Super Demon, Before becoming a demon, Demon, post-horn break, 2 tails, demon of pride
Jacob "Custer" Joe - Super Demon, wings, 2 tails, demon the Kynseract family
Jacalyn "Emily" Joe - Super Demon, 2 tails, demon of the Kynseract family
For more information on the demons ask me or Scottsky

Dark Rose - Demon Cat, blood red paws and tail tip, pitch black fur, and blood red eyes, can fly without wings, understand all languages, holds grudges a lot, otherwise a powered wolf with the same coloring and instead of flying she can sense things much better than most, always goes by "Rose"
Zeltic - Wolf God, pitch black fur, black eyes, God of Shadows, born on a cold snowy mountain in ancient times, wanders aimlessly now

Zeltic - remade form of Zeltic as a Dragalia Dragon
Dark Rose - remade form of Dark Rose, Sylvan with black ears and long straight hair with blood red tips, wears blood red gloves, black tail with a blood red tail tip. Eats shadows, remade as the Dragalia adventurer packbound to Zeltic.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #767744757
Registration: 11/02/2014 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Sep/2022
Game Time: 1759:47 Hours
Total interactions: 5,071,730
Money: 238,907
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Every time I'm going to work I have to tell my phone that, no, the bus saying that we're passing the capital building ISN'T me trying to summon the voice command mode.
Today, 11:26
Be me: freshly showered and wearing glasses while at the bus stop. A bug STILL intentionally flies into your eyes multiple times right after you reach the stop. I wear rounded rectangular glasses, so it's pretty hard to get into for bugs. Whyyyyyy?!
Today, 11:16
I recommended to one of my co-workers yesterday that we call Farmer's Market "Nightmare on 4th Street" and they laughed and agreed. That's SAD. I thought about maybe Nightmare on 5th Street as well but our store's address is 4th Street and Courte Avenue, so as Court Avenue doesn't work as well as 4th Street and 5th Street isn't in our address (despite being an entrance to our store) it doesn't work either. Anyway, I'm not looking forward to the Nightmare on 4th Street currently.
Today, 03:28
I want to play Sims 2 again. That game was a LEGEND for me. I remember that I would cheat and make it so my sims never needed to eat or anything, and I would ONLY have one family. The family was a single adult who would adopt a child when they got to a certain age and the rest of the house were cats and dogs who would earn all the money. The sims were just there to take care of and train the animals and get to maximum skill levels. It was so amazing. <3 (Does this... say something about me that I wish I could live like this?)
Today, 02:59
I didn't really eat anything until dinner today, so when dinner time came and my brother and I decided to order McDonald's I ordered 4 cheeseburgers, 2 in a meal with a shake and fries. I ate it all. So happy with dinner.
Today, 01:35
One Piece YouTube videos be like "Yamato blah blah blah she blah blah blah and I can't help but yell "HE" every time. They did a good trans character in One Piece and half of the fanbase can't respect his pronouns! KAIDO of all people can respect his pronouns!
Yesterday, 22:19
You're trying to pass the time relaxing
You pick up an anime which has been suggested for more than a year, figuring why not
The anime is okay, but not super interesting yet and you're more than halfway done with the series, you think
Finally, you're really interested in the series because there's some background lore drops
The current episode looks particularly interesting
You think "I hope the next episode is just as good" halfway through the episode
The end of the episode comes
The outro music plays while things are happening on screen
The series ends before the next episode you wanted to see plays
Yesterday, 21:45
It's 11:19pm, but I don't want to sleep. It means my day off will start and therefore end sooner...!
Yesterday, 04:18
I wonder... In One Piece, the middle initial D is something that spans across all species and people from all over. Nowadays, people are trying to figure out how devil fruits work since they seem pretty sure that the D is actually either a sun at dawn or a smile but I have another idea. The lineage factor that people talk about in devil fruits is thought to be some deep knowledge that is passed on from the fruit, whether by pure power of knowledge deep in the fruit or via the actions of prior eaters becoming genetically entangled in the fruits next respawn. But this gave me an idea. What if the D stands for Devil fruit eater, aka the ones descended from the first to consume the fruit which may have occurred in the void century. The DNA exchange could leave their descendants more likely to eat a fruit and go off to cause chaos due to whatever happened during the void century, and the lost war could give cause to them being considered the natural enemies of Celestial Dragons?
Yesterday, 00:58
Day 3 of no sun. It rained most of yesterday, too.
1 Day ago
I'm at the point in my life where standing up makes my legs feel like they're going to give up from sudden bursts of pain. What point might you ask? 22. Halp
2 Days ago
Sleeppyyyy... But if I go to sleep that means I'm that much CLOSER to working tomorrow. And retail is awful, especially my store. I had a regular customer tell me today that he's surprised any of us workers can put up with some of the customers we get and how we must be happy with a medium paced day like we had today. I was so happy with this man. So. Happy. We get some WILD psychos and stories. I heard one story today that I can't say on here for obvious reasons if you know the story, and I was like "Uhhh, oh. Well, I guess that's a thing. Thanks for telling me!" and now I'm more weary of the area around our store than I was before, and with the customers we get I'm pretty weary of it already.
2 Days ago
Half of my brain: After Wano, Chopper's bounty might finally be more than 10
Other half of my brain: But Chopper's bounty of 10 is a joke that no one takes him seriously and almost like a reference to the fact that he's not dangerous for taking lives (which will easily up your bounty) but instead because he saves them like the true doctor he is.

In case you actually want to respond, what do you guys think? Will he become known for some reason involving the raid or will he stay as their "pet"?
2 Days ago
At times I forget why I speak-yell "timber" every time I go downstairs to my room, and it's not a reference to being a lumberjack, lol
2 Days ago
I think it's funny that all of us kids poke fun at my mom and her grilled cheese. We all love it so at some point we started to refer to it as her world famous grilled cheese, lol
2 Days ago
Today has been halfway decent. My headache tried to return but it didn't, on the other hand my left elbow feels like I hit my funny bone, customers have been rare but a little more on the nutty side than normal.
2 Days ago
Kaido in One Piece: I wanted to die but couldn't. I will go out in a giant battle.
Lots of fans: How about the water then? You ate a devil fruit after all, no need to enter an arms race and all that, bro...
Kaido: ate the fish fish fruit model koi and can probably breathe underwater, just not move
3 Days ago
Anyone else excited for the way they do the rl adaptation of One Piece any time they remember it? I don't care if Luffy looks goofy while stretching a whole ship away from his torso, he's SUPPOSED to be goofy. In the beginning, during the Romance Dawn, part of the story especially. He only gets more serious by the time he meets Arlong and liberates Nami's island. (Only a spoiler if you're more than 15 years behind, lol)
3 Days ago
Me: Wanna hear something that I think sounds gross as a sandwich idea?
Mia Pizza Manager: Is it gonna ruin my appetite?
Me: I don't know!
MPM: Sure.
Me: Peanut Butter Jelly Thyme sandwich.
MPM: That sounds bomb, actua-
Me: No, a Peanut. Butter. Jelly. Thyme. Sandwich.
MPM: Why are you like this?
3 Days ago
Deleted my previous feed because despite being true it's an ultimate tier bummer so instead...
I packed my lunch today but forgot my ibuprofen so I'm gonna have to get some from behind the customer service counter before my shift, RIP
3 Days ago



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