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Trainerlevel: 17

Trainerpoints: 732/883


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
14154,066 / 60,067

My Pokemon (pt 1)

Best bois-

my 2 fav pokemon. Snap (sceptile) was my first pokemon ever.

Also ver good bois-


first pokeheroes shiny. Wasn't even hunting them. Just logged on one day and to my surprise, a shiny had hatched out of my egg!

first hunt shiny

My Pokemon (pt 2)

cos I can't fit everything in under 2k characters

mega- (keep in mind I might have a few MA but they do not count)


first legendary. I played concentartion for hours


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #836169341
Registration: 28/09/2020 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 78:15 Hours
Total interactions: 53,682
Money: 57,239
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


So... I made a friend! It’s audino x flaffy and... OTA
First pokemon adopt... if this does well I’ll make some more for yall!
What you can offer-
Characters, art, PH currency, items or pokemon (add on only).
Will end... in 3 days! (Unless I don’t get any offers ofc.)
2 Days ago
anyone have a female sceptile i can trade for?.. thanks ^^
2 Days ago
By Satsujin - 17 Hours and 1 Minute ago.


So... what am I givin' away, kiddies?? Well... now that is a good question, hmm...

• 1st place has the choice between a 1 free art piece ticket for my art shop, or a Pokémon from my raise a lil' hell box, a small sketch sheet, and a Mega Stone!
• 2nd can choose from a 1 free art piece ticket for my art shop, or a Pokémon from the hell box + a small sketchy bust/ headshot doodle!
• 3rd gets a Pokémon from the hell box!

So, how do you enter for these goodies?? Simple!

All you need to do issss...:
1) Share the hashtag AND like the feed (if you don't do both, I won't enter you). OR Prank someone! Cause some chaos! Just dont break any of the PH rules (show me in the comments to be entered!)
2 Days ago
Did you know you breathe through one "dominant" nostril? Usually every 2 hours your dominant nostril will switch.
I just learned so not too long ago. The human body is fascinating huh? Always thought my nose was just stuffy or something.
5 Days ago
I just adopted 61 worm on the string sons. I need names pronto.
5 Days ago
Just realized a feed I made a while back just reposted itself? Very confused lol. Swear I didn’t mean to send the sw thing twice 😳
6 Days ago
night pokeheroes :T
6 Days ago
not me slowly disintegrating into a emotional mess of disappointment while listening to 2017 hits pfff- anyway how's yalls night/day so far? Me, I have done nothing but watch youtube and tiktoks all day so I'd say not bad.
6 Days ago
Never tried a SW before but have at it.
6 Days ago
should I continue hunting wooper.. or move on to a new poke?
7 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Wooper hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #120)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.axolotl son :D yeyeye. first hunt shiny ^^
7 Days ago
Having at least one person interested, in reference of my last post I shall continue in hopes of ensnaring more players into my web >:3
If you have not or won't read all the goodies I have wrote so far that's left in the toyhouse world I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO SO (but also if you do, it's been forever since I wrote all that so may have to update it tomorrow~), that is if you are planning to participate in the rp.
Now then, Earth's 'evacuation' of all 'magical creatures' (i know it sounds cringey but I swear it sounds so much better if you know the full story-) wasn't actually of all magical creatures. Some.. were forgotten, were chosen to stay behind, didn't want to leave their homes, etc. This very small some who stayed soon met many misfortunes as they no longer had strength in numbers.

continues in comments for a bit but I'll signal when I'm done so you can comment if you wanna. Keep in mind this is more of a interest check post than anything, and details are subject to change.
9 Days ago
Would anyone be interested in a rp based on my world, Marroway? I've tried hosting one on different sites but they never worked out.. but this time I think I'd tighten the reigns a bit.. have an actual story line instead of just a theme! (The idea before was for it to be completely free roam and let the players decide where they wanted to take the story... it ended when it was a player's turn who had suddenly decided to quit the site..) I've already written some about Marroway, if you want to check it out I made a world on toyhouse with all the details ^^ (toyhouse linked in my contacts)
Thinking this time the roleplay would be set on Earth and the player's characters who were "magical" were left behind from the "evactuation" for a large assortment of reasons (up to you of course for character building) or they are just plain ol' humans.. I'd like to continue but this is getting pretty lengthy so I'll have to continue in another post- if anyone is interested ofc.
9 Days ago
Got a lot of poke designs in tha wips huhuhu. Also considering redesigning my pokesona to deino x quagsire or maybe just commissioning someone as I was never really happy with how it came out hrm.. Gotta finish this myo first though before the event's over -._-.'
12 Days ago
You push the pink key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x The Art of Defense found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
13 Days ago
my way of shiny hunting is mostly me having tons of eggs then suddenly having half of them being released and then I'm out of eggs and screaming at the parents to make more babies.
17 Days ago
S0AP - 7 Minutes and 45 Seconds ago.
ayo happy new year!!

To kick this year off a good note I'd figure I'd do a 100mil PD Giveaway where 5 users each win 20mil

All you have to do is comment and make a feed or something letting people know this is happening with #helpinghands

have fun ily all <3 ends reset jan 5
18 Days ago
It's that time of night where you just don't know what to do
I have a hankering to carelessly throw pd out the window but I know I will regret it later. Anyone wanna chat? It would probably be just me ranting over whatever topic you land me on though lol
22 Days ago
By matso - 11 Hours and 5 Minutes ago.
ok well ive waited long enough to say that i need a ditto. So i want to start a raffle:

once i get to 10k normal gems than 3 people will get prizes:
1st mega event candaria
2nd 100 nuggets
3rd all my shinys and retros

ends once i get 10k normal gems #NEEDDITTO

dont forget to share the hashtag
22 Days ago
I'm afraid pokeheroes has messed up my sleep schedule :,)
well, good night.
24 Days ago


About me

I have no idea what I'm doing.
|July 28| Omnisexual| She/her|
discord is BrokenRec0rd#3825

I liek to rp, and I procrastinate on this game way too much. I need someone to yell at me to do my work.

I make art too .p.
You should like... totally buy from my shop

I am a huge weeb and a furry.

If you want to talk, go ahead! I can't see why you'd want to though, but I'm itching for new friends!

Things I'm into-
Pokemon (duh), way too many animes don't make me pick favorites cos I can't....ok but if you did I'd have to say demon slayer, dragon maid, fire force, MHA, promised neverland, either BNA or beastars.... that's too many favorites isn't it? Homestuck, Among us, Ark Survival Evolved, Roblox, band (I play the trombone but really suck at it), Undertale, DDLC, FNaF, and uh a bunch of other stuff.

Also my goal on pokeheroes is to become the quagsire lord.

Imma prolly mess with and revise my pf a lot so uh... sorry in advance.


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