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Trainerlevel: 30

Trainerpoints: 2,119/2,729


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
MissingNo.728 / 98


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TuxedoMon 3 Days ago
ShadowPhoenix 4 Days ago
TuxedoMon 5 Days ago
Pokeashcool 6 Days ago


Shiny Hunt

TuxedoMon is currently hunting Cosmog.
Hunt started: 26/03/2023

Chain: 94

Game Records

Trainer ID: #335954132
Registration: 24/06/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 227:33 Hours
Total interactions: 419,053
Money: 80,014
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


I just blocked someone, if you are that person know I want nothing to do with you since you have done something I consider unsafe or not appropriate for this site.
Today, 02:32
By Fizzarolli - 1 Hour and 18 Minutes ago.
I'm starting a BIG giveaway for reaching 2 mil PD! Literally half of my PD's go to the giveaway lmao. In order to join all you have to do is follow these steps:

- Share #Fizz2MilGiveaway
- Friend me (if you haven't already)
- Join the giveaway here!

The giveaway ends on october 25th! I know that's a long time but also hween giveaway because why not? The more people the merrier!
Yesterday, 02:35
How much money do you guys get on average per rumble mission. I get 2k pd for each alola rumble mission i do (average)
1 Day ago
By Tyana - 10 Hours and 55 Minutes ago.

castform evolutions in the auction house - check to see what they are - get ya bids in! I do 10 castform auctions a week and make a note of all buyers. 1 lucky person gets a shiny each week #tyanasshinyauction

Share this post to be in the chance of winning 150 nuggets - choosing player on Sunday xo
2 Days ago
Just wanted to promote this auction!

Please put what it is in the comments so people don't think its a rick roll.
2 Days ago
By RatQueen - 7 Hours and 3 Minutes ago.
Hatched the first mega-able.

Don't really need it....

Share #FelixHandItOver for a chance of a free shiny/ma sheep when it hatches. People picked at random each time I get one.
6 Days ago
Oh, hi TuxedoMon!
I see you recently hatched a special colored Lechonk! That is pretty cool, congratulations.
Was it a random encounter? I've heard the chance of finding such a Shiny is pretty low, but the Pokéradar Item can boost your luck a bit.
I wish I could go on my own Shiny Hunt, but unfortunately I can't afford this required item... Maybe I should start selling the eggs from my lab instead of gifting them to trainers. What do you think?

No, i like free eggs, ty very much.
7 Days ago
By SuperDucky100 - 23 Minutes and 18 Seconds ago.
"20k pd if 10 people join my lottery"
... So only 2 people out of 10 people joined my lottery xD
How about if I raise the prize of the giveaway (link below) to 40k pd?
10 people join = 40k pd + 10k for every 5 participants, sound good? xD
giveaway link
lottery link

(I'm trying to get more people to join my lottery to have a show of interest- currently, I'm doing one round (lottery) for every 10k normal gems, but I'm not sure if I should continue after this one, since not many people are joining xD)
7 Days ago
By astrex - 15 Minutes and 20 Seconds ago.
I have a surprise for my birthday :)

This may be a little dumb.. but since I have a whole Espurr obsession (obviously…)
I’m going to give away 16 Meowstics (as it’ll be my 16th birthday!)

1. All you have to do to enter is enter here! and you have a chance to win!

Would appreciate all friend requests as I’m open to new friends on here! :)

All Meowstics are going to be named astrex16 as my birthday giveaway suggests!

Share #astrex16 so more people can notice this and join the fun!
7 Days ago
By Jaywire - 2 Hours and 51 Minutes ago.
Heart this feed and share #Sept25 (optional) to win 100k pd and 100 random gems.

Ends on September 25
8 Days ago
why aren't the pokemon on the ranklist (lechonk, oinkologne, pawmi, etc.
10 Days ago
How much would my 1st OS Oinkologne be worth? anyone wanna buy it 👀
10 Days ago
11 Days ago
By TooManyRodents - 31 Minutes and 7 Seconds ago.
★ Raffle ★
To celebrate a special occasion, I'm hosting my first ever raffle! To enter, like this feed and share #spooky50krodents for a chance to win! The winner will receive 50,000 PD! Raffle ends on October 19!
11 Days ago
#IneedFriendspls has ended, and the winners are...

1st place, Minji!
2nd place, DarkestUmbreon!
3rd place, Mojoryan2003!

congrats to all the winners, sending prizes as soon as i can!
14 Days ago
18 Days ago
Just got 4 shinies in one hour in legends arceus: First found gligar, evolved it and found a random luxio, and in the same massive mass outbreak found a sneasel, evolved into sneasler, and a dartrix, evolved into a hisuian decidueye
1 Month ago

My Goals:

Once I have these, I will quit this game. They will remain in my party until this game ends.

OT Shiny Lunala:

First Shiny:

1 On site event shiny:

OT Shiny Tyrantrum:

OT Shiny Poipole

OT Shiny Primal Kyogre

OT SM Mecha Tyranitar

Getting Ready For shiny Hunts:


Primal Kyogre

Shiny Mega Mecha Tyrantar

What Im looking for!

Jaw fossil: 15k (stonks 11k)


Nuggets: my price is 2000 pd - 1 nugget.

Sapphires: 250k, i feel thats fair, pm me to bargain.


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