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Posted: Thu, 26/05/2022 05:24 (2 Months ago)
I'll make this simple.

Can my forum be moved to one category to another?
Cause I don't think Forum for showing of my shines doesn't fit in "GTS" category
Hiiiii!! Japanese Pokemon fan who loves Leafeon!!
Also in heavy love to Madoka☆Magika Sayaka Miki!!
Nice to meet you!!

@spites are from Konbe.Thanks!!
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Posted: Thu, 26/05/2022 05:41 (2 Months ago)
The moderators can move the thread if it is in the wrong section, but non-mods can't
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Posted: Thu, 26/05/2022 05:43 (2 Months ago)
Yes, you can message a moderator and ask them to move your thread. A log of your shinies would probably be better suited for the Diaries forum category.