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[Hidden] No One You Know's Song

Forum-Index Diaries [Hidden] No One You Know's Song
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Posted: Tue, 22/03/2022 15:19 (4 Months ago)
Please don't go ahead post
PM or palpad me instead, dear
For I am your friendly host

Few are welcomed here.
Not that any should
This is sincere

Are your intentions good?
Be off with you, I convey
Is this understood?

But those who stay
May this visit be pleasant
Have a good day

About Me

-Summer child
-Freelancing artist
-Works with PH BBCode
-Shared IP

Personal info
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Jokes on you. Unless you're an avid follower, you know barely anything about me.

My policy for my help around the site

• Battle requests - PM/Palpad first. If you don't, I will decline. I won't agree to battle for money or pokemon. Occasionally I disable my VS seeker when I get annoyed after receiving random battle requests with no context.

• Trading - Do not just send a trade asking "Offer what is good" or something like that. I will send you a message either asking why or ask you to take me off your friends list. The very last resort is blocking (And perhaps reporting)if you will not remove the trade or take me off your friends list.

• Trade Evo - Include in the trade, a message. I will send a trade back after you accept (If I'm online first). Don't forget to accept the trade. >>Do not leave the trade up without wanting to accept it<<<

• Asking for help with coding or general site usage is alright with me~~

• placeholder
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Posted: Tue, 22/03/2022 15:19 (4 Months ago)
Please let me know if I'm missing any~

Helpful links for your newbie, you, and your sanity

Site maps
Hangman Helper (All offsite)
Solipse's Hangman Helper
-Prajju's Hangman Helper
Royal Tunnel (All offsite)
(Some information is incomplete) [??]'s Royal Tunnel Guide Sorted By Everything
Swampfall's Royal Tunnel Simulator 2.0
Stonks/Market Insider
C0FFee's Guide to Using Stonks
(Offsite) -[??]'s Automatic Stonks Link Maker
Xerao's Market Insider/Stonks list
Ancient Cave
>>(Heavy Spoilers!! Make sure you are certain you'd like to spoil it before clicking)<<
PandaBennington's Guide to the ancient cave
BitterLemon's Alcremie Evolution Guide
Maniac's Guide to Evolving Pokemon
Contest Rules
Contest Approval Thread
BBC guide
BBCode Wiki Page
Me xdd?
The PH Wiki
Our Wiki
Riako's Minor Updates
(Offsite) Zellane's Tips for Beating Oak
Maniac's Puzzle Piece Locations
Toothie's Rumble Gems Guide
Anniversary gift

Might be outdated?[??]'s Hangman helper
Inactive/outdated? - DavidS's Royal Tunnel Guide
Slightly outdated, broken images - Swampfall's Royal Tunnel Simulator
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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 14:39 (4 Months ago)

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National Dex: 364/1595 || Egg Dex: 192/741

Kanto Dex: 57/151 || Shiny: 3/151 || Shadow: 4/151
Johto Dex: 41/127 || Shiny: 2/127 || Shadow: 2/127
Hoenn Dex: 34/155 || Shiny: 4/155
Sinnoh Dex: 31/138 || Shiny: 1/138
Unova Dex: 43/175 || Shiny: 0/175
Kalos Dex: 31/117 || Shiny: 1/117
Alola Dex: 34/140 || Shiny: 0/140
Galar Dex: 36/125 || Shiny: 2/125
Emera Dex: 43/305 || Shiny: 0/305
Mega & Gigantamax Dex: 1/120 || Shiny: 0/120
Retro Dex: 13/40 || Shiny: 0/40

Your Pokédex analysis
HeartOfAWizard's analysis of your Normal Pokédex:

Pokédex entries: 379

"Will I e'er complete it?"

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Shiny Vanillite-Chain #103
November 23rd (03:01AM)

Shiny Vanillite-Chain #111
November 11th (03:58AM)

Shiny Combee-Chain #115
October 31st (04:07AM)

Shiny Trapinch-Chain #90
October 2nd (08:34AM)

Shiny Trapinch-Chain #185
September 19th (04:11AM)

Shiny Combee-Chain #14
June 30th (03:46AM)

Shiny Combee-Chain #156
June 26th (02:14AM)

Shiny Absol-Chain #79
March 29th (02:08PM)
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Posted: Thu, 31/03/2022 14:27 (4 Months ago)

How does he do it and it works..? Maybe it just doesn't work on profiles...
I promise I'll do some actual writing with my progress. Now, shhh I'm testing this."

(From the berry garden update post by Riako)
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<table id="blue_table"><tr><th>Location</th><th>Requirement</th></tr><tr><td>Item Shop</td><td>---</td></tr><tr><td>Item Shop</td><td>Trainerlevel 20</td></tr><tr><td>Item Shop</td><td>Trainerlevel 50</td></tr><tr><td>Item Shop</td><td>Trainerlevel 75</td></tr><tr><td>Puzzle Collection</td><td>Collect 10 puzzle pieces</td></tr><tr><td>Puzzle collection</td><td>Collect 50 puzzle pieces</td></tr><tr><td>Puzzle collection</td><td>Collect 150 puzzle pieces</td></tr><tr><td>Puzzle collection</td><td>Collect 300 puzzle pieces</td></tr><tr><td>Puzzle collection</td><td>Collect 500 puzzle pieces</td></tr></table>

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<table id="blue_table" style="position: relative; margin: auto"><tr><th>Visit me on</th></tr><tr><td> PokefarmQ</td></tr><tr><td> Dappervolk</td></tr><tr><td> If you don't have Dappervolk</td></tr><tr><td> My Art Shop (Slightly inactive)</tr></td>
<tr><td> My Trade shop(Closed)</tr></td></table>

Random stuff

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GTS search (Middle)
Newest adopts (Slightly above an egg in the middle)
Safari Zone(DOWN)
Beach (Next to Leah's button)
Toolshed (In the pot)
Battle User (Top)
Plushie Collection (In the middle next to a plushie)
Hangman (Near the bottom where "page generated in ...")
Wondertrade (Near top buttons)
Online list (Middle)
Emera Mall Sell items (Near the top)
April Fools 2017 (Right of the ditto)
Odor Calibration (Where the middle image is)
Berry Garden (Where the Berry bag words are)
Dream World Shop(Above the Hoenn button)
GC Lottery Tickets (Near the bottom)
Pokedex (Below the words "National Dex")
Emera Square (Near the meloetta, first egg)
Berry Market (At the top)
Event Distribution (Above the word "Wondercards")

Conclusion: It's random
You may now clap.

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Posted: Fri, 08/04/2022 15:21 (4 Months ago)
8 April 2022

Gah, I hate the small size of the text here.

I got on last night and I got 4 PMs.
Me: What did I do.
Two? three? were about newbie mentoring.
I'm going to be honest here. If you've been on another fansite for something with forums, you know there's always BBCode for URLs and img which is the same 80% of the time.
#1 is URLs which can be
[url=link]text[/url] AND/OR [url]link[/url]
#2 is imgs which is always without fail
You have that down, you know the basic BBC for any site.

I'm contemplating doing a message and then copying and pasting that when anyone asks.

On another note, oh boy. OH BOY.
Easter event. I can't find two eggs but that's the least of my worries. If you remember my third HATED disliked holiday is Eastertime. Gah, it's stressful. Especially this year.

Um, I have fire alpaca now. Haven't used it much because I've been busy but I'm hoping.

Art requests:
Offsite on Dappervolk for the same person-Paint.net

DrGrimm-Artrage 5

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Posted: Tue, 12/04/2022 15:03 (4 Months ago)
Edit: May 13th
12 April 2022

I awoke up to a PM and two palpads. I answered all of them easily.

I realized I did not have the third badge set after someone posted about it. I'm too responsible with my money and couldn't complete two. I have now finished one and am on to the other. I would ask someone but I'd prefer to do it myself. Or at least wait and see if I can make that much then give up and ask.


Nathreok keeps sending me plushies. It's nice to see them.

Did two other [private personal] pieces, working on number three!!
Random yesterday:
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Posted: Thu, 14/04/2022 16:45 (4 Months ago)
14 April 2022

I got two/three palpads and no PMs, thankfully.

Hi, it's me. How are you?

I'm in a funk and I can't get out. Nothing bad has happened, I'm just here, you know?

My shiny horsea hunt has been going on since March 8~ and I'm on chain 169. If it becomes 200, I'm quitting it.
Then, I'm going to go around and actually find more entries for my Pokedex so I can be somewhere.

Idea to future self: x>M:{ dx[int]>N} (It's not supposed to make sense)

Goal: 1,000,000

Current Money: 730,000
Need: 270,000
Owed: 90,000pd

I'm on level 31 for the Cheri berries in the berry garden. I'm trying to make it higher but man, it's hard. I have very little patience for it at least.

Ah, and yes battling.
I've ne'er liked battling on any pokemon website. For some reason, it's some sort of requirement to have a battling feature. (It couldn't be that 90% of Pokemon game activities is battling WIZARD??) I wish it was more fun and had more rewards.

Battling and berry garden.

Art progress:

I would use spoilers if they weren't garbage.

>Procrasting: 60%
>Private<>3 Completed, 4 in progress (Needs shading, neater lines)
>Drawing for an event: 65% (Needs lining, neater colouring, and the required giant dark wings)

Hepiltole with scarf: 70% (Needs coloring, fixed legs, background)

>Other request in art shop: 10%
>Art trade 0%
Trainerlevel: 36

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Posted: Mon, 18/04/2022 02:09 (4 Months ago)
Edited 18 April 2022

17 April 2022

Only one palpad today and that was because I didn't get to respond in time. Nothing too stressful thankfully. It was a nice one.

It's been pretty chill today even though it's a holiday. It was celebrated last night for me at least.
I feel better that I'm not going all in.

4 eggs in the daycare and none of my eggs are even close to hatching.
I keep getting 4-7 eggs when I go to check it. Perhaps, the old man is taking pity on me and giving me a bunch of eggs. I'd prefer if I could get a shiny but I'll take what I can get.

Have: 880,000pd
Need: 120kpd
Owed: 90,000pd
Not that far now! :>

>Procrasting: 60%
>Private<>3 Completed, 4 in progress (Needs shading, neater lines)
>Other request in art shop: 10%
>Art trade 30%
>Finished the two

(62499 is Dappervolk numbers)

Trainerlevel: 36

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Posted: Tue, 19/04/2022 01:26 (4 Months ago)
"We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this important message.”

I dislike eevees. This still hasn't changed.

We have another event.
I know.
Contain your excitement.

Check your Easter page for rewards.
If you got all 16 eggs, you would have received one solar eevee event egg
If you got all 20 eggs, you would have received one random planetary sphere

Second image is shiny version
Solar Eevee, Jupiteon, Mercureon, Neptuneon

You may receive more spheres by participating in the Event Distribution
If you didn't receive any rewards, well, I guess you have to wait.
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Posted: Wed, 20/04/2022 02:33 (3 Months ago)
19 April 2022

I got two palpads and one PM.

Welcome to Tuesday/Wednesday.
You'll be lucky if you hear happy thoughts from me Friday.

I battled EeveeTK-Kun today with only shinies earlier because they that'd be interesting. I was in a good mood so I humoured them. It was a respectable battle that I enjoyed. They fought very well, I thought I was going to lose. They were on their last pokemon and so was I. They almost won with a frogadier but the lovely bird lasted until the end and I'm very proud.

Pokes used: Charizard, Horsea, Articuno (Galarian), Mareep, Mawile, and Trapinch.

How to flatter wizard:
1. Send a plushie with nice words
2. Be one of my nice newbies and reply (😭<3 Gah, some of them are so kind.)
3. Talk to the Wizard
4. [Undiscovered]

I'm tired.
I haven't really been doing very well in art requests. I'm trying.
Excuse me while I go be angsty or something hahah

Also when someone names their pokemon after you unknowingly
My face: o-o again
Thanks professor XDD

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Posted: Fri, 22/04/2022 02:44 (3 Months ago)
Edit: May 13th
21 April 2022

There were two palpads and one PM that wasn't written until after I got off.

My plans are ruined for tomorrow.

Made with imgflip

I don't even want to anymore.

It's fine vine


Aside from that, I've been doing okay. I've only made two online noticeable blunders today. Which I sulked about for a few hours but I'm o'er it now.

Have: 926,000pd
Need: 74kpd
Owed: 90,000pd

I found the dark blue Harvest spirite this morning. I'm not even sure what he was doing and I'm not going to ask.

No great daycare luck. Still haven't found a single special egg >:l
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Posted: Thu, 28/04/2022 02:00 (3 Months ago)
27-28 April 2022

I received 1 palpad.

Not particularly chatty today. Perhaps a bit rude these past few days..? I hope not too rude.

Gah, I'm taking fore'er on the last art request :/
Something like this.

okay im tired write more later perhaps

I made it to 1 million yesterday and I'm very proud. Completed badge set 3, on to 4~~
I don't know why I'm even bothering to write more when I can't think.
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Posted: Mon, 02/05/2022 02:32 (3 Months ago)
1 May 2022

First with the apologes:

Sorry, it's been sparse here. I have little to no energy after enduring this week.
Imagine a reality TV show. Any really.
Okay, got that?
Times it by three.


>Kinds of people that annoy me:
People who friend me without explanation or good reason
Children, especially lesser mature ones
People who message me asking for items, pokemon, my participation in hashtags, etc
People who stay too long or invite themselves

Birthday month

I know. Fantastic.

And last but definitely not less:

My Seismitoad did a terra cap rumble mission. We lost but she was a bit low levelled. I'm going to try again, now that she's at level 100.

I gave up on my hunt. I was on chain 198. Now, I will be looking for pokemon I'm missing but not actively because
(O-O) \(゚ー゚\)( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ (ㆆ_ㆆ)

Going through notifications after 3+ days of barely checking them is very annoying and tedious. The pain.

Money for now.

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Posted: Wed, 04/05/2022 17:16 (3 Months ago)
4 May 2022

I have many issues with May.
May day, May the fourth, Cinco de Mayo, The obvious birthday, mother's day, Victoria Day, armed forces day, Memorial Day, etc . Is it wrong of me to say that? Perhaps not, but still . I feel like a mean person.

Profile picture has been changed because it is May. I have edited many panels on my profile for cleaning. I might have to tidy it all up again after this.
It's a mess.

(Profile picture)

Show hidden content
does this help you see the spoiler

I received 2 palpads today, one unexpected. Both filled me with trepidation.
At least it's not a Tuesday. For some reason, they're always worse than Monday.

Seismitoad won the battle and is going to be coming back with a lovely rock.

The professor gave me a lovely shiny stone. He was talking but I wasn't listening. He got annoyed but handed it o'er.

And of course, you need a legendary chip for the tall grass to use the stone. Time to save up to 1,250,000.

The berry level for Cheri berrys is 34/35.
Why did I quit doing the berry garden for a long time. *sobs*
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Posted: Fri, 06/05/2022 02:18 (3 Months ago)
You don't need context

Sass's is from Picrew
Mine is made by me
Used Imgflip of (Offsite)"Spiderman pointing at spiderman"
Trainerlevel: 36

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Posted: Mon, 09/05/2022 15:59 (3 Months ago)
9 May 2022

I have much anxiety for tomorrow

I received 1 palpad and no PMs :>

At 1,250,000! I'm going to buy the chip soon. Nothing much else to report. I was offline for a day.

From the wallpost

Trainerlevel: 36

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 02:10 (3 Months ago)
Edit: May 13th
12 May 2022

I received 3 palpads and 1 PM.

Wizard has been annoyingly talking in the third person. She thinks this is because she has been watching too many playthroughs of a specific game. It is unfortunate because she can not stop. It is too fun.

She hatched a shiny female Flabébé (Blue) randomly May 9th.
She named it Mayday. It's interesting how spaces matter.

May day (A festival) ≠ Mayday (Cry for help)

I need to empty out her first storage box tomorrow because it is at 250/250. I am not excited at the prospect.
Trainerlevel: 36

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Posted: Mon, 16/05/2022 17:25 (3 Months ago)
16 May 2022

I recieved 2 now 3 palpads and no PMs.

You know when you don't want to talk to anyone but people keep messaging? That's where I'm at.

I started a blog offsite.
That means I have 1 Pokeheroes journal, 1 (Inactive) PokefarmQ journal, 1 Offsite journal, 1 offsite blog, 1 in the real-life journal. That's 4/5 in total. It's interesting how they may vary about the same subject.

In case you're wondering, it's private. Meaning I'm the only one who can read it at the moment.
Do I like writing? Depends really. I like having the history and being able to go back and read about something that happened.

I accidentally closed the whole window and thought I lost all of this ><

I'm boiling a mega stone while I have enough gems. Unfortunately, I forgot to get the incense. ._.

Your Gem Cauldron is currently boiling the gems!
It will be finished in 1 day and 9 hours.

I had an extra nebula stone so I figured I might as well get one cosmog.

Searching for: Nebula Pokémon.
Come back in 41 minutes and 14 seconds.

Things I find funny today:
Newbies asking for 1-49 nugget or a male milcery. XDD I mean sometimes you genuinely don't know but come on, be independent, you can use a search engine.

As a responsible person myself, I usually don't need help. I had a mentor on here but I think I only messaged them twice..?
XDD I had five PMs before they messaged me.
Anyway, the first message I said was (and I quote)
Quote from HeartOfAWizardOh, cool thanks. I'm sure I'll be fine though.

XDDDDD Geez, I was rude.
I really don't need help that often.
I messaged them again, 2 months later asking about the royal tunnel. This was because I wasn't getting the egg, even after completing it four times and it wouldn't let me progress.
Long story short: I needed an empty space in my party

Pd: 1,027,000
Nugs: 21
Trainerlevel: 36

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Posted: Wed, 18/05/2022 16:12 (3 Months ago)
18 May 2022

I received 1 palpad today

I have to go somewhere today so I'm trying to do not that much right now.

I got a black key from the mega stone boiling. Very disappointed but then I opened the box:

You push the black key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x New Moon Island (Map) found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

I suppose Formal wizard is on break because little wizard keeps coming out.

DP: 162
Nug: 21

Saving this speech

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He was a charming lad and perhaps was a bit self-centred. Maybe a lot but that's beside the point.

He was disliked by many but also liked by many. Who knows who will be coming to his funeral? I possibly wouldn't because he's still alive at the moment and I don't have anything nice to wear.

Kellenfox was a good person and should be remembered as so. Because that's what happens to anyone who dies, people care enough and that puts them in good standing with the lawyer who will divide his stuff.

Math. I need say nothing else.

And I conclude this speech by asking for all his shinies because he was amazing.

Trainerlevel: 36

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Posted: Sun, 05/06/2022 03:03 (2 Months ago)
4 June 2022

I received 2 palpads.

How time flies...
I don't feel any smarter.

I'm hunting purrloin. At chain 19.
Why? Who knows.

Profile picture drawn by Catherine_Elysandre

I am a human, yes. A wizard, in fact. But still a human.

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*You now feel obligated to visit my art shop Trade shop* XDDD

Ooo is that a horsea?