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Revamped OG Dream World Task View

Forum-Index Suggestions Rejected Revamped OG Dream World Task View
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Posted: Sun, 21/07/2019 06:16 (4 Years ago)
This is a big one, and I've been holding off on it, but today is the day.

This is personally by far the main thing I want changed on this site as this is effectively reversing a change that I deeply felt negatively affected user interaction/experience with a system that the vast majority of users on this site use.

This suggestion was originally suggested by Zerenity, and you can find the original suggestion here.

What's this replica suggestion supposed to be? Well, if you've been around for a while now staying in the loop, then you know I like to do things big, and I do love to create and present things I feel that the community would also love as much as I would. I spent some good time re-creating what I'm about to show, and felt that it should be deserving of its own thread.

First Change

This new link is added below the current Dream World Tasks.

Clicking on it would bring you to what will be a new page.

What's the new page?

That's the whole re-created page. The one many of us miss.

For older users that have been around, you'll know that the table layout is more or less the same basically, but as you can see not only did I re-create it, but I also revamped it all to the new style to how I felt that it could work, and where it's also appealing.

Simple, clean, and loads fast. Easy to collect your DP just like before, and don't have to scroll down every time just to collect your earnings. Dream Level also shown there for convenience sake as well.

I really appreciate all the support that this would get as this is something that I'm deeply passionate about wanting a change for as you can see. I'm sure many of you would feel the exact same way as me.

I really do this all for you guys, I really do.

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Posted: Sun, 21/07/2019 06:29 (4 Years ago)
omg i would love this! the way the tasks are set up now bother my eyes a lot and sometimes i can't tell if i even competed a task or not ;n;
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Posted: Sun, 21/07/2019 06:43 (4 Years ago)
yes please! as of right now, the current list is a bit difficult to navigate for me, especially considering i have to move my wrist back and forth and that causes a bit of pain for me, so something where i don't have to move my mouse so much would be great! not to mention the tasks are quite big on mobile

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Posted: Sun, 21/07/2019 06:49 (4 Years ago)
The recreated page is precisely how I'd prefer it to look!
I loved that they added new tasks, since it gets me more motivated to interact and do things around the site- but the newer layout bothers me to no end.
The scrolling and how it's viewed presently irks me a lot, as I'm a bit ocd.
Also, I'm not sure if it's me, but the text in the newer layout seems smaller to me, as I have to squint a bit to read it.
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Posted: Sun, 21/07/2019 07:24 (4 Years ago)
Your suggestions are always a pretty enhancement to read/see. I support this too!
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Posted: Sun, 21/07/2019 15:01 (4 Years ago)
Its so clean, and maybe the page wouldnt have to refresh upon claiming (for the mobile device users) 8)
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Posted: Mon, 22/07/2019 13:02 (4 Years ago)
i love this. i don't use the dream world as much as i'd like to because the layout is confusing. i'd use it way more if it looked like this.
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Posted: Sat, 27/07/2019 20:27 (4 Years ago)
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Posted: Sat, 27/07/2019 23:40 (4 Years ago)
I agree that the scrolling is a little annoying, and making the tasks more compact would help. Something I suggest in addition is moving the tasks to the top, above the plushie shop. I don't know about other users, but I navigate to the page more for completing the tasks rather than I do for purchasing plushies, so I find myself scrolling all the time to get to the tasks.

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Posted: Tue, 15/10/2019 16:46 (3 Years ago)
Using my iPod I cannot see everything in the Plushie Shop page because everything is crammed in the middle/center, and I am also not able to scroll. And it's not just that. The PC boxes do the same thing and moving Pokemon did not work. Support
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Posted: Wed, 16/10/2019 00:30 (3 Years ago)
I absolutely love this suggestion! It would make it easier for when I play the game on my phone!
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Posted: Wed, 16/10/2019 17:27 (3 Years ago)

Why? You made my opinion better. With visuals! And this is still a freaking pain dealing with the way it's set up now.

I am a mobile only player.
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Posted: Sat, 13/06/2020 19:29 (3 Years ago)

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Posted: Sun, 14/06/2020 12:19 (3 Years ago)
Yes, would be much better.
However, I think it would be nice it the font and spacing would be bigger for those of us on mobile. Tiny buttons, big thumbs :/
Also the gem exchange task should be moved somewhere between a task that most (newbie) users would not complete. Cuz it would suck if you accidentally traded in those gems you were saving up. It's a few gems, but still.
Another suggestion would be links to where you can complete those tasks. Though, I guess that would defeat the purpose of the way PH operates.
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Posted: Sun, 26/07/2020 18:19 (3 Years ago)

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Posted: Tue, 27/10/2020 14:27 (2 Years ago)
As this passion-project is an elaboration on an older suggestion [as indicated in the first post], this is, in essence, a duplicate of the original suggestion already linked and thus splits the votes.

There is also the barest change in 'support' votes [percentage, not amount] and there is no influence on 'Most Popular', so this suggestion will be locked for being a duplicate.
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