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Shadow Realm

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Posted: Thu, 11/07/2019 19:58 (1 Month ago)
My Characters
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Alexandria - Her curious mind and desire to help led her to become a member of Team Rocket. It wasn't long before she found out some of the things TR was willing to do to reach their goal. She doesn't believe in the end justifying the means, and so she stays, hoping she can change the way things are done.

Sylvie - This Naughty Sylveon constantly finds herself in sticky situations. Most of the messes she finds herself in are from her own curiosity, but trouble has a tendency to find her whether she goes looking for it or not.

Rosie - Originally from a rich Trainer, this Leafeon grew quite an stuck up attitude. She has mellowed out tremendously in the year Alexandria has had her, but she can still be quite Adamant when she really wants something done a certain way.

Ebony - Born with a rare pigmentation known as Melanism, his black skin has made him a target for ridicule among all Pokemon. Eventually, he learned how to stand up for himself. Half Brave, half Timid, you never know when he'll pull through for you, and when he'll run and hide. His Citrine Gem never left his sight.

Dreamer - Absol are naturally solitary creatures, but Alexandria had never seen one with a Lonely nature before. Dreamer seemed quite happy to be a part of the group, but there were many times when he'd take off for a few days. He never said why, but it seemed like he just got sad on occasion and didn't want to talk about it.

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Complete Shadow Database

Most Desperate (Easiest Chains)
1. Growlithe, 3
2. Tangela, 7
3. Bellsprout, 9

Most Shyest (Hardest Chains)
1. Omanyte, 196
2. Zubat, 174
3. Clefable, 170

Terrified (Fleers)

Dad's Chains
Earliest: Kingler, 2
Latest: Gengar, 223

Kanto Shadows

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Posted: Sat, 20/07/2019 19:16 (1 Month ago)

Title: Designation: 36-170

Designation: 36-170
Data: With increased range came heightened hearing. The near constant onslaught of sounds on all frequencies incites pounding headaches and occasional bouts of insanity.

It had been a week since the first sightings had been reported. Hundreds of reports from all over Kanto Region had come in. People from all walks of life were seeing these Shadow Pokémon. Of those reports, only dozens were true. Practically everyone in the Medical or Science Fields had their hands full with all the Trainers coming in with their finds.

Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny seemed the most frustrated of all. Trainers from all over would come in with their “Shadow” Pokémon. Nurse Joy would take the Pokémon into the Lab and do a Physical on it. Most of the time, she would discover that the Trainer had simply dyed their Pokémon and brought it in, hoping that Nurse Joy wouldn’t notice what they had done.

That, of course, led to Officer Jenny’s involvement. She’d have to come down to the Poké Center, and fill out paperwork on anyone who wasted Nurse Joy’s time. Naturally, they didn’t quite like that. Everyone always expected a swat on the hand and sent on their way. That’s not how things were supposed to work, and if people had to learn the hard way through Community Service or a hefty fine, so be it.

Lifting her hands above her head, she stretched. The sounds of her stirring awoke the others, who all began stretching their limbs out as well. It was such a beautiful day. Darkness fell upon them from the rainclouds above. A gentle breeze blew the smell of wet dirt through the air. It would rain within the next half hour.

“Sable! Sableye, Sable!” In an instant, Leafeon, Sylveon, and Absol were fully awake and on guard; Alexandria was on her feet as well. Her eyes surveyed the clearing, looking for even a hint of what had sent Ebony into a panick. Despite no obvious sign that something was amiss, none of her Pokémon relaxed. She was just about to pass it off as a false alarm, when a Clefable appeared in front of them.

Finally, they could hear someone trampling through the forest floor. A Clefable suddenly burst through the treeline, screaming at them. For a moment, they all stood still, uncertain as to what to do. For this was obviously no ordinary Clefable. His skin was not pink, but purple. Stretching several inches from his body was a slightly darker purple aura. “Clefable!” There was such agony in those words. Looking into his eyes, Alexandria saw pain and desperation.

It was made obviously clear that something was wrong when he attempted Cute Charm on Sylvie. It succeeded. But instead of making her infatuated with him, she became very angry and aggressive. Leaping towards him, Sylvie used Quick Attack. The move barely missed, due to Clefable using Defense Curl, which he quickly followed it up with a Double Slap.

Sylvie cried out in pain, and paused to catch her breath. “Sylvie, stop! He’s hurt! We need to help him, not make things worse!” She hadn’t even really been that loud, but the tone of her voice had clearly affected the Clefable. As he placed his hands to his ears, he was knocked to the ground by Sylvie, who had taken that opportunity as a chance to go back on the offensive.

Alexandria was half tempted to let them fight it out, but with there being something wrong with the Clefable, there was no telling how things would end. She was just about ready to give the command to Dreamer, when he took it upon himself to send a Perish Song towards the two fighting Pokémon. In less than fifteen seconds, the two collapsed to the ground.

Alexandria and the others rushed towards them, and she grabbed ahold of Sylvie in case she woke up first, even though she was pretty certain Fainting cancelled any Status Effects. But Alexandria had never been a big battler. When she took her Pokémon out to train, they were allowed to use whatever attacks they thought necessary, within limits. She wasn’t going to control their lives and decisions any more than she would allow someone else to control hers.

Pokémon were much more loyal—at least, in her opinion—if they came to you willingly instead of being captured. Not only that, but she would never be able to live with herself if a Capture orphaned young ones in need of a Parent.

The Clefable was the first to wake up ten minutes later. He spoke softly, explaining his situation. Alexandria gave him her full attention, even though she didn’t understand a word he was saying. Once he had finished, she turned her attention to Rosie, Ebony, and Dreamer, waiting for one of them to translate. At first, none of them wanted to. It was as if they didn’t believe the Clefable’s story. Finally, she singled out Rosie, whose ears leaned back in displeasure before speaking.

Now…Of course none of her Pokémon could actually speak. Very few Pokémon were willing or capable of learning Human. Alexandria herself was a Rarity, and could understand most Pokémon after a few weeks of being around them, even without a Bond forming.

According to the Clefable, he had been relaxing, listening to a group of Jigglypuff having a Singoff from a mile away. He hadn’t expected to fall asleep since they were nowhere near him, but sleep he did. When he awoke, his ears were ringing. It seemed like every sound had been magnified tenfold.

At first, he thought the Jigglypuff had done something to him, so he went in search of them. But it seemed like they had all vanished after their “concert”. Clefable had decided to remain there for a day in case one of them came back. After that, he went back home, homing that the problem would simply go away on its own. It did not, but thankfully, it did not get worse, either.

Clefable tried calling out to dozens of Pokémon who crossed his path. All of them jumped at his voice and took off running. Naturally, he was confused. After several days, he was also exhausted and extremely irritated. He wanted help and answers. The only reason he had sought her out was because he had finally, barely managed to fall asleep, and the sounds of their snoring had woken him. He was quite angry and had even considered Fainting all of them just to get some much needed rest. The thought of the consequences of attacking a Trainer, though, had stopped him. Even in his current state of mind, he knew that would be horribly wrong.

After explaining to the Clefable how he looked, and that he had actually been screaming at other Pokémon, he seemed quite embarrassed. Alexandria assured him that it was not his fault. She understood how it felt to be thrown into a strange place or situation, or to have all her senses thrown into disarray. It was actually a really common experience for her, what with being a part of Team Rocket and all. She refused to have herself and her own Pokémon genetically tested upon, but she was more than willing to be a guinea pig when it came to “What effect would five days of random high frequency bursts of sound have on a person?”

Alexandria held back a gasp at that thought, not wanting to startle the Clefable when he had finally seemed to calm down. What if his situation was her fault?! The five of them were only out here for one such test. The Lab was deep underground, and the Scientists had assured her that the walls were soundproof, and would prevent any wayward Pokémon from being affected. Of course they had lied! How many other times had they lied to her to get her to participate in one of their tests?

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she turned her attention back to the Clefable. “My father is really good with Tinkering. I’m sure he could help you out. But…” Alexandria paused as she reached into her pocket. “I’m going to have to ask you to trust me. I hate placing Pokémon in a Pokéball, but I believe have been touched by Shadows. That means, if Team Rocket sees you, they will want to experiment on you. There will even be mean Trainers who would capture you just to only bring you out to show you to their friends. I want to keep you safe until a permanent cure is found.”

“Fairy. Cle-Clefable!” His voice was shaky and uncertain, but he seemed to trust her. And so, she revealed the Ultra Ball that she had been carrying in her pocket, and threw it gently towards the Clefable. There was a near instant click!.

Reaching forward, Alexandria grabbed the Ultra Ball and returned it to her pocket, her mind on what she was going to tell Nanaki when she saw him.

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Posted: Sun, 04/08/2019 21:19 (17 Days ago)

Title: Designation: 26-126

Designation: 26-126

Data: The Raichu constantly emits a field of electricity a foot wide in range. This seems to be its only way of relieving the buildup of positive and negative energy within.

Her favorite spot to be was under the Oak tree. She hated getting wet, but the leaves protected her from most of the rain. The smell of wet dirt, the gusts of wind, and the humidity all made for the most relaxing and peaceful times in the whole world. Eyes closed in a semblance of sleep, she jumped yet again as a loud snap of thunder boomed.

Sylvie and Rosie lay to either side of her, and Dreamer was on her lap. The four had been laying like this for close to an hour now. As soon as Ebony had learned Alexandria was going to sit in the rain, he had begged to be placed in a Pokeball. She had tried to encourage him to stay out, but it was quite difficult to persuade a Timid mon to do anything even remotely courageous. In the end, she gave in, allowing him to have his own peace.

I wonder what the inside of a Pokeball looks like. Is it nothing more than a small cage of pure darkness? A huge expanse of darkness? Or is it like a miniature paradise in which any and all Pokémon can feel at home? Are they all alone? Or are all Pokéballed Pokémon in the same world?

“Fable! Fable, Fable!” Alexandria opened her eyes to see the Shadow dancing in the rain without a care in the world. In which, he had none. When they found him a week ago, he was in extreme pain. His naturally super sensitive hearing had been intensified after listening to a concert of Jigglypuff. The Jigglypuff themselves had had nothing to do with it. Team Rocket had been experimenting with soundwaves in the area, and it somehow affected the Clefable.

Alexandria had gained his trust, and then took him to see her father. After explaining the situation and what needed to be done, Nanaki took to the challenge with a joyful heart. Just yesterday, he completed his wondrous work of technology that Clefable was now wearing. Covering the length of his ears was a gray fuzzy material.

It was dual purposed. The fuzziness made it appear to be nothing more than earmuffs to keep his ears warm. Anyone who touched it would feel the circuitry beneath. Nanaki assured her that even close inspection would reveal nothing to the common people. It would take another person with his skills to even consider something was strange.

Basically, what he had done was enmesh a dampener with the earmuffs. Clefable could still hear quite well, but only the sounds within half a mile. It wasn’t as big of a range as normal, but it was much better than after the incident.

Her hand moved to Dreamer’s head, where she scratched the side of his neck. He woke up slightly, rubbing his head against her hand, purring so loudly Alexandria half expected the sound to wake up Sylvie and Rosie.

She turned her attention towards the sky to watch the lightning flash between the clouds. The sky lit up as two bolts of lightning hit the same spot. Strangely enough, the brightness didn’t dissipate. It got even brighter. No! Not brighter! Closer!

Sensing her sudden distress, Dreamer was wide awake and on guard. Sylvie and Rosie awoke with a start as they heard Clefable screaming. He was talking so fast she couldn’t make out anything he was saying. “Calmly!” You know I can barely understand you as is.”

Clefable turned to her, and continued jabbering away. At least it was slower this time. She still couldn’t quite make out everything, but according to him, a Raichu had been struck by lightning. The poor thing was crying out in pain, which shouldn’t be happening. Something was dreadfully wrong.

Once on her feet, she beckoned for them to follow her, but to also stay at a distance. Alexandria knew of course, that Rosie, Sylvie, and Dreamer would disobey that command in a heartbeat if it looked like she was in trouble. It took them about five minutes of walking to find the Raichu, who was in a clearing of burnt trees. It was a miracle that none of them had caught fire.

Her gaze fell upon the Raichu, who was laying on the ground, mewling softly, releasing a field of sparks about a foot in any direction. Having heard footsteps, she looked towards them, and even from thirty feet away, Alexandria could see the pain in her eyes. She held out a hand to the others, accompanied by a firm “Stay”, and then approached the Raichu.

The electricity around her swirled uncontrollably. Alexandria didn’t know if the Raichu was scared of her or scared of hurting her, but at the moment, she didn’t really care. She went to her knees about two foot away from the Raichu and began talking to her to calm her down. Though they all knew she wasn’t likely to get calmer than this.

Thoughts had been brewing in her mind for a while now. Alexandria had seen Electric Pokémon caught before, and knew that their Bolts could easily send the ball flying in the opposite direction. There was only one way this was going to work. “Hey, sweetie. I know we just met, but I need you to trust me. I know someone who can help. But to do so, you’ll need to come inside a Pokeball.”

The Raichu shook her head even as she was pulling out the Pokeball. “Rai. Raichu.” Alexandria bit her lip. It seemed the Raichu was one of the many Pokémon who was actually scared of going into a Pokeball. “I understand, darling. But you’re in pain. It would only be temporary until I can get to my father. He can help you.”

“Raichu?” The Raichu attempted to take down the “Shield”, but it seemed that if she didn’t discharge the electricity from her body, it caused extreme pain much worse than it was right now. It wasn’t long before the electricity was yet again swirling through the air.

Alexandria turned backed towards the others. Reaching into her pocket, she enlarged a ball and held it out towards the Clefable. Once he was safely within and back in her pocket, she stood and walked all the way towards the edge of the clearing. The Raichu was mumbling too softly to hear, but Alexandria knew she was questioning what was happening.

Looking down at them, she spoke. “Do not stop me. If I don’t do something, she’ll die. I can’t let that happen. You understand, right?” The three whimpered, seeming to sense what she was about to do.

She turned back towards the Raichu and enlarged the first ball she brought out. With a deep breath, she ran towards the Raichu at full speed. She heard the screams of the others, and braced herself to be electrocuted. It seemed, however, that her willingness to hurt herself had caused the Raichu to drop the discharging shield for a split second. It wasn’t long, but it was enough time for her to touch the Pokeball to her skin and capture her.

Trembling from the experience, Alexandria turned towards the others and gave them a smile before collapsing from the adrenalin wearing off

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