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Suzi's Art Shop

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Posted: Fri, 16/09/2016 10:40 (5 Years ago)
Suzi's Art Shop

hello im gonna try and be professional about this. im in need of both nuggets and pd, so i figured why not try drawing people art in exchange for them.

Headshots; 5k pd for sketch, 10k pd for lined, 20k pd for colored
Bustshots : 10k pd for sketch, 40k pd for lined, 80k pd for colored
Fullbody: 100k for sketch, 150k for line, 200k for colored
Chibi: 10k pd for sketch, 50k pd for line, 100k pd for colored
for each additional character:
sketch is 10k, lined is 50k, colored is 100k

feel free to also offer me in nuggets. no set prices for those because i dont really know the value of them, but please don't try and cheap me out. i may also accept plushies for sketches, but not for lined or colored.

sketch example
lined example
colored example 1 ; colored example 2
chibi example

note that i only draw humanoid characters, since thats all im confident at.
[ will not do animals gore or nsfw work ]

- please do NOT rush me. especially if your order is very complicated. Unless i spend like a week and you get nothing from me, then don't pm me or anything.
- please do NOT pay me right away. I will tell you when i finish the order, and THEN ask for payment.
- the pass is 420 (i know im mature)
- feel free to use the art anywhere as LONG as you specifially state that it is not yours somewhere on said site
- thats it. if you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Quotethe form
(please use this when ordering or i will not do the order)
Username: (please put your username here)
Reference: (link me a picture of the character you want here)
Sketch/Lined/Colored: (do you want it sketched, lined, or colored?)
Headshot/Bust/Fullbody/Chibi: (do you want headshot, bust, chibi or fullbody?)
Pass: (input the password here so i know you read everything)
Amount of Payment: (add up the payment based on the prices i have listed)
Anything else? (just etc information here. like what you want the character doing in the art or something)

Finished Orders:
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none lmao rip me
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Posted: Fri, 16/09/2016 17:36 (5 Years ago)
Can I make a request please?

Username: SensGirl25
Reference: Belle
Sketch/Lined/Colored: Colored
Headshot/Bust/Fullbody/Chibi: Headshot
Pass: 420
Amount of Payment: 20,000 pd
Anything else? Can you make it as kawaii (cute)?

Credit to Veris