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The End We Wrought

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Posted: Fri, 05/08/2016 22:54 (5 Years ago)
Hello! I'm Mituna, or you could call me Tuna. This little work is contains some themes that may be unsettling for some, including:

-human experimentation
-parental rejection/emotional abuse
-violence (beyond just pokemon battling) and death

Still interested? Here's a short summary of what to expect:

Behind the scenes of every region, there is an organization hidden in plain sight. It's members includes many a great trainer, from Champions to Scientists to Television Stars. It is only spoken of in hushed tones, between only those who can prove their membership. They know it as SAPP, Society for the Advancement of Pokemon and People.

However, SAPP is not all that it seems. Those who can advance to its innermost ranks know its true goals: to create a being with the ultimate power. A being known as a "Gijinka", a genetic mash up of a human and a pokemon, is said to be the ultimate monster. With the reason, leadership, and intellect, and latent abilities of humans and the powers, strengths, and potential of a pokemon, it is thought that Gijinka would quickly surpass even the strongest trainers, potentially even the legendary pokemon.

Reann was known as Ex015, the first fully successful Gijinka, escaped shortly after her transformation, and spent the next several years on the run from SAPP personell. Alex is a young trainer just making their way in the world. When the Gijinka under SAPP's control attack and threaten the regions, these two may be the only hope for the world.
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Posted: Mon, 08/08/2016 23:58 (5 Years ago)

Title: Prologue

"You're absolutely certain this time?"

"Yes sir! We've solved all previous problems."

"Well then, you had better be correct, because this time, you're subject will be her. It will be more than your job at stake."

"Y-yes sir! It will not fail!"

In a nearby lab, a scientist scurried in and began barking orders to his eagerly awaiting peers. They began taking up posts, readying a large machine with a central glass cylinder, standing all two stories of the room and full of a strange, slightly blue tinted gel, wires, and tubes. Man men and women in lab coats typed away at computes, some were at other smaller machines around the room, scanning blood samples or centrifuging strange liquids. Others were plugging in large IV bags or even small tanks to the various tubes coming from the central machine.

The small voice of a young girl was nearly drowned out by all the various noises coming from the first floor of the room. The man in the lab coat next to her hardly even registered that she had spoken.

"What was that?"

"I said, why are we here?" she repeated. Her big green eyes stared up at the man. The scientist had to admit to himself, she was a pretty little thing, probably 8 or 9 years old with her pale skin splattered with freckles, her bright red hair with bits of natural blonde streaked in, and the cute green velvet dress dress and matching bow to hold back her hair. On closer inspection, however, he could see that the dress was well loved, with various stains and snags, the ribbon was tattered and fraying and her feet were filthy without shoes or socks.

"Well, uh... you'll be getting some treatments..." he fumbled to find words to give her, stretching the truth without lying.

"Does this have to do with all those tests?" she offered.

"Yes, you could say this is the last test."

"Oh, okay. How long will this take?"

"Not too long. They'll be ready for you soon. In fact... why don't we go get you changed into a nice gown?"

"Okay." The two walked off to a set of locker rooms while the final preparations were made. Shortly after they disappeared, a suited man entered the room at the upper floor, standing at the railing and watching everything below him with a keen eye. Everyone in the room seemed to notice his presence, and the noise seemed to double in volume as they drove on with even greater intensity.

A few minutes later, one man broke away from the group and walked off to a side door, opening it to allow the girl and her escort in. She now looked a little cleaner than before, with little thin blue slippers on her feet that she took off as she walked into the room, a hospital gown that was a bit too big for her small frame, and hair that was still damp, not quite dripping. The man who let them in led the two up to the top of a tall set of metal stairs next to the cylinder, where the girl was given a mask to put over her nose and mouth. She began to slump, and both men held fast to her under her arms. The long process then began of pulling floating cords and wires of the the machine and attaching them to her body. The hospital gown was discarded once it started to become a nuisance. Once everything was hooked up, there was a few tests run to ensure it was all connected properly. At last, she was lowered into the gel, where she sand down not even half way and floated.

Everyone in the room fell quiet, the only noise the sound of footfalls descending the metal stairs and a soft whir of machines. Both men moved to the back of the room, before the orders began.

"Begin phase 1!" Fluid began flow from a few of the tubes into the girl's legs, arms, and neck.

"Transformed stem cells inserted!" A few silent minutes, before an enthusiastic voice spoke up.

"Readings indicate positive acceptance!"

"Begin phase 2!" New tubes began injecting a different clear fluid. Her thin body began to twitch arhythmically as electricity jolted her through the wires.

"Enhancers absorbed! DNA transformation has began!"

"And now we wait," muttered the man in the suit above them. He leaned on the rail and watched the twitching body with an odd fascination.

An hour later, a loud voice broke through the dull roar of conversations that had filled the time.

"DNA transformation complete!" With that, the whole room perked up and returned to intently studying their work.

"Begin phase 3!" Fluid began rushing through many more tubes now, and the girl's twitching turned to violent spasms.

"Cell transformation and division has begun! Stabilizing systems are fully functional!" The room fell silent again as all watched intent. The first sign of change was the hair that gently began to drift to the top of the tank, first a few strands at a time, then in large clumps, until an entire wig had surfaced to the top of the gel, and her head was completely smooth. Her ears seemed to start to fold back, and a new line of skin formed over them at a disturbingly visible rate, completely sealing them over. New structures began to form higher up on her head, and those at the rear of the machine could see the gradual growth of a tail from the spine.

"Sir, it seems her body is... absorbing the electricity?" A voice spoke up. The scientist watching from the rear quickly approached the woman who had spoken and looked at her monitor.

"Raise the Amps until it surpasses the absorption rate," he calmly instructed. Following orders, she typed away at the program in front of her.

"Amps have increased to fold... three fold..." she read out.

"This is unexpected," the lead scientist muttered, looking between the screen and the girl in the tube, whose spasming and growth had notably slowed. "The origin phenotype didn't allow for an significant storage..."

"Stabilizing at nearly four fold! We seem to be getting electrical feedback from her as well."

"Just make sure she keeps stable, manually fluctuate it if necessary."

"Yes sir!"

Growth resumed at its previous rate, and the strange structures on the subjects head began to take shape as large, somewhat triangular ears. Soft, gold fuzz was slowly replacing her hair and growing up her new ear structures, the outer edges though darkening to black. The tail structure, forming a square almost sail was also growing this strange dark fuzz. These shapes continued to form, stifen out, and after nearly an hour, the growth came to a stop.

Two men in sterile outfits walked up the metal stairs with rods with blunt, hook ends. Dipping them into the gel, they hooked around the girl's arms and with the press of a button, the tightened down and secured her, allowing the two to pull her out of the machine. Once out, they began disconnecting slimy cords and tubes, lastly pulling off her mask. Wiping off some of the gel, one held her so torso paralleled the ground, while the other carefully looked for the rise and fall of her chest. The room fell deafeningly silent. When the man straightened up, the tension visibly rose... until he gave the thumbs up. Cheering cracked through the silence like thunder through the rain. The man in the suit above smiled and visibly relaxed, stepping back from the railing before turning sharply and walking off.

The girl was carried off then from the lab floor, and would remain unconscious for several hours...

She woke up to bright lights and utter silence. Her entire body tingled, like the feeling of waking up a sleepy limb. Blinking bleary, dark eyes she sat up and moved with habit to push long hair back behind her ear, but was surprised to fell short, soft hair that was nothing like what she had fallen asleep with. Confused, she stared down at her hand as if it was the source of the problem.

Sliding down from the little white bed she'd been laid on, she padded her bare feet over to the plain stand up mirror someone had placed on the opposite wall. It took her a moment to even register that the girl looking back was actually her reflection. The large, yellow and black ears in the shape of an upside down kite were nestled in short, blonde hair that was just barely long enough to be distinguished from fur. They had dressed her in all yellow, with a form hugging top with short sleeves and a short turtle neck, and only slightly lose shorts that had only one button on the rear, allowing them to hold up around a black tail, shaped like a large, square flag. Her eyes slowly widened, showing plain black where there had been emerald green. All of this was set around her own pale pink skin, the freckles the only welcome bit of familiarity. It was so much to take in that the movement of her own tail made her jump, which caused the sharp crackle of static to leap from her face.

Just as she was waving a hand at the mirror to really confirm the girl there was her, the door to her left opened, and in stepped two scientists, a man and a woman, the former carrying a strange black, belt like collar with what seemed to be a small pokeball attached to it at the center.

"Hello Exo... her Doireann," said the dark skinned woman in the lab coat. Doireann looked between her and the stern faced man next to her with frightened eyes, taking a step away from them. "I'm sure this is quite a lot to take in..." The woman took a step forward, and Doireann stepped back.

"Must we play these games?" The man muttered in a strange accent, and the woman shot him an angry look, which he clearly ignored. Instead he took several quick steps up to the girl, who backed into the wall. "Ex015, you will be still while I put this on," he ordered.

The man put one hand on her shoulder to pull her away from the wall, which she tried to avoid. Immediately he was met with a strong zap to the hand, causing it to fall down completely limp. He let out a scream of pain and shock, and Doireann took the opportunity to duck around him and make a dash for the open door. The woman tried to grab her wrist but was met with a similar reaction, the shock causing her to spasm a moment before falling to the ground, unmoving.

The child had no idea where to go, but she knew anywhere was better than where she was. Running through the hallways, she made blind twists and turns, finding a set of stairs and following them down to the floor labeled 1. As she hit the bottom, red lights began to flash and alarms sounded.

"Experiment 015 has escaped, all personnel are to be advised to be on the lookout, but do not make direct contact, I repeat, do NOT make direct contact!" a frantic male voice announced over a loudspeaker. Even more terrified now, Doireann ran even harder, finding an emergency exit sign and spriting for the double doors at the end of the hall. A few men down a side hallway shouted as she passed by, but she never slowed until she burst through the doors, shoving them open and stepping outside...

to the sight of two intimidating pokemon, a Hippodown and a Steelix. Barely dodging a ground based attack from the first with incredible speed, she continued to run toward the steel snake, which made a rather slow swipe at her with its tail. She managed to get one hand on the tail and vault it just in time, and the pokemon roared as a shock went through its body.

It seemed all around her was more shouting, but her vision was narrowed to focus only on the chain link fence in front of her with a warning sign reading "high voltage". As she felt a pokemon hand try to grab her shirt, and instinctively clubg tighter to the fence, curling in on herself slightly. Out behind her went a sudden electric burst and the hand fell away, the sounds of shouting turned to horrid screams. Not missing another beat or daring to look back, she continued up and quickly jumped over the top. Now she was faced with thick forest, with little space between trees. Without another option, she continued to run as fast as her legs would move into the forest. The ground began to shake beneath her, causing her to trip but quickly recover. As Earthquake began to split the ground at her feet, she made for the closest tree with a branch within her reach. Jumping for it, she did her best to pull herself up, watching the ground crack and burst beneath her. A few exploding rocks still hit her, but only managed to scratch her face a bit. The moment it ended, she dropped back to the ground and continued her sprint into the forest, away from the strange compound, with no plans of ever returning.


"S-sir." A scientist stepped into a large study, where the suited man sat behind an ornate desk, legs crossed and fingers steepled in front of his chest.

"What is the news?"

"Ex015 has escaped the compound... she's entered the surrounding forest. Our sky trainers are tracking her but-"

"Flying types will be no use bringing her in, I understand. And of the pokemon that attempted to stop her?"

"We-well she's quite speedy, high evasiveness... she dodged just about every attack. We think Hippodown might have gotten a hit after she cleared the fence but she hasn't even slowed down."

"Interesting... She's much stronger than expected."

"Sir? What would you like us to do? W-we can summon some ground trainers to maybe trap her-"

"No." He cut off the scientist once more. "For now, leaver her be. Keep an eye on her, but call it a... free range project, perhaps. Let's see if she wanders back to us, but until then, jest keep her away from the public eye. Use the Sky and Ground trainers to drive her away from cities and major paths, but giver her no help."

"Y-yes sir!" With that, the stuttering scientist scurried away.
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Posted: Tue, 06/09/2016 06:55 (5 Years ago)

Title: Chapter 1

"Wait, what?"

"You heard the order. They need everyone, even you guys."

"But Ex015..."

"Leave her, for now. She won't cause trouble. She's afraid of people anyway, right?"

"Well, yeah but..."

"It won't be long before everyone is afraid of her too. She's a failed project, it will take care of itself."

"Roger. We'll bring it in then."

"Come on Pyro, we can't be too much further!" A male Pyroar looked up at its trainer with accusing eyes. "I'm not lost! I'm sure this route has to lead... somewhere." The trainer ran a hand through their colbalt blue hair, the roots a bit darker as they grew out and the color starting to fade, although by the buzzed sides it seemed they had cut their hair recently. At it's longest, it spiked up about an inch and a half from the center of their forehead. To go with their slightly strange hair was a cherry red t-shirt that was a bit too large, and despite their flat chest, their shapely hips, partially hidden by baggy gray jean, gave the impression of a female. Either way, their young, sharp featured face with golden brown eyes gave no indication of either gender.

The fiery lion pokemon gave a large yawn and trudged on next to them. Every so often, a wild pokemon would poke out of the tall grass and challenge them, but Pyro barely had to bat a lash to send them packing. The pair were quickly becoming bored and tired, but the trail in front of them seemed endless, and oddly a bit deserted.

As the pair were growing tired and seriously considering turning around to go back, there came a loud rustling from a nearby bush, just off the trail. Every trainer knew it was a bad idea to wander into what was known as "mystery zones", untamed areas where vicious wild pokemon became unpredictable in level and type. Pyro looked up at his trainer to see a familiar sparkle in their eye, as they started to move towards the rustling. The lion pokemon bounded in front of his master, refusing him passage.

"Oh, come on! It's been boring and who knows what that could be! Let's at least take a look!" they whispered. The pokemon didn't seem too happy about it, but without moving out of his trainer's way, he crouched down into a hunting pose, sneaking its way up to the bush. All at once, it sprang, tackling whatever was there.

Instead of a pokemon cry, there was a surprisingly human squeal as Pyro dragged it into the open. At first, all the trainer could see was yellow and black, but after a command at Pyro to let them go, the colors took the shape of a young girl in an odd costume. She scrambled to get away, backing herself up into a tree, still seated.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" the trainer apologized with a shocked voice, immediately digging in their bag for some bandages. The girl's leg had a good few teeth marks from where Pyro had bitten her leg. "I didn't know you were a person, I'm so sorry!" they continued on, coming up to kneel next to her. The girl shrank up further, her hands going up protectively over her head and pushing back her costume Pichu ears. "Here, let me see your leg!" They frantically unwound the bandage and reached to put it on her leg. Pyro seemed to give some kind of warning with its paw, trying to stop his trainer, who completely ignored him.

The moment they touched the girl, they felt an electric jolt run up their arm, and it fell limp to their side. Staring at it with shock as the bandage slipped out to the ground, they hardly had time to react when the girl got up and took off up the hill of path. Pyro started to pursue, but with their good arm, the trainer caught his tail and held him back.

"Wait! I'm sorry I scared you! I just wanted to help!" they called after her. As she was disappearing over the crest, she stopped, and turned to look at the trainer with wide eyes.

"Help?" she repeated, voice high pitched and a bit shaky. Although scared, there was a twinkle of curiosity in her eye.

"Well, yeah, I feel bad Pyro attacked you, I didn't expect there to be a human out in the mystery zone," they explained, standing up and picking up the bandage with their good arm. Pyro looked up at his trainer with an exasperated expression, unsure why it's trainer would befriend a person who attacked them. "Here, at least use this bandage."

Carefully, the girl crept forward, keeping an eye on the pokemon at the side of the trainer. "Thank you," she muttered quietly, taking the bandage roll from the trainer.

"Of course! I'm Alex, by the way, and this big brute is Pyro."

"... Reann." The girl returned, sitting on the ground and wrapping the bandage around the teeth marks on her leg.

"That was a pretty neat trick by the way. The shock, that is. Do you have a pokemon hiding somewhere?" Alex asked curiously, looking around, then studying her person. On closer study, for looking only about 8 or so, she was already about five and a half feet tall. Her Pichu costume really just consisted of ears sticking out of long, blonde hair and a rather large tail. Her yellow clothes were a simple shirt and shorts, but both looked too small, barely fitting her if they hadn't been well stretched. Clearly, it was well loved uneven fading in color and dirt stains baked into it. In fact, the girl seemed like she'd been outside for quite some time, with messy, greasy hair and a mild sun burn across her pale arms and face.

"I-I..." Reann stuttered nervously, refusing to look up at the trainer and seeming unsure of how to answer. "I don't have any pokemon..." she finally answered quietly, tying off a bow on the bandage.

"You don't have any?!" Alex asked in disbelief. "And you were in the mystery zone?! You could have gotten yourself killed!" He looked down at his limp arm. "Although whatever you used for this was pretty nifty." She didn't meet their eye, but she looked up at his arm.

"Sorry about that..." she spoke quietly, then stood up, looking around. "Stay here a moment." Reann ran off into the tree line again, and Alex was left standing next to a very annoyed Pyro.

"It's your fault in the first place," Alex shrugged, which earned him an offended look. "C'mon, with your sense of smell you should have known it wasn't a pokemon!" Pyro paced unhappily, seeming upset with something but unable to communicate it. He seemed to come up with something just as the girl came running back with a red berry in hand.

"Here, this will help," she said, crushing it in her hand and rubbing the juice on their arm. It started to tingle, and gradually sensation came back to it.

"Nice trick, both the berry and the shock!" they smiled brightly. "You'll have to teach me how you do that shock some time. Actually..." They looked her over once more. "You're parents must be pretty worried, I should help you get home. Where do you live?" She looked down at her feet, chewing her lip and considering the ground intensely.

"My parents aren't worried..." she spoke barely above a whisper.

"You can't know that for sure, parents always worry whether they act like it or not!" Alex spoke incredulously. "Did they get that costume for you?" Reann's pichu ears folded back, and her tail drooped as the trainer spoke, and her large, dark eyes seemed overwhelmed. "They move too? Wow those are really cool!" They continued on, reaching out to touch one of her ears. Instinctively, she shrunk away as he tried, and electricity jolted out of her, uncontrolled, and zapping Alex in the leg, leaving a black burn mark and making them fall over with a yelp of pain. Pyro roared angrily and jumped in between the girl and his trainer. Going wide eyed once more, tears started to form, before she turned and ran.

"Reann! Wait!" Alex called after her, but she never turned around, disappearing quickly into the woods. They attempted to follow, but trying to limp forward only resulted in them falling onto Pyro's back. "Follow her!" they ordered the pokemon, but after scooping ensuring his trainer was all the way on his back, her started at a bound back down the path they'd come from. "Pyro, follow her!" they demanded, trying to redirect the pokemon by pulling at his mane, but nothing changed. Seeing they were getting nowhere, they sighed and accepted their fate for now, knowing they wouldn't make it far on the injured leg.

And so, the two bounded back to the Pokecenter, the pokemon protecting its injured trainer...