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Ventuaer's art shop!

Forum-Index Fanmades Ventuaer's art shop!
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Posted: Fri, 06/07/2018 14:10 (5 Years ago)
Heyo dear internet traveller! Welcome to my small art shop! Have a good rest c;

First of all, please read the rules. I won’t use banhammer if you break the rules once or twice, but I won’t hesitate if you continue to break the rules, even if warned before. Keep that in mind.
>All PH rules apply!
>Please fill THE FORM. Or at least, include the required info.
>If you see, that all slots are filled, please do not ask if I can ping you when there is space. Just. Don’t.
>Please. Don’t ask for art trades/requests.
>You have to pay the payment before I will start working on the piece - to avoid scamming.
>You can use the art for anything of your taste. I won’t limit you. The only and one thing I am asking is to credit me.
>You can get the payment back UNLESS I have started working on the piece already
>There are currently 6 slots and 5 of them are for Golden Nuggets/Dragon gems and 1 is for pokedollars. Each slot can ‚contain‘ up to 5 characters (Meaning if you want 5 characters (or 5 character drawings), wether they are in one piece or all are in different pieces, you still get 1 slot. But if you want 6 characters, you will need two slots. BUT the price per a character remains the same in both cases).
>You can pick from FULLBODY and HEADSHOT
>I am able to draw anything, from humans to pokemons (but I have the most practise with quadrapedal creatures, and humans/furries can still scare me with their anatomy). Anything NSFW/excessive gore is straight out of the question.
>If you don’t like the prices, don’t buy anything.
>I do designs too (but it depends on what kind of art I am currently offering!)
>You can comment here or write me a personal message.
>Don’t be afraid to ask! I bite only bad bad folks UwU
End of all the rules! But please keep in mind that I can/will create more rules (oh the paradox of „is this a rule or not“). *cough* Nevermind, lets get back to art theme.

I am currently offering Sketches – meaning rough not colored nor shaded art.
Examples of sketches done by me - please, keep in mind that these sketches are mostly unrefined and that the result would look better than some of these.

PRICES (per a character):
50 Golden Nuggets/5 Dragon gems/50K Pokédollars => headshot
100 Golden Nuggets/10 Dragon gems/100K Pokédollars => Fullbody


1. Golden Nuggets/Dragon gems
2. Golden Nuggets/Dragon gems
3. Golden Nuggets/Dragon gems
4. Golden Nuggets/Dragon gems
5. Golden Nuggets/Dragon gems
6. Pokédollars

Character/s: (write here what you want to be drawn, if you want a design put here the key words/desc)
Description: (aka if you want the art to be detailed as much as possible or cute, or if you want some action pose...anything)
Payment: (how much of what you will pay)