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The Devilcat's diary thing.

Forum-Index Diaries The Devilcat's diary thing.
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Posted: Tue, 12/04/2016 18:48 (6 Years ago)
*yawn* Oh hey.. So you stumbled in here huh? Cool, door's that way. It's got a nasty swing so don't let it hit you on the way out.

Huh, you...WANTED to come here? Well besides how insane you must be, I s'pose I'll stick about.

So uh, if you found your way here then you know about my profile, right? No? Well aren't you a smarty sue.. So if you dunno, I'm the Devilcat. Some call me Kaiser, Swad, Devil, TDK and if you want my real name, it's Josh. I'm a 17 year old mentally destroyed lame-o of an otaku who happens to be a brony. I s'pose you'll want likes, dislikes and fears so here we go.. Oh, and I should mention...
Judge me for these and I'll go full-blown psycho..
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My likes(or loves) are:
Snakes (I love snakes.)
And food.

There are things I downright DESPISE. These are:
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Being called cute
Being shipped with other users (Push this one, I will show no signs of forgiveness. My respect for anyone who does this will go down completley, and they might even be the first on my blocklist. Just, DON'T DO IT.)
Drama queens
Attention seekers
People who beg you for things
The Undertale fandom.

I got fears, not many but they're there. I am scared of:
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Needles, nailguns and being forgotten.

And cuz I wanna, this intro thing's gonna be split into 2 posts. Or 3. My thing, my rules. Ok? Ok. Ok? Ok.

Forgot to mention: I will not accept random: Battle request, trade offers (if I don't know you) and people PMing me to request(beg) me to buy or sell items or pokemon or check out their mixta- I mean their contest or spread a hashtag. Why don't I do that? 'Cause I don't care for 'em. Chances are if you send me a Friend Request outta the blue, I won't accept. That one can change though.

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Posted: Tue, 12/04/2016 18:59 (6 Years ago)

Awh yee, part 2 of this thing!

So I s'pose this is that "family" part, right? Ok, think cat..

I got nothin' There's 2 users I consider my older brothers, a few I consider sisters. That's about it.
And 'cause I KNOW there's gonna be that pain in my fur, yes, I may or may not have one of those crush things on someone. HAPPY?!

Aaaaaaanyway, if you couldn't guess, I'm what you'd consider Blazblue trash. Sue me. I'm even taking this as a theme song of sorts.
So uh. I dunno, I could do a list or 3 but uh.. AH CRAPBALLS THE RULES!!
Ok real quick, there's rules to this.
Rule 1: No posting unless your me. GOT IT?!
If you break these rules... Things are gonna get ugly...
Glad that's outta the way. Anywho, this is gonna be a place I update as and when, so don't expect much. My life's boring. Whoop de freaking day.
So chances are I'll make a post here when something moderatley exciting happens, like if I hatch a shiny. Sound cool? Cool.
So uh. I'mma go do stuff, thanks for reading this! I'mma go back to sleep now..

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Posted: Fri, 22/04/2016 19:07 (6 Years ago)
Well I figured I'd come back to this, and mention somethin'. If I'm not on PH (yeah 'cause that'll happen..) you can find me on:
Roblox(as Lordofdadragons) (SHUT UP! I WAS TIRED AND 12 WHEN I MADE THE ACCOUNT!)
Transformice(as Shadowterumi)
Planet Pokemon(as ShadowTerumi)
Flightrising(as NightmareNexus)
This does not, I repeat DOES KNOT give you the greenlight to go add me on those. Unless your a close friend and PUH-LEEZE let me know so I don't reject you.

Of course if I'm on none of those then I'm either at college or dead.

Yeah I had no ideas but needed to clear that up. Ok? Ok. Ok? Ok.

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Posted: Mon, 09/05/2016 14:44 (6 Years ago)
HUHA!! I did a thing! This lil' guy ended my recent Charmander hunt at chain no. 64. I'm satisfied. Would help if I didn't have to now do a shiny Litleo hunt, but I'm not backin' down. I'll do an entry when that hatches so uh.. ye..

Also here's a Blazblue thing. In order it's Kazuma, Hazama, Hazerumi(Terumi in Hazama's body. I came up with the name.) and Terumi.

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Posted: Sat, 11/06/2016 08:40 (6 Years ago)
Welp! After a month and 231 eggs,

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Posted: Sat, 29/10/2016 14:04 (5 Years ago)
Huha! It's been a while and a thing actually happened! Thanks to the amazing Mewgon (who I am not worthy to be friends with), my mightiest feraligatr has been reBORN! and looks so cool <3

Welp. I gotta get to planning stuff as well. So here's a Hazama art because Hazama.

Welp. That's the next ??? amount of time covered. Seeya!

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Posted: Mon, 05/12/2016 08:20 (5 Years ago)
Yoo. I forgot this existed. Anywho, all I'mma do here is just throw down some other thing; if you read my feeds, you know I have a steam account. All I'm gonna do is slam-dunk the username (and profile pic) here. Why, you may be asking? Because if I'm not here, I'm there. I don't really use the other sites from however long ago, and I wanted to make a post on this one.

SO! The username of said account is KaiserMadness, and as I don't know if there are others with that name (nor do I care, they are imposters. Imposters I say!), the profile pic/avatar/whatever your gonna call it is:

S'yeah. That's that. Feel free to add me! Or don't, I'm not yer dad.

And, as always..