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Posted: Thu, 23/03/2023 17:49 (5 Hours ago)
"That's the castle, obviously. It's always surrounded by clouds." She scoffed. "Unless you mean those purple clouds. In which, I'd assume is a very large cloud of radioactive or poison gas rippling out all over the land. It'll probably be here in.... Five minutes at best."

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Posted: Thu, 23/03/2023 14:01 (9 Hours ago)
"I'm realizing we don't have that kind of time. We need to act quick. I can feel something grim about to happen at the castle." She looked out towards the distance, where the clouds circled to the ground around the sacred garden. "It feels like hot death about to blow our way."

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Posted: Thu, 23/03/2023 13:56 (9 Hours ago)
"Sure, I guess." She was just glad she didn't feel hungry. "We'll get around here, then we'll assess what we have. I've made up my mind."

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Posted: Thu, 23/03/2023 12:52 (10 Hours ago)
Selaphiel didn't feel the need to change anything, simply walking towards the back of the group. She seemed relatively relaxed, not really doing or saying much.


Aret winced at the movement, sweating profusely and trying not to cry out in pain. When Kendo was done fixing her injuries, she coughed and laid on her back, covering her face with her arm. "He didn't have to... help me..."

Selene was back in her lab, waiting for Kendo's return. She knew he would, after all, since he was too obedient for his own good. "Go ahead and get back on the table so we can do the scans and you can go back up to your girlfriend. Make it snappy."

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Posted: Thu, 23/03/2023 11:04 (12 Hours ago)
"Agreed. Let's go." Selaphiel crossed her arms and motioned for Yue to lead, given she didn't know her way around the city. "I never knew a city like this existed under the Saint Deity's rule. Though I suppose she always had an eye for culture."

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 22:54 (1 Day ago)
Yekaterina laughed and waved it off with her hand. "Mainly reports from my captains. Nothing worth mentioning. And why invite everyone else? I almost got my head cleaved off by the raging planet that is your mother. And, you know, you're not innocent. I could feel your auras, and you had a similar one. What if you try to kill me on my big day?"

"Rūkasu!" Matsunaga ran to him and engulfed him in a hug. 'Are you okay?'

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 16:11 (1 Day ago)
"Of course I'm aware. Aria Grace isn't part of your group, and neither is she of ours. She's a superficial person. Only cares about herself." She walked away with her captive, leaving him be.

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 15:49 (1 Day ago)
Yekaterina smiled. "Very low!" She answered quite cheerfully, taking Rhuna's hand and holding it. "We resolved things, but it's not like you'll be able to contribute anything to our wedding. And the stories I've heard about you specifically," She pointed to Iteral. "Sound like a nightmare!"


"Scram, kid." Belladonna motioned to the door. "I'm not looking to fight. You can go." She showed him away. "My orders were to leave you alone. So go."

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 14:49 (1 Day ago)
"Oh my- what is this?" Selaphiel was startled at first, covering her body with her wings. "Where did it come from? I don't remember any celestial beasts looking like this. The Saint Deity's guard dog, perhaps? Or maybe something else..."

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 14:47 (1 Day ago)
Mercy took Caspian from Matsunaga and hugged him tightly, looking around at everyone else. She whistled for Eclipse to come back to her, then turned to Yekaterina and Rhuna. "How will you tide this over with everyone else?"

"They'll have to understand. If they don't... Rhuna will take care of them. Simple as that." She smiled rather threateningly, but giggled soon after. "Besides, we have things to plan. We need wedding planners to help, so I'm glad I have enough money to last me decades to help with it."

"Being rich sure is... a luxury." Matsunaga commented, rolling her eyes playfully.


"It's over. Go back to your family, kid." Belladonna motioned for him to leave, dragging Aria Grace by her arm. "I have new experiments in mind, and this traitor is going to be my personal guinea pig."

"Wait- but I led them to the castle! Let me go!"

"But first, you were going to use that goddess's grimoire to kill us, weren't you?" She was silent, but kept resisting.

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Posted: Tue, 21/03/2023 11:35 (2 Days ago)
Selaphiel heard all the noise and went to Iteral's room to investigate. She knocked on the door. "What's going on in there?"

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Posted: Mon, 20/03/2023 18:24 (3 Days ago)
Yekaterina dusted off her dress and looked around. "I think this castle needs a few... renovations. I never really liked how dusty it was." She stood next to Rhuna, tail wagging slightly. "So, what will you do now?"

"Gather my children and go back home. Give them the biggest meal they'll have in months." They laughed, but both were startled slightly when Matsunaga entered.

"We're back..!" She smiled brightly, a stark contrast to how she first was when they saw her again after five years. She seemed happy that it was finally over.


Aria Grace rollef her eyes. "Apologies, but I really must be going. I have things to do." She stood up, but froze in place upon seeing Belladonna behind Rūkasu.

"Sorry, witch. You're coming with me."

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Posted: Mon, 20/03/2023 18:20 (3 Days ago)
After a while, Selaphiel returned to the inn. "Where is everyone?" She asked herself, looking around the main room. "Still sleeping...?" She huffed, shaking her head. Instead of pacing around, she decided to wait for everyone to gather.

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Posted: Fri, 17/03/2023 15:18 (6 Days ago)
Matsunaga looked around. It seemed as if everything had quieted down upstairs. "Let's go. Now that their power is returning... they should be fine on their own." She hurried out of the room and back up to where she could sense everyone else, noticing how devoid the halls were now.

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Posted: Thu, 16/03/2023 15:54 (7 Days ago)
Once the song was over, both Yekaterina and Mercy stood up and bowed to the few in the audience. "That's it. It's over." Yekaterina announced, and though she herself was happy, something in her became very miserable- though she didn't show it.

"We can all finally go home now." Mercy looked around. "Now, just where did all my children go?" She walked to the door. What she didn't realize was, with every step she took, a small patch of flowers grew in full bloom. "I do hope they're all okay."

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Posted: Thu, 16/03/2023 11:08 (7 Days ago)
Mercy continued to sing and play along with Yekaterina. She wasn't at all bothered when Yekaterina began to twist the lower part and play something of her own that mixed well with the song, and the lamb began to sing herself. The organ was loud enough for everyone in the surrounding area to hear, even outside the castle.

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Posted: Wed, 15/03/2023 17:01 (8 Days ago)
"Yes." Mercy followed them into the room, sitting next to Yekaterina.

"I... know of a song that I always sing. May I?" Yekaterina nodded. Soon, they began to play together, syncing on the song that Mercy sang for her children. The ground under them began to shake, restoring itself and the world around it. The lands were moved back to their own worlds, the sky turned back to its original hue. Buildings were being repaired, like everything was moving in reversal.

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Posted: Wed, 15/03/2023 16:48 (8 Days ago)
Yekaterina giggled and kissed her back sweetly. Once she pulled away, she straightened her veils out and took Rhuna's hand, walking back inside. "My magical power has weakened, because it's been given back to your family. For the meantime, I suppose it's time to fix everything." She arrived at the theater room and sat by a strange contraption that looked like an organ. "Music. Music is the basic foundation of the world, so if I play the right notes, everything will be back to normal."

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Posted: Wed, 15/03/2023 16:34 (8 Days ago)
"You have to promise that. You'll always be with me, forever and ever." She parted her veils for only Rhuna to see her, blushing like crazy. She had wiped her tears away.

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Posted: Wed, 15/03/2023 16:25 (8 Days ago)
"Yes..." She smiled and sniffled again, wrapping her arms around Rhuna's neck once more. "Yes...! Of course I'll marry you!" She laughed, and only then was it evident that she was crying as well due to the strain in her voice. "I love you so much, Rhuna!"

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