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Posted: Tue, 15/02/2022 08:53 (4 Months ago)
River? I heard this one before in kindergarden :P

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Posted: Thu, 10/02/2022 04:29 (4 Months ago)
Hey Ultio_MAR! Draw me a pokemon!
Pokemon:A primarina
Shaded?: Nah
Custom Background?: Just make it plain
Payment?: pd

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Posted: Sat, 05/02/2022 07:17 (4 Months ago)
Its cubone?

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Posted: Sat, 05/02/2022 07:07 (4 Months ago)

Title: Breeding

Is it possible that i can breed kyreum? Or is that i can only get kyreum from events?

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Posted: Thu, 03/02/2022 05:52 (5 Months ago)

Title: Interacting

I have interacted a lot and still no kyreum. I cant interact anymore because i have a sore hand.

Any way to speed things up a bit?

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Posted: Tue, 25/01/2022 04:28 (5 Months ago)

Title: Eevee?

I've just unlocked the new playground special rumble area so I would love to have 2 eevees(female) Please!


Other: I dont care really

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Posted: Mon, 17/01/2022 09:03 (5 Months ago)
Hi everyone! I'm starting a new pokeshop! You can buy extra mon from my extras box and also borrow breeding pairs in this shop.
Each breeding pair is at the cost of 100 as I don't want it to be too pricey. Also please name the Pokémon you give to me after your self as I need to identify when its time for you to give my breeding pair back.

Please follow the rules Riako has written here.

You may begin your orders!

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Posted: Fri, 14/01/2022 06:01 (5 Months ago)
You just said you need to get to trainer level 8 -_-.

And i have been searching hw to get the wailmer pail for a LONG time so this seems disappointing now.

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Posted: Thu, 06/01/2022 05:06 (5 Months ago)

Title: Amaura

Can i have the amaura please?

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Posted: Wed, 05/01/2022 04:52 (6 Months ago)

Title: Sprites

So far i have found chef,timid,aqua and hoggy. DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING IF YOU WISH TO FIND THEM YOURSELF!

Here's my advice:

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You can find hoggy( the yellow one)
by interacting a lot as hoggy likes to cuddle Pokémon. If you DO happen to get hoggy you will get a notification saying so.

You can find timid( the green one)

By buying just 1 random berry at Emera mall . But this is just pure luck so don't count on it.

You can find chef (the red one)

By going to rowan's lab at night, this is also just pure luck so don't think it happens every time.

You can find aqua(The light blue one)

By bidding 100 game chips in coinflip but do NOT click over and over without stopping or else before you know it he'll appear and suddenly disappear as if he's playing hide n seek

That's it and I hope I helped. 😃

Here are my harvest sprites.(Just to show how they look)

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Posted: Tue, 07/12/2021 03:40 (6 Months ago)

Title: Pokeshop

So you want a gengar retro breeding pair? Ok,but make sure to return them!

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Posted: Thu, 18/11/2021 14:51 (7 Months ago)
Hiiiiiiii!! I am starting a poke shop! You can buy honey and borrow breeding pairs here! MY breeding pair speciality is tentacool,tentacruel and azurill! So if you want to buy honey or borrow breeding pairs, I'M your pokemon! :)

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Posted: Mon, 15/11/2021 07:00 (7 Months ago)

Title: Trading

Do you have any gems that i can trade with? I am offering bug and psycic and i want fairy and ghost

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Posted: Mon, 15/11/2021 06:08 (7 Months ago)

Title: Itemshop

I have physic and bug gems can i trade for other gems?

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Posted: Thu, 28/10/2021 07:44 (8 Months ago)
I have absolutely NO idea how to evolve steenee so i just gave it a limb massage.

Am i doing this right?

( Please interact with my dark ponyta egg )


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