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Posted: Tue, 21/06/2022 17:08 (3 Days ago)

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Posted: Wed, 15/06/2022 18:27 (9 Days ago)
gardevoir is a melon


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Posted: Wed, 15/06/2022 18:12 (9 Days ago)
i wanna join :D

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Posted: Wed, 15/06/2022 16:25 (9 Days ago)
@Lesser_Dog: He :)

@~UmbreonLover~: the market insider is pretty outdated so the price for a male+female would be around 16k - 20k :)

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Posted: Tue, 14/06/2022 16:17 (10 Days ago)
10/10 xDD

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Posted: Tue, 14/06/2022 14:05 (11 Days ago)
Let’s not trade breeding pairs, that would mean one less option xD

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Posted: Mon, 13/06/2022 16:44 (11 Days ago)
dark/fairy :)

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Posted: Mon, 13/06/2022 16:42 (11 Days ago)
THE_Green_Owl and Serendibite:
The two seem to get along.

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Posted: Mon, 13/06/2022 16:35 (11 Days ago)
lesser put the banner up

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Posted: Mon, 13/06/2022 15:03 (11 Days ago)
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What's up guys, it's THE Green Owl here :D Here we'll sell you events with ridiculously low prices. The template will be here soon but the events I can breed you are:

Witch Vulpix (thank you OrcaNinetales), Cuddlithe (thank you Lesser_Dog),

Fishleon (thank you FullCollapse,

Solar Eevee,

Kitema (thank you ~Torracat~),

Shaysola (SPECIAL thank you to Grei),

Super Shroom (thank you ArtsyDude333),

Frostly Kecleon (thank you MidnightStrike),

and Turzai (thank you Gosth).

As payment, I prefer shinies, dragon gems, nuggets, rubies, terra cave maps, Ultra Saddles, or PD, but I can be flexible! Feel free to offer :D

I'll also provide free everstones for MY orders, if specified :)

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Posted: Thu, 09/06/2022 00:07 (16 Days ago)
Renting inkay hunt!

I'm renting my Inkay hunt :D Just send me 3k pd, share #RentInkay, and u get whatever comes out of the egg :3

1. Sass_Queen-
2. Sass_Queen-
3. Sass_Queen-
4. Sass_Queen-
5. Sass_Queen-
6. Sass_Queen-
7. Sass_Queen-
8. Sass_Queen-
9. Sass_Queen-
10. Sass_Queen-
11. Sass_Queen-
12. Sass_Queen
13. Sass_Queen
14. Sass_Queen
15. OrcaNinetales
16. OrcaNinetales
17. OrcaNinetales
18. OrcaNinetales
19. OrcaNinetales
20. OrcaNinetales
21. OrcaNinetales
22. OrcaNinetales
23. OrcaNinetales
24. OrcaNinetales
25. HeartOfAWizard
26. HeartOfAWizard
27. Tacomon237
...and there are more!

PalPad to buy slots :D

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Posted: Tue, 17/05/2022 14:30 (1 Month ago)
garchomp,dragapult,giratina :D

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Posted: Mon, 16/05/2022 23:28 (1 Month ago)
clicking TwT

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 13:35 (1 Month ago)

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Posted: Sun, 08/05/2022 20:24 (1 Month ago)
7/10 :P

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Posted: Sun, 08/05/2022 19:32 (1 Month ago)
terra cave map :3

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Posted: Sun, 08/05/2022 19:32 (1 Month ago)
10/10 xD

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Posted: Sun, 08/05/2022 18:47 (1 Month ago)

Hi Ducky! I want to buy some art >U<
Reference/description, etc. : :D
Plushie or regular art: Regular :3
Payment (set a range, pick exact price after I'm finished): Is 14k ok? :) sorry im poor lolz (i will pay all before you start :D)
Tips (optional): 1k TwT
I have read the rules: Yep :P
Other: Please try to finish it by next weekend <3 if not its ok, I don't mean to rush, but I need it quick :P

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Posted: Sun, 08/05/2022 18:40 (1 Month ago)
5/10 :P

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Posted: Sun, 08/05/2022 18:33 (1 Month ago)
Phantom, I would like some art!
Type: Full Body or Chibi :3 (Idc which one you do, just PalPad me which one is easier :D)
Reference: here!
Payment: 10k (Tipping 1k bc why not :D)
Password: OWLS
Colored or no?: sure if you want :3
Do you want it PM’ed to you: oki ^-^
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