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Posted: Mon, 29/05/2023 23:26 (6 Days ago)

Darcy Harper's POV

"Miyako?... Do... Do you know what happened to them?" he sputtered.

Did... Did she not hear me?

Sawyer Laurens's POV

What happened to them.

Sawyer stirred on the floor. ...right. the... Thing that had happened. That had gone and made everything so... Different.

That had gotten them...



They tilted their head to the side.

What was that?

Lucian Arbred's POV

"You don't need to worry about that. Just get me whatever. I don't care. I don't want you to cater to my every whim, 'kay Lucian?"

Lucian winced. "Kubo, I..." He paused, glancing at Kubo's crossed arms. At his furrowed brows, at the bitter look in his eyes. His gritting teeth...

"...I'm sorry. I-- was just wondering. If you wanted anything specific, like... If there was anything you preferred, if... You had any allergies or..."

He trailed off.

It hurt, to see him so angry.

To see him like that... It reminded him of the same Kubo who had told him how pleased it would make him to take his life. Not the one who had told him that he'd protect Lucian. That he trusted Lucian too. The Kubo that... Felt like he cared.

He felt his voice raising, his shoulders tensing, as he turned to look at Kubo, anger and hurt flaring in his eyes.

"Kubo... What the hell is your problem? Do you really hate me that much? Fine! I'll get out of your hair. Br-bring... You whatever, as you put it. I just want to help! I'm sorry for caring about you. I'm sorry for wanting you to be happy. Sorry for..." He paused, trailing off, voice catching in his throat. For a moment, he was unable to find the words.

"...trying to be your friend."

He slowly turned away, and stepped towards the door. Just wanting to get away from that face, from that voice, putting his hand to his mouth to try to smother a shuddering sob.

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Posted: Mon, 29/05/2023 20:00 (6 Days ago)

Lucian Arbred's POV

"R-Right! Okay, Kubo... What are you craving? What would you like?" He tilted his head to the side and smiled at him.

Lucian slowly stood up from the bed, almost falling over as he did so, and just barely catching himself. Ow.

...okay. Maybe he needed sleep. That wasn't important right now, though.

Darcy Harper's POV

"They're in here! Jesus, calm down!"


Darcy took deep breaths, forcing himself to remain calm. Okay, so... He was a bit irritated at Miyako using His son's name in vain like that. But...

His eyes widened at the sight of Sawyer. On the floor, blinking, staring, looking barely conscious. And quite confused.

"SAWYER!" Darcy gasped, rushing forward and wrapping his arms around them. "Sawyer, are you hurt? What h-"

He stared in shock at their dried bloody hands. Sawyer's eyebrows were raised, but they were slow to react.

"Darcy?... Was it? Whoosh! This is, uhh... What was it called? What is this?"

"Sawyer... Whose blood is that?" he asked very quietly.

Sawyer Laurens's POV


Sawyer's heart was racing. Their ears were ringing. Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump.

There was a slamming. There was a hissing. There was a crashing, a crinkling.

Shards of broken glass and metal remains falling to the ground. There was this strange liquid, all over their hands, that they couldn't quite recognize. Dripping down their face, and down their body.

There were lights. Lights in very pretty colors.

Very bright.

Blaring this strange, loud noise.

What was that on their hands?...

Of course. It looked like the pasta sauce that Mom had used.

That's all it possibly could be.

They turned, and thought they saw something. Something horrifying.

Then it vanished in a swirl of darkness, and they shook their head. There was nothing there.

"What? What... Blood? This is pasta sauce, Darcy! It was all over this shiny thing..."

They picked up the object and showed it to him, grinning. "See? It's pretty, isn't it? It was so shiny... But it's all dulled now." Their grin faded. "It was sooo pretty! I wish you could have seen it."

Darcy let go of Sawyer, freezing up. "Sawyer... That's a knife. Did... Did... Did you... Use that?"

Sawyer didn't answer.

Did I?...


Sawyer wracked their brain.

I don't...


I don't remember...

The angel had turned away now. Sawyer felt a throb... Of something, in their heart. Was it... Disappointment? Deja vu?

Darcy Harper's POV

"Miyako, Saeko," Darcy choked out. "Do you... Know what happened? To Sawyer... Why are their hands like that?"

He remembered distinctly, now, the cuts marking up Sawyer's hands. That was their blood, for certain. They didn't seem to even remember what happened... As usual.

I just don't understand... How someone could forget something like that...


Mom always told me there was something very wrong with Sawyer. That I should stay away from them. Maybe... Maybe she was right. But not in the way she thought.

"...did... Someone hurt them? Did they do this to themselves?"

Darcy crossed his arms. "I... I need to know. I'm sorry, for barging in like this. But, they're my... My friend, and I was worried... That they might have been hurt. Or worse."

Just what is happening to them?

Sawyer seemed to be fiddling with various objects in the room, crawling about. It was like they'd never seen any of it before.


He had to get Sawyer some first aid, but... He had to know what happened.

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Posted: Sun, 28/05/2023 14:24 (7 Days ago)

Draxomoxin's POV

They froze. Oh. No. NONONO. WAS THAT DRAGON TALKING TO THEM? Had he been discovered?!

"A-A-Are you-"

He frowned, fumbling for the words. She was pretty sure that she was going to say "Are you talking to me", but... No, that didn't sound quite right.

Or... Did it?

"Setting your... Heart. Art. On fire. That... Sounds dangerous?" he tried. They weren't sure where this dragon was going with this whole... Mortal-injury-that-if-sustained-could-lead-to-death thing, but they weren't about to get killed by some possibly unreasonable being.

He tilted his head to the side, quivering all the while. She had her talons out, at the ready, should he need to fight. Well. He hadn't exactly been in... A real fight before but... You know.

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Posted: Sun, 28/05/2023 13:17 (7 Days ago)

Draxomoxin's POV


Few dragons knew who that dragon was? Draxomoxin was intrigued. But not enough to come out of hiding.

They don't seem particularly dangerous, her mind whispered. But... You never knew, did you? Maybe they weren't so friendly. Maybe there was a reason few dragons knew who that one was.

Aughhh, what was he even thinking?! He needed to get far away from here, right? Far away from the super uncertain possibly scary-


But what was the threat, exactly?

They paused and stared at their talons.

"I have almost never, never spoke-spoken with other dragons before," she murmured to herself. "Dunn dunn don't know if I could do it it now."

He had a strange habit when he spoke, of the words not quite registering in their mind, of them repeating at times when she spoke aloud, almost as though he was a glitchy program (or a goose from a certain novel if we're going to wreak more havoc on the fourth wall).

With all the uncertainty of what was real, and what was not... How was one to be sure that they even spoke?

Had he spoken? Had she spoken too loudly? Auck.

Okay, okay. Maybe... Maybe talking to them was worth a shot. It was better to reveal themself than to be discovered...


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Posted: Sun, 28/05/2023 13:06 (7 Days ago)

✿ Moxin ✿


**✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿**


**✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿**

✿ Basic Info ✿


✿ Name ✿ : Draxomoxin (or, Moxin)
✿ Age ✿ : 2 or 3 in Wings of Fire terms, in human form, probably a teenager or young adult depending on the RP
✿ Gender ✿ : Genderfluid
✿ Pronouns ✿ : He/him/she/her/they/them, all of these are used to refer to Moxin
✿ Sexuality ✿ : Undecided, maybe aromantic?
✿ Birthday ✿ : Undecided, probably a Capricorn or Aquarius in terms of zodiac
✿ Ultimate Talent ✿ : N/A
✿ Roleplays ✿ : Dragon Island

**✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿**


**✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿**

✿ Personality ✿

✿ General Description ✿ :

They are a very paranoid, stammery individual who is quite cautious about everyone they meet. He is normally extremely quiet, a dragon (or person) of few words, who, despite this, trails off quite often in her sentences. Moxin is extremely out of tune with reality, oftentimes being extremely forgetful and neglectful of his surroundings, oftentimes forgetting things the moment he learns them.

This individual is like a dog chasing its own tail, trying to get somewhere or do something or other, wnd not realizing it is not useful in the least, and never really getting anywhere. He is rather aloof and cautious of strangers, being slow to trust anyone. But, if someone wins their trust, then she really trusts them.

He can come across as rude at times, as she never experienced proper parenting or socialization. He has a preference for doing things alone, and is quite afraid of trying new things. More on them as I figure things out!
✿ Personality Type ✿ : INTJ (Ni-Te-Fi-Se) 5w6 sp/sx 593 RLOEI Melancholic-Phlegmatic LVEF ILI IN(T)

**✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿**


**✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿**

✿ Appearance ✿

✿ Height ✿: Probably 8-12ft in dragon terms, since they're rather small. I'm thinking maybe 5'2"-5'5" in human form!
✿ Weight ✿: ...I don't know dragon physics, okay? I'll calculate a weight for human form later-
✿ Skin Tone ✿: Undecided
✿ Hair Style ✿: Undecided
✿ Hair Colour ✿: Undecided
✿ Eye Colour ✿: Undecided
✿ Clothes ✿: Undecided
✿ Accessories ✿: Round, dark-blue glasses, a forest-green scarf
✿ Other ✿: Undecided

**✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿**


**✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿** **✿❀ ❀✿**

✿ History ✿

✿ Backstory ✿ : (TBA. This'll take a while.)
✿ Secret ✿ : Depends, am I using Moxin in a Dangan RP?

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Posted: Sun, 28/05/2023 12:30 (7 Days ago)

Draxomoxin's POV

Loud. Loud! LOUD! Oh, confound it all! These dragons were being so loud!

Well, he couldn't actually tell if they were being loud or not. After all, every noise seemed loud to her. At least when they were paying attention.

What were they even talking about? Draxomoxin tilted their head to the side. It sounded...

Interesting. And possibly concerning.

Considering his small size, Draxomoxin hid in the nearby terrain to eavesdrop on the conversation, wide eyes blinking excessively. They didn't want to join in, because, well...


The dragons could be dangerous, right? He paused.

Why did I not want to talk to them again? What were they talking about again?

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Posted: Sun, 28/05/2023 07:39 (7 Days ago)

Lucian Arbred's POV

"A-Akari?! H-Hey!"

Right. He had slept... Fine. Somehow, Lucian doubted that. Aaand now he had just run out, barely having said goodbye.


Feasibly, Lucian should probably run after him. If not for the sake of Akari's mental wellbeing, then at least so he wouldn't be stuck inside of this awkward situation where he and Kubo were alone inside of a room together and--

Lucian's face reddened, and he shook his head as though to try to shake the thoughts away. No, they weren't going to start kissing again! Those had been-- accidents, and- nothing of that nature would happen again--

"Kubo, if... You don't want to tell me, that's okay." He needed but didn't want in the least to scoot far away from him, to try to banish any lingering thoughts of a romantic nature. There wasn't anything romantic about this, really! He had to get his mind off of that somehow.


Or... Did he?

Would it really be so bad to tell him that you love him? You want to do it, don't you?

"I-- um-" He patted the bed nervously with his hands, trying not to make eye contact. If only Kubo would stop being so distractingly pretty with his hair down--

"Maybe I should... Get you breakfast. Right? That's an idea! Maybe we could... Eat together. Iiiin here."

Without our lips touching!! Obviously. Because why would they be?


Focus, Lucian. You're just here to help him feel better. And... Maybe we should go check on everyone else, too. Make sure they're doing okay...

But, oh, god, why couldn't he banish the idea of kissing him?

Darcy Harper's POV

"M-Miyako?" he choked out. "Miyako, please..."

Sawyer Laurens's POV

Sawyer thought they heard a strangely familiar voice. Was that... The angel from earlier? Darcy. Right?


He kept saying Miyako. Why did the angel keep saying Miyako? They sounded... Sad-sad. And that made Sawyer feel sad-sad. What was causing Darcy's distress?

Oh, right.


That presence.

"Uhhh, Miyako? Somebody keeps calling for you!" They tilted their head off to one side. "I think it's Darcy!"

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Posted: Thu, 25/05/2023 23:09 (10 Days ago)

Lucian Arbred's POV

Lucian turned to look at Akari and attempted to give him a reassuring smile as well. He looked even worse than yesterday...

It seemed as though he had been about to speak, but no words came out.

"Good morning, Akari," he breathed. "Did... You sleep well?"

He paused in realization. "...that question is for you, too, Kubo."

For some reason he felt slightly amused at what he had just said, but the feeling was swept away as he remembered Akari's further downridden appearance. Maybe it wasn't even how he looked right now, but... Lucian had a feeling Akari had gotten even worse.

Or... Was his lack of sleep tonight getting to him?

He suppressed a yawn, trying not to fall over. Focus, focus. Just stand up.

Stand.... Up?

Oh, good word. Today was not going to be an easy one.

He had been watching Kubo almost the entire time he had been sleeping not in a creepy or romantic way obviously he was just making sure he was alright, but the quality of his sleep was still in question.

A pang of sorrow struck Lucian in the heart, to see Kubo so afraid, and to see Akari look in even worse shape.

This is awful... Why can't I prevent things like this from happening? I should be suffering, not them.

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Posted: Thu, 25/05/2023 21:33 (10 Days ago)

Lucian Arbred's POV

Lucian's heart skipped a beat. What was it that Kubo wanted to say? He tensed slightly, however, for it seemed that Kubo might be... Afraid.

"Yes, Kubo?" he asked softly. He smiled reassuringly at him, tilting his head slightly to the side. "I'm listening. You can tell me anything you feel comfortable with, I... Promise I won't judge."

Is he going to say he loves me? he thought, for a moment, albeit foolishly, before shaking the idea away. No, of course not. Lucian, get your head out of the clouds. It's probably something more important than that.

He put his hand over his heart, narrowly suppressing a slight sigh.

How can I promise him anything?


It wouldn't matter anyway, would it?

Darcy Harper's POV has come to Walmart and Target, look at stores near you for our new product!

Darcy stirred awake, troubled once again by nightmares. It seemed it was morning. Briefly, he wished that he had bottles of pills nearby.

He was shivering and shaking, his eyes twitching as he stirred. His hands were shaking, too, and he lifted them up to look at them.

He blinked and swore he saw blood, although, no, that couldn't truly be there. Could it?

They shook their head.

There were bigger things to worry about than drugs... Or alcohol. But the headache almost seemed to split his skull, his brain felt like it was screaming. He wouldn't stop shaking. He felt very nauseous, as though he might vomit.

...maybe it wasn't just the withdrawal.

How he wished that this was all some twisted dream. They got up with a groan, and headed towards the mirror, blinking rapidly. Well...

It was never a good idea to look in the mirror.

Reddish, puffy eyes stared back at him, black, inky mascara running down their face. Some of it had dripped onto their clothes, which made them wince. Darcy reached for his eyes a moment, that looked as dreary, though pretty, as ever, except for the blackness that oozed down his face, like some sort of malicious monster.

His eyes. Oh, Darcy's eyes. He almost loathed them sometimes, for the things he wished he could take back seeing. The things they wished they could never see again.

Like Mom, in her dire state. Constantly drinking, shouting, angrily, and her eyes that always looked so... Tired.

Her face, that spoke of age, though she wasn't even all that old. The methods she had turned to keep herself alive had done a number on that woman, who had once looked so very beautiful.

Perhaps her obsession over Erica had been a way to try to relive that beauty, reclaim it.

Darcy's fingers curled into fists, his sharp nails sinking into the flesh of his palms.

And Will... Was how she would do that.

Erica, the perfect girl. Always so talented. Always so... Loved. She had it made in life. Darcy... Didn't. And he envied that. He... Loathed her for it.

That doesn't make up for what you did.

Sometimes, Darcy wished he didn't have eyes. They hadn't done him any good in his life, although they were one of his most attractive features. He had seen nothing but things that he liked to regret, that drove him to tears.

That drove Darcy to pierce their skin with blades, and then panic, and cover it up.

That drove Darcy to gobble down pills. Too many pills. Begging and bribing the hospitals not to tell his mom, or anyone in the general public for that matter.

...and other drugs. And to drink. Always to drink.

Just like Mom.

That drove Darcy many times, to jump. To try to hang himself. To drown. To bleed out, finally at peace, dead and gone. To die, in so many ways. To just end it all. And... In this situation, didn't he have even more reason to do so?


He didn't.


There was-

Sawyer. They were always there. Always there to stop him. Until... They couldn't be, anymore.

He didn't even know how he had held on without them.




Darcy hurriedly got dressed and ran out the door, not even bothering to do anything else. Were they okay?! Where was Miyako keeping them?!

So desperate to protect them, aren't you, Darcy? Ohoho. Aaaanything to distract himself from the horrible person he is! He flinched, coming to a stop, thinking he heard Mei behind him.

...but... No. Of course. There was nothing there. No one there.

To protect the only person in this world who could ever BOTHER with you. Face it, if they knew what really happened, the day of that court trial... They'd never look you in the eyes again.

Oh, God, not now.


God isn't here, sweetheart.

Mei's face twisted and distorted in Darcy's mind, into a narrow-eyed, smirking demon. Her teeth became razor-sharp fangs, dripping with blood. Her nails sharpened into claws. She tilted her head to the side, neck twisted at an unnatural angle.

Go run along and find your little "friend", will you? Like the pathetic coward that you are, Darcyyy!~

"M-Miyako? Where... Where are you?"

Your waking life has become a nightmare, you silly boy! And you're NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER WAKING UP!

Horrendous laughter from Mei echoed in Darcy's mind. He could almost feel the dagger pressing into his throat, as he pleaded for it not to strike-

"...P-Please. Please no," he choked out.

Mei returned to normal, smiling almost sweetly.

...you belong in the deepest pits of Hell. Farewell, Darcy! I'll be waiting for you! Might as well end it all now, you know. Get it over with! Just a friendly recommendation!

...and then... She was gone.

"...Miyako?" Darcy choked out hoarsely.

She's dead... She was never really here.

...and somehow, THAT revelation hurt more than anything.

Sawyer Laurens's POV

Sawyer stirred awake. Three presences in the room. Three auras.


Miyak-yak. Saeko? And someone else Sawyer didn't quite recognize.

They groaned. The world still seemed to be shifting. They blinked it into slightly more focus.

"How- how did- I get here? Whoaaa. This is some- sick magic stuff. Heheheh."

Sawyer began tapping the various objects in the room, tilting their head to the side, perplexed and extremely curious about all of them.

They supposed they were awake now.


This was...

Hope's Peak. The school.


Amnesia was her name, she had beautiful eyes

Eyes? Eyes? What eyes?

Sawyer picked up the sharp object, and blinked at it. Huh. Fascinating.

And every word she said, was a little surprise

"Did we catch the imposter yet?"

Idris. Right. The imposter. Right?

Who was going to kill Saeko... Or something?


Bad person. Bad people.

"Bad... Idris was... Bad," they murmured.

"Or... Is bad."


"Where is the bad guy?"

They had a peculiar, distant thought that they tried to reach out and grasp, but couldn't quite reach. That maybe the name Idris had another place in their memory. That that person had been... Something other than bad to them.


No, that was-


I think I know, I mean,
Ah yes, but it's all wrong
That is, I think I disagree

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Posted: Thu, 25/05/2023 19:34 (10 Days ago)

Lucian Arbred's POV

[In reply to Akari Xenuata I cannot spell]

"...Lucian, just... Drop it."

Lucian winced. So... He was... Being that repressive of his pain?

"...but... Akari, I--"


What had this world done to him, to steal the light away from his eyes? As Lucian looked at him, he couldn't help but wonder if he had faced even worse than he had. Well... Not that what Lucian suffered from mattered. Not that his past mattered.

"I-... I'm beyond help, just... stop worrying about me, please?"

"no one is beyond-"

He stopped. Every time he tried to say something to Akari, he'd see that downtrodden face, that made him plummet into silence. That complete and utter misery. That tiredness, that sorrow. It made him feel sick inside. To see someone like this, to be unable to help them...

How could he just stop worrying?

"...Akari, I-- yes. Whatever makes you happy."

His eyes were almost pleading as he looked after him, desperately.



All he left with was that hollow saying of good night. That he was sorry.

"...good night, Akari," he whispered.


It's not you that should be sorry. It's me. Why can't I help you?...


Some "Ultimate Therapist" I am.

Lucian gritted his teeth, bitting his lips, pinching at his hands and fingers. Anything to quell the tears from starting up in his eyes. He wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight, he knew that.

Just how worthless was he? That he couldn't even begin to help Akari?

He was hopeless.

Lucian Arbred's POV

[In reply to Kubo Atsushi]

A tired and sleep-deprived Lucian, who probably couldn't sleep if he had tried, with all that was on his mind, turned to look at Kubo. The softness, of his tone, the way he whispered his name, it made him smile, if only slightly. And just the feeling of him nudging him...

Here we are, wasting our chances for the last time

Just what was he doing, really? Taking care of the one who had indirectly told him to kill himself? ...no. He hadn't meant it like that. And... Even if he had, could Lucian ever hope to be worthy of more? He wasn't expecting an apology.

Oh, and when we go, I'll try not to be, so, slow...

But how could he not take care of Kubo? Not just because he was undeniably the one he loved, who stirred his heart into motion. Who captivated him with every word and every little touch, every glance and every wonder of what he might be thinking. And he couldn't help but wonder, what it was that Kubo Atsushi had done to him. He was a mess, and... He wasn't even quite sure why. He'd never felt this way about... Anyone, before.

Skeletons, skeletons! What do we have here? Hiding from the mirror?...

Here Lucian was, though. Lingering in-between. Like a coward. Barely pretending not to dream of kissing him, of loving and being loved by him. Kubo was just like anyone else... Wasn't he? Then why... Why had Lucian considered telling him the truth? His truth? The one he had never told a soul, the one he had desperately tried to keep under wraps. The very reason, the biggest reason he never wishes anyone to hear of his past.

Say it once, say it twice, TRY TO BE NICE! Well, let's not lose ourselves...

It was pathetic. He'd... Tried pushing Kubo away, hadn't he? Maybe what he'd said wasn't enough. Maybe Kubo would know to leave him for his own good, if he told him the truth about himself. Kubo had tried to push him away, too, if he had interpreted that right. And yet it was like something still drew them both together. Curiosity, perhaps. Something in common, maybe. Because weren't therapists and detectives so similar? They'd both lost a mother. But... They coped with things differently.

Summer's over, love had left her! Screaming at the screen...

And yet, maybe he didn't want to fully push Kubo away. It was a selfish thought. Really, it was. Because if Kubo knew that truth about him, he'd be afraid of him. Possibly even hate him. If... He didn't already. Why did Kubo even put up with him? Maybe... Because there was no one else who bothered. Everyone was so caught up in their lives and their social norms, to the point they never lifted their heads above the water. To see if there was possibly... More than what met the eye.

Oh, and it's understood, that the both of us, are no good...

Could Lucian ever tell Kubo how he felt? Knowing how badly that would go? If he couldn't tell him the truth, it would haunt him forever. But... He wasn't sure if he was ready for the consequences. Lucian had lived a rather passive life, when he thought about it, hiding away from all the riskiness and the change and the pain, preferring to think of the past as but a faraway memory. He didn't want life to be like that again, he just wanted to help people. He never thought of having a life of his own, love, connections, genuine friendships, something that went beyond people being just clients.

I'll always be that... Short little gloat, always clearing his throat, like he ever had something to say...

But he almost wanted that. A life of his own. And yet, he hesitated, to venture into that unknown. Because what if it only brought pain, not just to himself, but others as well? He couldn't help but wonder... If his family would have wanted this for him. If his clients would have wanted this for him. If Kaoru would have wanted this for him, or Mei, or anyone else. If they could be bothered to care. ...not that he thought little of them, in the least, but... He wasn't that important. Would the people in his life have wanted him to live a boring, dreary life where he never formed genuine connections? Where he was merely a tool to help others?

And I'll say... When I go...

Maybe they wouldn't have. He'd have to think on that. And maybe, make a decision soon. Because anything could happen inside this terrifying school. If he didn't tell Kubo sometime soon... What if he never got the chance to?

"...yes, Kubo? Are... You alright? Do you need anything?"

Bury me six feet in snow.

He smiled sadly and squeezed the detective's hand. Maybe he'd... Tell him today. Oh, gosh. If only he could.

"...good morning."

He couldn't help but wonder how Akari had slept, if he had been alright, and dreadfully remembered the night before. Oh.

How could he ever hope that Kubo could love him? When he was THIS pathetic?

...yeah. He didn't deserve it.


Darcy Harper's POV coming soon to Walmarts and Targets near you because I'm being made to water plants!! YAYYY

Sawyer Laurens's POV coming soon to Gamestops and Hot Topics near you because I'm being made to water plants!! YAYYYY

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Posted: Tue, 23/05/2023 04:16 (12 Days ago)

Kowai Kurai's POV

Kowai was clapping. "Wowwww, guys! Keep it up with the gay ships! Maybe you'll even be able to compete with Gayme of Wits!"

Lucian stared in confusion at her. "...pardon me, but... Who are you? You're not supposed to be here, are you?"

"Uh oh. Uhh, right. I'm not supposed to exist. DORKY, ERASE HIS MEMORY!!"

Kowai mysteriously vanished just as quickly as she came.

Lucian Arbred's POV

Huh. That was strange. Lucian blinked. Had someone been here a moment ago? No, he must have imagined it.

"Hey... Kubo. Were you having a nightmare? Are you okay?" he asked, in a very soft and gentle tone.

It was difficult to tell if he was asleep, or barely awake.

Lucian's face reddened once more. Even with Akari also in here... It felt so... Awkward how he was at Kubo's bedside, stroking his hair and whispering kind words in an attempt to comfort him. It almost felt like something romantic.

But... It could never be like that, could it?

He was trying to talk to Akari right now, too, but Akari was stuck in a T-Posing state at the moment. Horrifying.

Sawyer Laurens's POV

Sawyer shifted slightly on the floor, letting out a faint groan. They thought they detected another presence within the room. Who felt faintly familiar, but...

Why was it so hard to move?

"Human... Person?" they mumbled.

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Posted: Mon, 22/05/2023 09:19 (13 Days ago)
Name: Draxomoxin
Species: Void Flyer
Gender: Genderfluid
Appearance (can be modified but has to be similar to species): A rather small black-and-red dragon, who might be mistaken for an even younger dragon due to their limited size and extreme thinness. His horns are also extremely short, and she wears two small broken shards of glass that are... Uh... Probably supposed to be glasses but honestly these dragons probably have no idea what those are, why does he even wear those on his snout, that's gotta be painful! Is even more scarred and battered than your average Void Flyer, and has extraordinarily wide eyes. Wears a scrap of torn dark green fabric around their neck, probably for protection purposes.
Personality: A stuttery, rattled, and easily annoyed dragon. They are quite easily confused and out of tune with reality, and quite easily get anxious or bothered by the slightest provocation. He can be quite rude at times without intending to be, being rather oblivious to how she might come across. It's a mystery how he even gets anywhere or does anything, because of their great difficulty with all of it.
Backstory: Draxomoxin's parents were tragically murdered when they were very young, and thus, Draxomoxin never learned a lot of different things. This incident caused him to grow up completely independently, with no parental help whatsoever. However, she struggled with almost everything, having no one to teach them what to do, what everything is, what things to avoid, and so on, and thus Draxomoxin is a scattered, paranoid mess as a result with no recognition of what is socially acceptable, that is at the same time rather aloof, not even recognizing the implications of his actions until it's too late.
Other: Is this okay?

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Kowai Kurai's POV

She tilted her head to the side. Huh.

If this girl wanted sleep so bad, she'd GET sleep when she died. Honestly! The fact she cared so little about what might happen here, or acted like she didn't...

Was just annoying. At least try to contribute to your team, win or lose. Yeesh.

Kowai actually felt perplexed a moment, wondering why that upset her so much. I mean, she honestly, for the most part, was just playing the game to see what would happen.

Still... What she had to say was... Amusing.

"Doppelganger, huh? What a fascinating concept! And what makes you think I'M your doppelganger, and not the other way around? If that's even the case! Heh!" She grinned, putting her hands behind her back.


Reenacting sleeping in a coffin. Not like she'd know anything about death herself, huh?

She paused. That was honestly an interesting thought. Well, she wasn't entirely sure of what was the case back then, because she was dead at the time, but she was 99% sure that nobody gave her a coffin. Honestly. Even if they had thought she was really dead when she actually died, there was no way anyone would bother, even if they could have.

There was something strangely familiar about this girl. That Kowai couldn't quite place.

"Huh. If you wanna enact sleeping in a coffin, why not vote for yourself?" she joked, smiling as though she had just asked a five-year-old child if he wanted an ice-cream cone.

She was irked at Mei's insult, of her being supposedly ten times more annoying and childish. Well. Being annoying meant you weren't forgettable, didn't it? Ehhh, not that it mattered. It wasn't like she desperately wanted to be liked or anything like that. Imagine wanting that. Sounds like a skill issue.

"We're getting close to night, peopleee! Vote somebody!"

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Posted: Mon, 22/05/2023 04:40 (13 Days ago)

Lucian Arbred's POV


Lucian noticed Kubo seemed to be slightly awake. Was he alright? He looked slightly upset...

He walked over and sat down, gently running his fingers through his hair. He could... Still talk to Akari like this, right?

"...Akari, are... You sure you're alright? It's okay if you're not. Really."


"If there's anything you need to talk about... You can talk about it. I won't judge, I promise."

He passionately put his hand to his chest, with a sparkle in his eyes, offering Akari the most reassuring smile he could muster.


He sighed.

"...sorry if this is annoying. I just... Want to help you. If you need it."

Right. Because you can't even catch a breath without helping someone, huh, Mr. Martyr? Gotta fix the people, make sure they're in working order? Look at you! Even now you're stroking through Kubo's hair in an attempt to comfort him even though he's half-asleep, and Akari is just EXISTING and you still feel like you just HAVE to help him, huh? Because that's all you're good for.


It's your only importance. Your only relevance. You don't even want to step back and face your feelings, if only for a moment.

"Or, I mean, we could always talk about something else! If you want. Whatever you want. Whatever makes you happy."

He let out an awkward laugh.

I'm fine.

Please, there was no matter of being in love with Kubo. There was no matter of accepting a truth about his childhood. There was no matter of telling anyone either. There was no truth. Everything was going to be okay.

He didn't matter anyway!!

Just help the people.

The IMPORTANT people.

Namely, not you, Lucian.

Sawyer Laurens's POV

Sawyer was feeling rather woozy. They groaned, the world still a blur.

The evil presence was outside, over.

How funny. They wanted to hug a puffin. What was a puffin?

Alone inside of the room, well, there was the other one. But they had conveniently gone into the Infamous T-Posing Syndrome because their roleplayer was neglecting them.

There was red. Red.


All over Sawyer's hands. Sawyer's shaking hands. Their heart thudded.

Do you remember that day?


What day?


The day it all went to hell. All because of you. You're a monster, Sawyer.


Oh, how silly and funny. Their mind wasn't making any sense.

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Kowai Kurai's POV

"Who said I made up my mind?"

Ah. How very interesting. This girl was quite a lot like Hisoka, wasn't she? Cold. Arrogant. Passive-aggressive. And yet she had a slight mockery to her, which reminded Kowai of a character she literally couldn't possibly know in-universe due to her being from a game after Kowai was dead so fourth wall break go brrr.

Yeah, she wanted to set Paiyoon on fire for calling her all those insults, and an idiot. She hadn't made up her mind at all, she wanted to vote Paiyoon just to see how she'd react. See what she could deduce from whatever the girl would say and do in response.

An alliance? Sounded all too familiar.

How very interesting, her little monologue about how much she wanted to "win". Please, oh, please. Where was the fun in that?

Kowai didn't care why she was here, she didn't care who died, she didn't care who won. She just wanted things to be interesting. Considering she was brought back from the dead, she at least wanted whatever came after that to be... Entertaining.

All she cared about was being the best, did she?

A visual of a red-haired young man with olive skin and yellow eyes, in his spiffy clothes. A woman who too, was olive-skinned, although far shorter and not as thin, with piercing orange eyes, short blue hair and glasses which she persistently adjusted.

Yes, indeed. That sounded all too familiar.

Paiyoon seemed to know what she was doing.

"An alliance, hm? Now that's a fascinating idea! The curious thing is, though, are we on the same side?"

Oh, how she wanted to spit insults of deep loathing at Paiyoon. She wanted to watch her boil and squirm. Buuuut. You know, killing people would be a waste of time. Because what fun would it be if they weren't around to play with?

"So. Who do you want to vote then?" She raised an eyebrow.

Artemis (Fowl) didn't seem to want to be here. He seemed to be kinning Akari and desperately wishing he wasn't brought back to life. Just kidding, Kowai didn't think this, this was a Dorky observation.

Still, she couldn't resist the jab. "And you are playing it with all your braincells? I'm curious as to what gave you the idea of possessing a superior intellect," she replied, in an amused, joking voice.

She noticed Subin, and turned to look at her.

"Salutations! I'm Kowai Kurai, welcome to Hell, where you're going to spend the rest of your miserable existence! BUUUURNING!" she exclaimed, wriggling her fingers and then laughing maniacally. "Ehhh, I'm just kidding. Pretty sure this is Hell though. Anyway, we gotta find the murderer, or murderers, in this case, and vote for them to be executed. Sound familiar?"

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Kowai Kurai's POV

Kowai sighed. Oh, yes, so, so very rude, to be trying to keep people alive and to literally follow her advice about it being a shot in the dark. To be fair, she had voted Paiyoon, but it was best to vote somebody you had some impression of instead of no impression of.

"I'm sorry, Paiyoon," she said apologetically. "I'm just trying to keep as many people alive as possible. And you said people had to die no matter what, and that our vote would be a shot in the dark regardless, right? It's nothing personal, I assure you."

I just want to see what'll happen.

"But no matter how much you care for these friends of yours, as unfortunate as it is... Someone has to die, you said it yourself. And any of them could be Yōkai. You could be, I could be, even Tarik could just be lying! Like you said, we have no way of knowing for sure. Go ahead and vote me if you want to. It's a shot in the dark, riiight?"

She tilted her head so far to the left it looked like it would snap right off. She jumped about, back and forth, grinning and giggling.

"Let's be honest, people, the game has begun!~ May the most strategic amongst us win, and, it is unfortunate, but some of us, inevitably, will perish. Friends or not, there is no strict way to determine our sides than intuition. So, feel free to vote me if you think that'll be beneficial for your game. Or don't! It's your call!"

She clapped her hands together. "I'm curious to see how this turns out, heheh!"

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Posted: Sat, 20/05/2023 08:09 (15 Days ago)

Kowai Kurai's POV

Wow. Okay. Somebody was literally sleeping on the floor.

Did she care that little about what was going on? That was... Interesting to say the least. Maybe she had been summoned into the games so many times she didn't care what happened anymore. Maybe she was just the type of person who didn't care. Or maybe, just maybe, she was some kind of Third-Party.

Honestly, there were a lot more possibilities than that as well.


Aaand that girl was playing a guitar. This was kinda amusing, really, it seemed like everyone was doing everything BUT actually playing the game.

While others, still, were quiet.


Paiyoon had said that no matter what, their first vote would be a shot in the dark. So... Why not try it? It might make things interesting. It was a risk, either way.

She wrote down the name Paiyoon Ji.

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Posted: Sat, 20/05/2023 01:50 (16 Days ago)

Kowai Kurai's POV

Oh. I wasn't aware she was stupid.

"Of course that wasn't my plan! I was just thinking, what the heck is waiting around like this supposed to accomplish?"

Yeah, duh, of course people will die. Every sixty seconds, a minute passes.

But she forced herself not to show any anger upon her face or in her posture.

"I was just thinking, you know... We can't just idly chitchat with everybody without doing anything. We need to figure OUT everyone's "vibes" as you called them, and then vote them off!"


She decided to ignore Paiyoon's comment about people dying no matter what.

Yeah. I've lost count of how many people I killed. Do you think I don't know that?

Well... To be fair, she had said that if they didn't do something, people would die, so, frankly, Paiyoon wasn't to blame given what Kowai had said.

"I'm sorry. I should have explained better. I just don't see what idle banter will accomplish..."

She turned to look at Aria. "Hii!! I'm Kowai Kurai. And you are?"

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Posted: Sat, 20/05/2023 01:32 (16 Days ago)

Kowai Kurai's POV

Well. They didn't seem particularly talkative. She sighed.

"Paiyoon, what is the point of this exactly? Sorry if this sounds rude, but shouldn't we be figuring out who the Yōkai are? This is no time to be idly chatting with people about their lives."

Jeez. This was boring.

"People could die if we don't figure this out, we can't let that happen!"

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Posted: Sat, 20/05/2023 01:21 (16 Days ago)

Kowai Kurai's POV

Welcome back, huh?

Artemis had also been here before. How fascinating.

Yes, she thought she faintly remembered someone like him. That would make sense.



Huh. Why were they wasting time making idle chitchat? They needed to figure out who the Yōkai was! Jesus Christ.

Well, Kowai didn't believe in Christianity, but that was beside the point.

She was quite curious what drama was being referred to, but they needed to figure out a Yōkai and vote them. There was no time for some stupid pathetic good-for-nothing useless talk between friends!

"What drama?" she asked, swaying back and forth but making sure not to show her impatience.

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