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Posted: Sun, 13/11/2022 19:43 (13 Days ago)
Pheremosa? its weak to: fire, psychic, Dark and rock

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Posted: Mon, 24/10/2022 15:56 (1 Month ago)
Username: Gameboy20905
Type of tickets/amount: 19 normal gems
Total tickets:19
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: Good Luck!

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Posted: Mon, 24/10/2022 11:06 (1 Month ago)
Sending, b-day plush plz

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Posted: Mon, 03/10/2022 15:38 (1 Month ago)
Hello, let me get straight to the point. I need pd, any art you request and buy, will go to real poor PH players (me 😭). You know I scour the web for the perfect pictures. Side note, I use piskel to create my collages.

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25K - 50 X 50 Px
50K - 100 X 100 Px
75K - 150 X 150 Px

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Gameboy, I would like to request a collage off you
Size(select 1): 50 X 50/100 X 100/150 X 150
Anything else?:

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Posted: Mon, 03/10/2022 14:52 (1 Month ago)
Bump for the advertising!

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Posted: Mon, 26/09/2022 15:10 (2 Months ago)
Hi! I want a plushie!
Username: Gameboy20905
Plushie (You can also say Missing/Favourite...): Magikarp
Shiny?: No
DP Cost: 5
Password: Gusty
Other: Tip: 1000 pd

Edit: Because I'm making a tip of 1000 pd, I will also pay 1 for the dp cost.

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Posted: Mon, 26/09/2022 10:52 (2 Months ago)

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Posted: Mon, 26/09/2022 05:31 (2 Months ago)

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Posted: Sun, 25/09/2022 18:40 (2 Months ago)

- Purah, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, 2017-????

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Posted: Sun, 25/09/2022 17:28 (2 Months ago)
Banned for being smoggy for ppl

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Posted: Sat, 24/09/2022 16:52 (2 Months ago)
Blissey, chansey or audino


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Posted: Sat, 24/09/2022 11:41 (2 Months ago)

Waiter, just let me leave, I am not ordering... SOUP that's the only thing you sell!?!

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Posted: Sat, 24/09/2022 07:25 (2 Months ago)
Got it today! I kept trying to claim an egg with a full party, and that resets the ditto (that could be shiny)

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Posted: Sat, 24/09/2022 05:45 (2 Months ago)
Box#: Hoenn1
Pokemon: 1st grovyle in the box

Anything else?: Thank you, I want to shiny hunt treeko, and my starter was a female treeko (now Septile)
Have a nice day

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Posted: Wed, 14/09/2022 15:08 (2 Months ago)
The letters it sees are XXX

Waiter, the shundo ditto I got today in pkmn sword is in my soup.

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Posted: Sat, 10/09/2022 19:22 (2 Months ago)
Can I have a castform

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Posted: Tue, 06/09/2022 12:07 (2 Months ago)
I need help finding a shop where I can rent Kanto breeding pairs because I want the Mewtwo.
Share the link in this thread.

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Posted: Mon, 05/09/2022 17:50 (2 Months ago)
I want to know what the Drifloon girl is for.

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Posted: Mon, 05/09/2022 11:51 (2 Months ago)

Basically, a fancy word for electrical magnet

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Posted: Mon, 05/09/2022 11:29 (2 Months ago)
I will pay 7k for them

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