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Posted: Fri, 20/05/2022 03:11 (7 Hours ago)
Blister was looking around the Heartwood for Ruby. She was nowhere to be found.

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 23:59 (10 Hours ago)
"Hi," Aqua said to Eclipse. She had just been doing something the whole time she was gone.

Violet and Penguin continue evilly plotting.

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 23:13 (11 Hours ago)
The beast growled. It took Gemini and threw her down. Unless Gemini has a way to stop herself, she lands gently on the ground in a forest near the bush that Juniper and Topaz were hiding behind.

Topaz and Juniper are taking a stroll and chatting.

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 14:25 (20 Hours ago)
The beast growled. It grabbed Gemini in its other hand and held her above where there was just sky, reaching down for miles. "Try that again, and you'll kill yourself," he smirked.

Juniper came up with a strategy. "Stay here, or explore. Don't act as you know me if you find me," Juniper told Topaz. Topaz nodded and Juniper walked around.

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 14:24 (20 Hours ago)
Mystic looked around her. There were so many trees. Was she in the Realm of Nature? Then she noticed what she had become. Where were her arms? She looked at her reflection. She had wings, but they were on her head. How odd. She also had a horn. She spun around in the air, mostly happy with how she looked. Although she was missing arms, she looked like the perfect ruler for her citizens. Speaking of her citizens, where were they? Had they turned into what Mystic had become? She set aside those thoughts and focused on learning more about her new look.

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 14:21 (20 Hours ago)
@chopper_45, According to stonks, shiny bidoof is worth 150k-160k PD.
@felinefriend, a normal messenger fletchling is 8k-9k PD.
@jpninja, 7k-8k PD for that Aegislash

Also to everybody above, some things you are looking for don't exactly have set prices. Put them in auction house (don't set up an auction) and look at the recommended price for Instant Bids and that should help you out.

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 13:57 (20 Hours ago)
Aqua growled and slashed one of the SkyWings with her claws. She stood defensively in front of the other dragonets.

Pine shivered even more. What if they were taking them to the arena? That would end up terribly.

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 03:50 (1 Day ago)
Darkness nodded.

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 03:34 (1 Day ago)
Darkness nodded in agreement with Moonlight. "Don't worry. None of us knows where we're going," she said to Silver.

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 01:02 (1 Day ago)
"The plant does not willingly sacrifice itself. It never said that it wanted to because plants can't speak," the beast smirked.

"Oww... where are we?" Topaz asked. When she did not get a reply, she looked around. "Juni-" she started but Juniper grabbed her and hid behind a bush. "Shh," Juniper whispered, putting a finger to her mouth. Juniper and Topaz looked around the bush.

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 00:03 (1 Day ago)
Darkness followed Silver. She looked over at BlueJay, feeling concerned for her friend.

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Posted: Wed, 18/05/2022 23:13 (1 Day ago)
Pine crouched down very low so that the SkyWings hopefully wouldn't find her. She kept thinking of theories.

Aqua stared at the SkyWings with confusion. Were these dragons dumb? How had they never heard of a SilkWing?

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Posted: Wed, 18/05/2022 14:32 (1 Day ago)
There isn't really a way to 'join in forums'. If you mean RPs or Fanclubs, then fill out the form that the owner made to join.

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Posted: Wed, 18/05/2022 14:29 (1 Day ago)
It depends on the pokemon. Some require more EXP than others to level up

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Posted: Wed, 18/05/2022 13:49 (1 Day ago)
"How do we know we can trust you?" Aqua asked the SkyWings.

Pine continued to think of random and unsettling theories for where the guardians went.

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Posted: Tue, 17/05/2022 23:23 (2 Days ago)
Pine heard what the SkyWing said. She knew about how the SkyWing palace had an arena where dragons fought. Then, the idea hit her. "What if our guardians are in the SkyWing arena?" she whispered to Seal.

Aqua had not studied SkyWings and only knew what they looked like. Who knows, they could be powerful enough to kill the guardians.

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Posted: Tue, 17/05/2022 23:17 (2 Days ago)
"Now, which one of you will sacrifice yourself for your friends?" the beast rumbled.

The room erupted into white light. "Come one, let's leave," Juniper said. She held Topaz and jumped into the air. Then, they were falling. "Topaz!" Juniper yelled, propelling herself downward with her magic. She grabbed onto Topaz just as they crashed to the ground. (They are not where everybody else is)

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Posted: Tue, 17/05/2022 14:15 (2 Days ago)
The beast grabbed everyone in its hand. Past used magic to fly to the other hand where Current's body was. The beast seemed confused and turned its hand upside down. Past grabbed onto both the beast's finger and Current. Her hand started to slip. "B-Bye. Good luck b-beating the b-beast," she stammered as she fell off. Past and Current fell until you couldn't see them anymore.

Topaz looked at Juniper. "I'll come," she said and Juniper drew a circle in the air. "Look," she said. The circle showed this scene:
Juniper was walking home from school when she noticed a strange path leading somewhere. She followed it and found out that it led to a portal. Juniper jumped through the portal and found a place that looked like the place where everybody was stuck in. Juniper turned into a dragon and flew to the top of the building. Then, a large white beast appeared. "Do you want to live? Follow my orders," it growled. It mind-controlled Juniper. Past was in Juniper's room, waiting for her. Why had she not come yet? She went outside and found her footprints leading down a strange path. She followed them and found the same portal and went through it. She went to the top and challenged Current to a duel and Current accepted. Current won and trapped Past in a cell, but luckily, Past made keys and hid them with special enchantments.
When Topaz was done watching the scene she turned to Juniper and asked, "So you were just possessed?" "Yes," Juniper replied.

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Posted: Tue, 17/05/2022 13:51 (2 Days ago)
"Our guardians went missing, and we thought you had something to do with it," Aqua explained.

Pine was still behind the other dragonets. She thought the SkyWings were lying.

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Posted: Tue, 17/05/2022 04:17 (3 Days ago)
Pine hid behind the group, shivering like crazy.

Aqua stepped forward. "Who are you and what did you do to our guardians?" she boldly asked the Skywings.

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