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Posted: Mon, 20/06/2022 13:20 (13 Days ago)
Callista clambers out of her mini base— the one she had converted from the lab she was once held captive in. She slings the bag over her shoulders, venturing out to go get more food, along with other materials that would reinforce her base. Life in Lilycove City was not what it used to be, a once pleasant city now reduced to ashes. However, as Callista walked along one of her usual scavenging routes, she noticed something odd. The tall stone tower of Lilycove City lay in shambles. Strange. She could have sworn she had seen it intact yesterday. Oh well, it must have been the rampaging Pokemon again. Such fresh damage as well…as long as she wasn’t affected, Callista didn’t really bother. That was another building down. The 25th one she’s actually noticed disappeared recently. She found a berry or two, and went about collecting scrap materials from the rubble, sorting useless pieces from those that could actually be used. She collected fallen logs, another thing out of place from yesterday. They certainly weren’t destroyed before. The work of the rampant Pokemon again, she supposed. Callista visited the nearby stream, catching a Magikarp. This would work for her, she thought. With all materials collected, she headed back to her base, storing the things, before taking off her clothes, folding them neatly and placing them on the glassy sand. She dives into the water, swimming around as she relaxes. Nothing to eventful, just the usual destruction. She would relax while she still could, she thought.

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Posted: Fri, 17/06/2022 05:31 (16 Days ago)
you did NOT just shame Clue

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Posted: Mon, 13/06/2022 00:38 (20 Days ago)
[Name]: Callista Nyx Harper

[Species Classification]: Near-Human (Milotic)
[Abilities]: Marvel Scale | Cute Charm (hidden)
[Moveset]: Dragon Tail | Waterfall | Surf | Hyper Beam | Blizzard | Disarming Voice
[Current Stamina]: 300

[Appearance]: pink-and-blue hair like cotton candy tied in plaits, a muscular body, constantly wearing grey sleeveless sweats. her eyes are a sunshine yellow, and just like Milotic, she has relatively serpentine features, coming in at 5”6’. she has two antennas on top of her head, and her hair is ribbon like. Apart from that, she also possesses an actual tail, which she doesn’t really mind showing.

[Personality]: INTJ The Intellectual | 5w4 The Philosopher

She is confident, analytical, and ambitious in terms of behavior. Callista loves to pursue knowledge and tends to be very logically minded. She tends to listen to her strong intuition and loves to see how everything connects together. She is focused on the bigger picture and may overlook small details.
Intellectuals are very logical and rational. She bases her decisions on what makes sense and might have a harder time connecting emotionally. Callista is organized and prefer following a plan, loving to set and achieve goals (more tbc in rp)

[Gender]: Female (Optional depending on Pokémon species)

[Age]: 20

[Background]: Born to a pair of scientists, Callista was raised in a lab. She had a special tank made for her, thanks to her frequent dives deep into the water chamber she was in, despite hitting the bottom several times and injuring herself. Her tank is many meters deep, and wide enough. She has her own room when she goes on land as well. She loves collecting seashells, and like Milotic, she is like the beauty of the sea. However, she is also rather deceptive and manipulative, often using her beauty to bargain for little Knick knacks from the scientists, charming her way through the coldest of hearts. She possesses a lovely voice, hence she is given the nickname “Siren of the Sea” Once she turned 15, she hatched a plan to escape. She drowned the scientist holding her captive, filling the lab almost to its brim. Somewhat obsessed with beauty, she turned the lab into a safe haven, a beach with glass shards as the shimmering sand, and encouraged the growth of trees, weaving them into her room to form a sort of hideout. Callista adores anything pretty, going to great lengths to keep her things safe. Callista’s past is riddled with many blank spots amongst a tangled web of memories, presumably having been wiped by the scientist. She frequently wanders along the remaining hallways, trying to trigger her memories. Her moral compass is somewhat broken, having lost the ability to empathise with others, but she is also lonely, and will be fiercely loyal should she make a friend. Callista faintly remembers having a friend, a Primarina Hybrid. She remembers times where they swam and played together, frolicking in the water and conversing in Pokemon. However, she can’t remember the death of the hybrid, assuming the hybrid suddenly disappeared. She wears a necklace around her neck, with two small charms. One is that of a Milotic, and the other a Primarina. Callista never takes the necklace of, keeping it as a memory of the only friend she ever had. Callista remembers the hazy pain, suddenly being able to speak Pokemon, hearing the cries of the Milotic and the urge to comfort the said creature. She remembers waking up, the Milotic gone, and she somehow feeling like she became part Milotic.

[Extra Details]: Speaks mostly fluent English and Pokémon


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Posted: Sun, 12/06/2022 12:04 (21 Days ago)
Character Name - Andrea Lethonia Kingsley
Age (18+) - 20
Gender - Female
Appearance - black, long hair in many tiny braids, and eyes glittering like the turquoise shards of sea glass, with skin so smooth and unblemished it doesn’t look real. Soft freckles dot her cheeks, and well kept nails can be seen, as well as a slender figure, standing at only 4”8’ But be careful, her appearance doesn’t necessarily mean she’s all sugar and rainbows (faceclaim: shuri from black panther)
Personality - INTJ The Intellectual | 5w4 The Philosopher
She is confident, analytical, and ambitious in their behavior. Andrea loves to pursue knowledge and tend to be very logically minded. She tends to listen to her strong intuition and loves to see how everything connects together. She is focused on the bigger picture and may overlook small details.
Intellectuals are very logical and rational. She bases her decisions on what makes sense and might have a harder time connecting emotionally. But above all, she is manipulative. She toys with people’s emotions, their deepest desires, bending them to her will, and her goals. She probably holds more secrets then she should.
Password - monopoly when I win
Other - she honestly couldn’t care less about dying.

Character Name - Lifei Vespera Endal
Age (18+) - 20
Gender - Female
Appearance - black hair with a gradual purple gradient at the tops. Looks like shinobu from demon slayer
Personality - motherly, kind and caring. Definitely the mom friend in the group. there’s not really anything else other than mama bear, really.
Password - which is like 95% of the time hehe
Other -

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Posted: Fri, 27/05/2022 14:08 (1 Month ago)
“You’re late, little greensoul.” Andrea murmured warmly, yet sternly, like a mother admonishing her child. “Sorry. I thought you said one fifty?” The child replies as she swings her legs over to sit on the hay bale beside Andrea, blue butterfly necklace swinging around her neck. She was leaning against a fence, arms folded, long wavy hair tickling her thighs. She draws a pocket watch dangling from a gold chain and shows it to the young greensoul. “You misunderstood, little one. One fifteen, not one fifty. But it’s good that you can early despite thinking it was one fifty. I’ll forgive you this time. Alright then, let’s begin.” The two settle on the lily fields, as Andrea guides the greensoul through several calming exercises, making sure they moved enough to prevent sinking. The young greensoul lets out a tired yawn. “Losing focus, my dear. Do stay awake a while longer.” They progress through slow, steady movements, until Andrea deems that they have finished. She leads the young greensoul to a bed in the midst of the lily fields, allowing her to rest. “You did so well, so so well. Remember when they said you couldn’t do it? Well, we proved them wrong today didn’t we? See, as long as you do things my way, as long as I say it’s possible, you’ll be able to do it, won’t you? Either way, you did a really good job today. Sleep well, little one. May you eventually lose the need for it. Habits can be hard to break.” She croons comfortingly, before giving off a pleasant smile and walking away from them. Andrea fiddles with her newfound item in her pocket. Like a crow, she had snatched the little green soul’s trinket, the butterfly, whilst they were practicing. She loops a finger around the chain. For now, they would pretend she has lost it.

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Posted: Thu, 26/05/2022 02:07 (1 Month ago)
Name: Andrea Lethonia Kingsley(full name please!)
Age: 15(under 16)
Cause of Death: It appears to be a murder….but something tells me it’s suicide
Appearance: brownish-black wavy hair reaching slightly below her waist, streaked with purple and white. Heterochromatic red and green eyes, shaped like a cat.

INTJ The Intellectual | 5w4 The Philosopher

She is confident, analytical, and ambitious in their behavior. Andrea loves to pursue knowledge and tend to be very logically minded. She tends to listen to her strong intuition and loves to see how everything connects together. She is focused on the bigger picture and may overlook small details.
Intellectuals are very logical and rational. She bases her decisions on what makes sense and might have a harder time connecting emotionally.
Andrea is organized and prefer following a plan, loving to set and achieve goals. But above all, she is manipulative. She toys with people’s emotions, their deepest desires, bending them to her will, and her goals. She probably holds more secrets then she should

Role: Afterlight(greensoul or experienced/afterlight)
Password: Biology
Other: none yet (any questions?)
Palpad: yes (y/n)

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 05:58 (1 Month ago)
Andrea coos softly to Gordon “Quite smart for a boy like you, aren’t you?” Uncoiling Juliana from her neck, she proceeds to partially empty her satchel, before swiftly stomping on the glass vials, slipping past Gordon and bolting for the door. Her once sweet, innocent face was now far more sinister and cruel, lips curving into a smirk. A thick black smoke appeared, smelling sweet and intoxicating. It was in fact, perfectly harmless, and was only a means for distraction. She leaves behind a singular vial outside Gordon’s door, with hearts and smileys drawn on it. Hopefully Gordon tried to shoot at her through the smoke, she would love to see their organs splattered all over the place like Gordon promised to do to her. She grins manically, rolls her eyes, shaking her stupid wig off and leaping off from the rooftops, smiling as she dances gracefully through the narrow alleyways and buildings, landing neatly next to Azrael, and handing over a scroll of yellowing paper. On it, with loopy letters was a sort of invitation, which read. “Come play a game with me, I have the key to end your misery. The vaccine is what you need? The cure? Well, I have it, but you won’t get it easily.” With that, she leaps off again, moving skilfully through the streets. Her laugh resonates through the alleyway, as she admires her handiwork. Bloody streaks on a pure white canvas, a beautiful artwork deserving of a place in the museum. She should sell it. The very thought made her bend over laughing even harder. She proudly placed the head on top of the dustbin, tearing up the once white clothing and hanging them around whatever was left of the liquified body like decorations. She could use the bones later. The organs too. They would be pretty perfect for storage of items

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Posted: Wed, 18/05/2022 13:56 (1 Month ago)
Andrea shakes her head firmly in confirmation. I’m almost always in the library. I never leave, and my…other parent was quite fond of calling me ignorant and stupid, as it takes something close to a nuclear explosion for me to realise that something was wrong. I don’t read the news or anything. But that sounds scary. The Purge? Where crimes are legal? Why would someone do something like that” She shakes her head, grabbing her book bag tighter, accidentally letting out the soft clinking of vials and metal bits. “If-If you don’t want be here, y-you can just say so. I know you’re probably trying to be nice. I’ll leave if you want me too..” she offers, though sounding very forlorn about leaving, perhaps a tad sarcastic if you listened properly.

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Posted: Wed, 18/05/2022 12:53 (1 Month ago)
“T-the Purge, miss? O-oh thank you, sir, Gordon.” She flushes again, pushing her spectacles so it duh into flesh. She bowed apologetically “I- I finished my studies at the l-local library.” She mumbles quietly “I’m sorry, I’m so clumsy and careless I never realised this wasn’t my house. I know it’s dangerous..my mama told me so..but I was a bit blur, you see. I’ve never been good with directions” She replies. “Mama used to help me…before she went to the special flower fields in the sky.” She added quietly, as she wiped a false tear from her cheek. “By the way…what’s the Purge?” She asks curiously

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Posted: Tue, 17/05/2022 11:23 (1 Month ago)
Andrea’s smile was nothing short of taunting, paired with a cheery wave. In her hand, she held a vial— the very vial that was the key to Azrael’s freedom. Whoever that was had promised to give him freedom if he helped them get the cure? Well, this was one of them. She slips past Azrael, whispering in a husky voice. “You want your freedom? Well, I'm sick of playing nice. Let’s play another game of catch instead.” She giggles, before whipping her hood on and disappearing from the hospital. She ducks into an alleyway, swiftly putting on a wig that concealed her black and white hair. She put on brown contacts and dots freckles on her cheeks, putting on square black glasses and stripping her original clothes in replacement of a simple black summer dress. She picks up a book bag and heads out, assuming a demeanour of a frantic college girl, fumbling with her books, apparently looking for her house. She accidentally-on-purpose enters Gordon’s house, seemingly absorbed in her book. When she bumps into Cassandra, however, she fumbles, promptly dropping everything in her hand. “S..S..Sorry Miss.” She stammers out, furiously apologising as her face turns a vivid red. She scrambles to pick up her books, then straightens up, staring at the house in false realisation that this was in fact, not her house. She nervously pushes her square framed glasses, pressing them to perch firmly on her nose, a loose strand of hair visible as she stares apologetically at the trio, seemingly embarrassed at interrupting. “I—I’m not very good with d-d-ddirections. Could you p-p-perhaps tell me where this p-p-lace is?” Her face flushes again, stammering badly as she looks at Cassandra. She has a location pinned on the map in her hands, a simple sketch of the town, a house not too far off from Gordon’s place.

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 13:29 (1 Month ago)
Andrea went off into peals of laughter, sweet, tinkling yet insane laughs. Juliana hisses, but calms down when Andrea strokes her. When her voice speaks, it’s not one but two. “Bad move, teacup” She shakes her head again, and shifts her voice a few octaves deeper. “Get. Up. Now.” She told Azrael, standing beside him. Her voice sounded uncannily like the one Azrael had heard in his earpiece all along. Turning to the laptop, her hair covers most of her face, and she flashes pearly white teeth at the screen, smiling at the silhouette.

[a while back]

“Great, so now I’m tasked with babysitting? What’s his name again….Azrael? And how much will I receive in payment?…Mmm alright then, fine. I’ll babysit him. That doesn’t mean I’ll get along with him though. Yes, right, no driving him over the point of insanity. Since he has a temper, I want a raise. Add a 100 grand more and I’ll accept.” Andrea hangs up the phone, sighing as she returns to her nail polish, a hand half done, with only three nails painted. They just had to interrupt her spa treatment. Humph.


She digs around in her satchel, drawing out a long syringe, swirling it round. She hands it to Azrael. “This will help. Are you gonna be a baby? Return to your senses, for goodness sake.” She stares at his robotic movements, before rolling her eyes and scoffing. “Too sloppy. Maybe that hospital boy might be more useful than you.”

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 22:34 (1 Month ago)
“Like I told ya. He’s looking for someone to kill. I’m jusssssst tagging along. In case no one has noticed, we’re kinda in the middle of the Purge. So it’s good to have alliances. After that we can screw everything and go back to the good ol' rules. Sunshine, sparkle and rainbows, no nonsense rules. And then crimes become crimes again. I’d say that again, but it would be a pain. Also, are you another madman who stabs, shoots and kills your opponents? Very inelegant, but I suppose it’s effective. My specialty lies in a…far more elegant area, I’d say. And this alliance is just to keep us alive during the Purge.” She taps the wall, inclining her head towards the outside. “The melodious sounds of bloodshed.” Andrea was busy contemplating. If she had to choose one partner to stick with, though, would it be Aoi, or Azrael? Who would she get along better with? Obviously she didn’t know the pair well….but who would she get along better with? She thought for a while more, then came to a decision.

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Posted: Sun, 08/05/2022 00:55 (1 Month ago)
“Nice of you to become my bodyguard.” Andrea commented, as she gaily skipped after him. “And thank goodness you didn’t dirty my outfit, it’s extremely expensive, hand tailored to yours truly.” Andrea was playing with a syringe yet again. This time though, the syringe was filled with some thick black sludge. She held it up to whatever little light was present, grinning to herself as she spotted little flecks of gold within the black sludge. She stays back a little as Azrael goes down the basement, instead choosing to stop and inject one of the dead men lying on the ground. She then picks up their gun, and pockets it, before turning to stare with fascination at the now quickly mutilating body. She picks up her pace to follow Azrael, and cheers softly to herself when she hears the explosion, and the no-doubt satisfying splattering of that mans organs all over the place. Messy, yes. But fun. She takes out a new vial this time, shaking it, before opening her mouth again. She sure loved to annoy him. “You’re not the one in control are you? Definitely not the one pulling the strings…you’re just another puppet of their, aren’t you? Come on then, now’s your chance. The Purge has started, get your senses together, pull your emotions together, and get some common sense for God’s sake. Stop being so easily manipulated by them. Listen to the voice in your head and break free from the restraints. Get back your freedom, stop being like a wimp. Otherwise you’ll continue submitting to their wishes like some pathetic puppet. Coward. Yes, they’ve done terrible things to you, yes, they may have found your weakest spots and stabbed them over and over again. But if you continue following their wishes, it’s going to end up in a vicious cycle of self destruction, isn’t it? Prove to me you’re worthy of my alliance. Your first challenge? Do you really want to kill that man they ordered you to kill? What has he done? And if you choose to kill him, why? Because they said so? Or because of your own decision making?”

As if to demonstrate, she pulls out a second vial of translucent crystals. She puts them into the first vial of cloudy liquid, and it slowly turns purple. “That cloudy stuff represent you, and the crystals the influence of others. You’re being influenced so easily it's slowly corrupting you. And it’s laughable. However….” She takes out a lighter, heating the vial. The cloudy liquid disappears, leaving only the translucent crystals. “You can break free, start anew…but you’ll have to be the one willing to change, and actually make that change. It’s definitely going to be painful, far from a smooth ride…but are you willing to try?” With that, she smirks, tossing her hair as she continues her descent down the spiralling stairs.

It’s only then they meet Aoi. “I’m offering him an alliance. Wanna join? And he wants to kill someone, too, come to think of it. Do you want to join my alliance? Hmm?” She seems unbothered by the weapons pointed at her, instead choosing to use her time to look between the two. Aoi, and Azrael, both of which she found fascinating.

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Posted: Wed, 04/05/2022 12:54 (1 Month ago)
“Thanks. And him? Haven’t seen him, but give me a laptop or something of that sort and I’m sure I’ll be able to hack the surveillance cameras and see where he was last seen. Also, biochemistry is pretty cool. Whatever happened to you? The work of biochemistry. Whatever may continue to happen to you? It can also be biochemistry. Take piranha solution for example. It burns through bone, and it is reasonably easy to get. It would be handy. And arsenic, epinephrine and more….you know? I would tell you what they do, if you made and alliance with me. And I’d let you pet Juliana too.” She tells Azrael, following him down the basement steps daintily as she admires his work. “Don’t kick the door down so hard, you have enhanced strength.”

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Posted: Tue, 03/05/2022 22:30 (2 Months ago)
“I’m not that easy to kill, teacup. And you should take the old man’s advice. You may be skilled in elegantly bashing other people’s heads off and acting like a complete maniac of a gentleman, but when it comes to other kinds of wars? Biochemistry is my specialty, and I’m not too shabby at technology either.” She calls out after him, swiftly reappearing a few steps in front of him. “Alliances will be helpful, especially during this Purge. And by the way, please clean up after yourself, it doesn’t look very nice to leave blood and body parts all over the place. Not very…hospitable” Andrea laughs at her own joke, her eyes twinkling as she fiddled with the syringe in her hand.

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Posted: Tue, 03/05/2022 08:51 (2 Months ago)
Andrea finally realises she’s never gonna be able to sleep properly. Not before the Purge, that is. She sighs, packing a small satchel, putting the stuff she needed inside, then coiling Juliana around her neck, and throwing on a hoodie and some sweatpants over her combat gear. She steps out, winces and the bright sunlight and heads off to the hospital to nick some supplies. She was sure the hospital had epinephrine, and vast supplies of it. Of course, she could just buy some, but that wouldn’t be much fun would it? She sneaks in, somehow missing the commotion entirely, grabs what she needs and saunters back out the storeroom, only to witness this random freaky guy looking for someone. Leaning against the countertop, she asks Azrael. “Who are you lookin for, sugar? Not a very nice day to be calling people names, isn’t it? Purge coming soon and all.” She rummages in the satchel, taking out two lollipops, and throwing one over to Azrael. “Catch” She states, unwrapping her own lollipop daintily.

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Posted: Tue, 03/05/2022 00:50 (2 Months ago)
Lilith sat waiting, bobbing her head and legs along to a familiar tune. Her eyes swept around the room, Natalia taking pride of place on the bed. Apparently people did this thing called training, whatever that word actually meant. Lilith didn’t train, she just did what she did. Although…this training thing did sound like it’d be helpful. She heard other people could improve if they trained, so maybe she could too? With that goal in mind, she set off, looking for something to do, or someone that could help her

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Posted: Sun, 01/05/2022 12:55 (2 Months ago)

“You fried gizzard feet! You stained my dress!! The custom tailored white lace one I got from France!!! Do you even know how much it costs???” Andrea flings her silk slipper at her flustered maid. “Sorry, miss.” She replies, trembling as she fumbles into a curtsy. The frightened maid had been dealing with her mistress’s fiery temper ever since one of the other maids spilt a drop of coffee on the carpet floor— an insignificant mistake that with no doubt pushed Andrea’s mood over the edge. She scoffs, flicking a speck of dirt off her shoulder, dismissing the maid with a haughty wave. “Tsk. Can you believe it, Juliana? Stupid fools” She asks, cooing softly at the pure white albino snake around her neck. Silver and gold bracelets wrapped around pale wrists, and pretty necklaces adorned her neck. She had an abundance of gold rings on her fingers, way too dazzling and way too elegant for someone just staying at home. But then again, Andrea always did things extravagantly. Despite all the bling, she didn’t look overdressed or out of place, her home as elegant as her figure. She was wearing a poofy black dress, so wide she could hid several dead bodies under it. Underneath the curtain that was her dress, a neat row of knives, guns and more lay. However, the thing that took pride of place and bunned up her long locks of jet black hair with white streaks was a ornate Damascus knife inlaid with gold, with a blood red ruby embedded in its handle of white marble.

[a little while later]

Soft white silk gloves slid gently across the table’s surface. Andrea put it up to her eyes, staring at it quietly, frowning when she spotted dust on her silk glove. “Anne!! Didn’t I tell you to get someone to clean this up? There’s dust! It’s not cleaner properly” She shrieks hysterically. Another small maid wobbles over, balancing a huge pile of laundry, and apologises hurriedly, scurrying off to go get someone to clean up the speck of dirt. Andrea was partially a germaphobe, she didn’t like it when there was even the slightest mess. She whistles, summoning the head maid over, and dismissing them all to go take a break after that mess was dealt with. The head maid nods gratefully, and Andrea sighs once the maids have all returned to their quarters. She rips off her jewellery and her gloves with scorn, letting her hair loose and slipping out of her dress to reveal decently normal clothing underneath. If you considered combat wear normal clothing, that is. She rearranged all her knives, before picking up her accessories and clothing and whatnot, going to her room and dumping it all there. Andrea walks in front of her floor to ceiling mirror, swiping her blood on the small scanner hidden in the mirror, as gears softly whir to life, revealing a pristine white laboratory, with all sorts of bubbling chemical brews poofing out colorful smoke. She selects a test tube with white solution inside, and minimal effervescence. Swirling it around, she nods approvingly, before pouring it into a bowl. She then takes out a mortar and pestle, and a clump of red looking rocks. Arsenic, and red metal cinnabar. She sprinkles a few dried leaves and a bunch more powders, checking it against some sort of journal. She pours it into a flask when ready, and pockets it. Next, she takes a needle, drawing out some of her own blood, and then gently uncoiling Juliana from her shoulder. “Spit” she tells the snake, and venom trickles into the test tube. She empties the blood into a separate vial, then some of the venom. She watches the blood, then dropping a few jasmine leaves in it, a special orangey-purple flower, leaf pulp, Good. The venom was no longer effective. She smiles, having gotten her desired results. She could the albino back around her neck, labelling the test tube. Whilst crooning softly, she picks up a pétri-dish, well labelled and pours agar solution into dish, setting it to solidify. Meanwhile, she takes a small container, using a micropipette to extract bacteria from it, then applying it to the agar. She spreads it, then sprays a bright pink solution onto it, before putting it into the incubator. If she was right, the growth should increase rapidly. Perfect for starting a biochemical war. Her lips curve upwards, tugging the corners of her mouth into a smile. The Purge was soon. This was going to be fun. She steps away from experimenting for now, hanging her coat and lab goggles, before stepping into another section of the lab, scanning her thumbprint, retina and her DNA, as a small slit in the door turned into a handle, swinging open to reveal disguises of all sorts, credit cards, fake documents and a singular, simple handgun with ammo. She tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear, then looks out the window. The idea of using guns disgusted hr, yet she was pretty sure they were all going to be blowing each other up anyways. Hip hip hooray. Maniacs, blowing everything up. But then again, she did have a wide collection of knives….soooo she couldn’t judge them either. She cleans up, locks everything, and with one last look, she locks the lab and steps out of the mirror.

She flops into the bed, and screams into the pillow, muffled, strangled shouts for some random reason. “Ughhhhh…oh sorry Juls, did I squish you?” She puts the snake on her stomach, lying spread-eagle, face up, staring at the ceiling. “Too much light….dammit I still have a biology paper to finish.” She snaps her fingers, hologram flickering to a starry sky. She groans, getting up, changing, before flopping back onto her bed, covering her eyes with a Hello Kitty blindfold, and taking a catnap. She would deal with more problems sometime…just not now. “Good evening, madam. How may I assist you?” A voice cuts through the peaceful silence, and Andrea groans again, throwing a pillow at the talking gadget. “Shut up, I’m trying to get some sleep here.” She mutters. “That’s not very nice” The digital voice speaks again. She flips it off, pulling her pillow to cover her ears. “I dont care.” She grumbled. “You seem down. How can I help?” The A.I repeats. Frustrated, Andrea moves her hand around blearily, smacking the device off the table and onto the floor. “That wasn’t very nice either.” The A.I says, from its spot on the floor. Andrea groans, getting up, and disconnecting the stupid Bluetooth…thing. She flings it out of her window, whines at the light outside, and flops back onto her bed. Juliana, sensing her frustration, hisses comfortingly, slithering around her hand. Andrea screws her eyes shut, puts the blindfold back on and takes deep breaths, slowly calming down. Barely 10 minutes have passed, and her phone rings, causing her to sit up in shock. “SHUT UP” She roars, staring at the phone. Great. A call from one of those pathetic, arrogant side companies. “Here missus, I’ve done up the draft for ya. Do take a look and tell me how great it is.” The man-child on the other end of the phone chirrups. “You’re fired, Daniel’s taking over. Goodbye.” And with that, she ends the phone call. What with the purge, her companies, and her own studies all converging into one, she sighs, throwing her phone across the room and going back to sleep.

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Posted: Sun, 01/05/2022 03:16 (2 Months ago)

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Posted: Sun, 01/05/2022 00:11 (2 Months ago)
“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, but wisdom is knowing not to put it in a godforsaken fruit salad you turd.”

Character Name - Andrea (who else?) Last name unknown
Age - 20
Appearance - extremely fussy over her appearance, stain her dress? she’ll be screaming at you like a psychopathic maniac. hétérochromatic eyes, black hair with white streaks. for ref
Personality - Prissy, pretty, elegant and bossy. Typical spoilt brat behaviour, wears an abundance of jewellery at times, and it’s very excessive. underneath all that though, is a personality crafted and hidden to perfection. A stony heart, lack of empathy, love for bargaining and manipulation, and more. She is highly observant, and hates being stealthy. She is rather childish, if you remember Lilith? She loves dolls, just like Lilith, pretty pink aesthetics and candy— especially strawberry flavoured lollipops. She has a doll whom she treasures more than anything else, it looks something like this. Rumour has it, that if you grab the doll and listen real close, it’ll whisper your secrets and your darkest fears.
Backstory (optional) - Some girls are rational but Andrea was not. There's seven reasons this crown's not good as got— And so the night of Prom, mercy! Thus went her plot: see the ballad of Sara berry for backstory A fond memory should stay that way. Just a memory, nothing more. Whatever was in the memory should cease to exist, otherwise it’s not a memory anymore.

Password - Pet Cemetery for sure
Group Chat? - yes
Other - this is still open right?


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