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Krenia's Gifts

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Absbor It's the 9th of July and SilverLugia456's Birthday!
For that occasion we're sending her PokéSona around.
14 Days ago
Icefox 15 Days ago
LuckyLady Thank you for being a part of PEG. <3 21 Days ago
Icefox Don't know if you are coming back online an time soon but oh well, I'll send you this anyway. Maybe summon you back into existence? ^^ 22 Days ago
Absbor ❤️ 26 Days ago
C0FFee Today I went to the zoo with Cinderace . We saw a chocoluv and a carbink, but nothing could top when the Charizard escaped! We hid in the … until we heard …. 1 Month ago
Icefox Limited plush Incoming ^^ 1 Month ago
BoomBoy [peg]
:D this is captain batty! she flies around at night, protecting the citizens of <your hometown> from the evil clutches of various dustox and mothim! or maybe she just likes eating bug Pokémon.... either way, you can sleep soundly knowing that you won't get gobbled up by a beedrill :)
1 Month ago
Alternity 1 Month ago
Icefox 1 Month ago
~Ahri~ PEG. Have a wonderful day~ ❤ 2 Months ago
pokemonfan85 Thank you for interacting with my pokemon :-) 2 Months ago
Leafeon1022 I would study hard for my math test. I could have gotten a full score...I was so close....
2 Months ago
Icefox 2 Months ago
Elzah 2 Months ago
Elzah 2 Months ago
Elzah 2 Months ago
BoomBoy [peg][compensation]
:D this is Harriet :) she is a keen gardener and loves to make everything as brightly coloured as possible :D
2 Months ago
Gojirath 2 Months ago
Icefox Special plush incoming!!!!!! 2 Months ago
SassyLadybug Plushie exchange group. 2 Months ago
Furret Random plushie - have a good day & stay safe. ♪(´▽`) 3 Months ago
6fr67df 3 Months ago
Alchemy Note to self: DO NOT USE SELF-DESTRUCT INSIDE BUILDING. 3 Months ago
Icefox 3 Months ago
LuckyLady On behalf of PEG.

Hope you have a great day!
3 Months ago
Icefox Congrats on the shiny!
On a completely separate note, when is your birthday?
3 Months ago
todorokii have a wonderful day <3 3 Months ago
Icefox Happy Easter! 3 Months ago
Icefox Limited plushie Incoming!! ^^ 3 Months ago
Icefox Seriously, I can't thank you enough ^^ 3 Months ago
Icefox Thank you so much!!! ^^ 3 Months ago
Krenia Event Distribution 3 Months ago
Once Uhmm.. Long stick with metal blade.
Yeah, that's pretty much the name in five words.
You're only missing two Plushies now :D
3 Months ago
Icefox 3 Months ago
AwildCanadian 3 Months ago
Icefox 4 Months ago
Icefox 4 Months ago
Icefox Its new ploosh time ^^ 4 Months ago
Icefox 4 Months ago
Absbor Limited plush 💖 4 Months ago
Leafeon1022 Plushie Exchange 4 Months ago
Krenia Event Distribution 4 Months ago
Gojirath 4 Months ago
HBSxGHOST *RANDOM* 4 Months ago
~Imagine~ The T-shirt says love 4 Months ago
Straight-Shooter-03 4 Months ago
ThatNinetalesTrainer Dedicated to Ephenia's wonderful have a great day plushies
Have a great day :)
4 Months ago
Ephenia Have a wonderful day! 💝🏳‍🌈 4 Months ago
CheeseWolf MISSING!
Cute little humanoid bunny plushie! Dark brown with light brown parts, brown eyes. Last seen at CheeseWolf's Dream World Shop. Please return to the owner when seen. (Plushie exchange group)
4 Months ago
Icefox 4 Months ago
Icefox 4 Months ago
Chariblast 4 Months ago
C0FFee *You buy a Fortune cookie, and slowly proceed to open it, excited to see what is your fortune*

You must try, or hate yourself for not trying.

"Hmm thats good. Time to eat the cookie"
*You gobble it up hungrily*

4 Months ago
MeowMaid 4 Months ago
Icefox 4 Months ago
~Yvelette~ Name: Mega Loppumax
Description: Secretly an Eternatus, don’t mess with him.
#PlushieExchangeGroup :3
5 Months ago
Absbor "We're no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I"
*gets out katana*
5 Months ago
JETHALAL_GADA This is random** 5 Months ago
Icefox 5 Months ago