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Trainerlevel: 30

Trainerpoints: 135/2,729

Game Records

Trainer ID: #112130695
Registration: 19/01/2014 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1109:11 Hours
Total interactions: 104,123
Trainer Battle Stats: 47 won, 44 lost.
Money: 255,428
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


//Friend looks at sketchbook and sees OC
Friends:Is this a Ben 10 alien
Me: why do this ;--;
//Friend2 sees pentagram on character
Friend 2: Is he a Satanist?
//Christian friend Chris sees pentagram
Chris:I thought you were Christian, remove that pentagram //tried to rub the pentagram off
Me :NUuuuuu

Today, 15:210 comments
Do you know the feeling of having a catchy song and you try not sing it out loud

Today, 13:240 comments
Still awake boy 1:18 am

Yesterday, 23:182 comments
My alarm is a sunshine lollipops and rainbows everything earrape
Best way to wake up

Yesterday, 22:220 comments
Teacher notes down line 420
Me://is dying inside

Yesterday, 21:400 comments
Still bored tho
Someone talk to me
I am bored
And always afraid to message people
I always am afraid of annoying someone so I never send message to anyone to chat unless its sterg or I am extra bored
Pls send me a messege cuz I cant without getting nervous

Yesterday, 21:291 comment
I shouldn't be awake rn

Yesterday, 21:277 comments
OMG chapter 90 of bnha is basically fanservice for katsuki x kirishima and i like
i am legit screeching in my seat
so good

Yesterday, 14:102 comments
My raylong legit brought back 2 alolan geodudes
I don't even like alolan geodudes

2 Days ago1 comment
Anyone remember Cypher2101
His last feed was something like we will regret banning him and that we would miss him
Yet I heard nothing from anyone about him since.Does anyone miss him?
I found him annoying

2 Days ago5 comments
It is done
My hair is cut

2 Days ago1 comment
Ma boi greninja got me this Legend
Suprisingly i like it

3 Days ago0 comments
So I wrote like a little thing on wattpad
Would anyone care to read it?
I could use critique

3 Days ago2 comments
I don't like the #leastfavoriterelative hashtag
It's message is relative and it's filled with people being egotistical no realising their families are trying their best for them and edgelord saying I hate all my family equal

Like shut up
Your family is trying
Do you have a phone to type this hashtag or a pc
That means your family cared enough to to buy you this and you are insulting them for it.

Stop being egotistical and learn to respect what they give you

Edit:sorry for repost,damn my British spelling I spelled favourite with ou

3 Days ago4 comments
Just watched justice league on 3D
Good movie
Didnt like what they did with superman
Wont spoil tho

3 Days ago0 comments
Currently at the mall enjoying mexixan burgers lol

4 Days ago0 comments
Recruits: Geodude (Alolan)

yes keep giving me trash riako
i just want a palm tree damn it

4 Days ago3 comments
My raylong won't come back until Tuesday

4 Days ago0 comments



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(Grimer (Alolan))
Graveler (Alolan)403,612/4,790
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