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Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 1,560/4,143

Game Records

Trainer ID: #329966650
Registration: 12/09/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 898:42 Hours
Total interactions: 481,038
Trainer Battle Stats: 47 won, 39 lost.
Money: 315,180
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Why does nobody ever talk about how toxic Professor Rowan is in this game?

3 Days ago4 comments

Hey guys it's LOLZGAMER113 I'm doing a giveaway because on the 15th it is my birthday so I wanna give back to ya'll

The rules:

1.Share this post
2.Use the hashtag and a random number between 1-50
3.The number will be generated by randomizer

The prizes:

1.100 Nuggets
2.150,000 PokeCoins
3.A mega able Ampharos

This will end on the 15th of Feb

I pick 12!

9 Days ago0 comments
Are dragon gems decreasing in value, or are people on this site just getting... scammier? Like no, I will absolutely NOT give you 4 dragon gems for 10 flying gems.

12 Days ago2 comments
How do I evolve Sligoo? The darn thing is on level 116...

1 Month ago2 comments
Where did you find your hoopa rings?

1 Month ago1 comment

-Mega Evolutions were just a ploy by the Pokemon company to sell more action figures
-Tentacool is MUCH worse than Zubat
-The battle tree is SO annoying
-Lucky Star is cute, but the show itself is a bit boring. (and yes I have the right to judge. I got up to episode 19.)
-Paprika was also a bit boring, and the representation of plus-sized people was poor because he spent half the movie in a robot body...
-Flowers are a waste of money
-I'm going to be very blunt about this, but people who say "cartoons>anime" and "idk anime is just boring" need to shut up. Like ACTUALLY SHUT UP. It doesn't even have to do with anime, you just look like a total moron when you make generalizations.

1 Month ago2 comments
Getting a lotta Voltorbs from the lab...

2 Months ago0 comments
I really wanna adopt one of the pigeons from my workplace. <3

2 Months ago0 comments
All these people be fussin about the 1os shiny Cosmog meanwhile I just wanna sell all my shinies. : /

2 Months ago0 comments
My awesome boyfriend. <3

2 Months ago0 comments
Is it just me, or are nebula stones... oddly common?

2 Months ago2 comments
What's the stupidest/most ridiculous thing you've ever seen someone ask for in the Pokeheroes GTS?

3 Months ago1 comment
tfw you just wanna get 2 dragon gems cheap from the auction house but your computer lags and won't let you bid

3 Months ago0 comments
Ugh... so somewhere in my boxes I have 2 more Noibats but I can't find them. Can someone help me please?

3 Months ago2 comments
I got scammed...

3 Months ago5 comments
September 25th, anybody?

4 Months ago0 comments
I legit just got 3 shiny Gyarados from the shiny wondertrade... Gyarados should be banned by now.

4 Months ago0 comments
FINALLY finished the first part of the Giratina quest! My reflexes are so slow...

4 Months ago0 comments

An Electrike from a trade. :3

6 Months ago0 comments



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