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Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 2,371/3,299

Game Records

Trainer ID: #850805877
Registration: 08/04/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1024:31 Hours
Total interactions: 254,850
Trainer Battle Stats: 7 won, 3 lost.
Money: 2,600,252
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr





Today, 01:3112 comments
magikarp jump is such a wholesome, pure game

Today, 01:213 comments
I add someone to my friendlist after ages and leave for an hour or two and come back to a kjghpillion new feeds

oh ok

8 Days ago7 comments
my dad is telling his online friends about our new dog but he said "I have a new son" and did not mention anything about dogs so now people are congratulating him on having a child at fifty years old

21 Days ago6 comments
it appears that the only possible hair colours are brown and blond

I thought I had black hair but I guess that's not possible

25 Days ago3 comments
ok Easter's cool and all but when are Wester, Norther, and Souther

1 Month ago4 comments
what happens when you log in on a banned account

1 Month ago4 comments
I was saying something about mario and my dad said he did not know who mario was then quickly said "wait, he is a singer right"

ah yes
mario the singer

2 Months ago3 comments
shoutout to every beginner artist who tries to draw arms but the arm is sprouting out the middle of the chest or the chin

2 Months ago2 comments
ok I want a place to save these so this feed will become the DB quote collection thing
sheepman quotes are different and will go on my other feed (check past feeds)

If you are a DBer feel feee to comment your own notable quotes but I'd like to keep this free of other stuff

2 Months ago14 comments
some su/mo AU ideas
feel free to comment your own
(possible spoilers?)

-AU where everything is the same but Nebby has a gun
-AU where everything is the same but Alolan Raichu is mildly fatter
-AU where everything is the same but Gladion is even edgier
-AU where everything is the same but Nebby stays in the damn bag
-AU where everything is the same but you can sit on chairs

4 Months ago7 comments
tfw you are looking for a gif of bright flashing lights so you google "flashing gif"

bad wording my friends
not what I was expecting

4 Months ago3 comments
a minute ago never
2 minutes ago Stop shaking pads

5 Months ago4 comments
ok I'm moving the sheepman1306 compilation to this feed

you can comment your own if it's a quote from him @DBers

5 Months ago70 comments
friendly reminder to use your lowercase voice at all times

5 Months ago2 comments
"I have a better reputation than you, I just occasionally destroy it."

5 Months ago83 comments
My dad tried to make me pasta but gave me pasta without sauce still in water, as well as a spoon to eat it with.

i tried explaining what was wrong but he got confused and ragequit

6 Months ago3 comments



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