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Trainerlevel: 21

Trainerpoints: 1,210/1,343


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Vulpix (Alolan)8918,312 / 24,031
Vulpix (Alolan)895,955 / 24,031
Vulpix (Alolan)8817,809 / 23,497
Vulpix (Alolan)8817,810 / 23,497
Vulpix (Alolan)8813,526 / 23,497
Vulpix (Alolan)8813,196 / 23,497


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Shiny Hunt

lancerrrr is currently hunting Vulpix (Alolan).
Hunt started: 27/01/2019

Chain: 75

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lancerrrr hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #326834204
Registration: 24/06/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1128:43 Hours
Total interactions: 1,658
Money: 55,050
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Im listening to peace sign a my hero intro song and I turned my rp into a anime.
8 Days ago
'its an edge lord pinky pie!'-dagames 2019
13 Days ago
WE'RE OFF TO NEVER, NEVERLAND *metalica plays in the background.*
13 Days ago
like i said, maglias is home to the dracla, or as people know them, the animorphs. but, when apcodius died, his body split into thousands of draclas, and they fermented the eggs of the dragomorphs, making hybrids of animorphs and dragomorphs. so....they are cousins. so, jacob, my animorph character, is the cousin of millions of dragomorphs. plus, maglias doesnt have a ton of regular people, exept, that some animorphs genes were canceled, and they evolved into humans. and there are some characters that have canceled human genes, and that there creature genes were enhanced.

14 Days ago
alright, the winner to #chocolateeee is.....hexe.
19 Days ago
all right. imma do a give-away, never done one of these before, so im exited, but, if you guys put this message places, you could get my retro articuno, moltres, and zapdos. heres the hashtag:

19 Days ago
new poll! it was of the first one, but im sure no one knew what g1 meant, it means generation 1, and the original cartoon, you know, the best transformers cartoon ever?
20 Days ago
i am watching jacksepticeye play the resident evil 2 remake, and its amazing.
20 Days ago
new poll!
20 Days ago
i want to make a transformers g1 rp....if you dont know what g1 is, look up transformers g1 on google
20 Days ago
drago looks at the army of people, celestials, dragons, and many more, and smiled. "everyone, thanks for helping.sorago!" said drago. sorago looked at his dad. "yes dad?" asked sorago. "i need you to get the people from the city out of there." he said, smiling. sorago nodded, and transformed in a firey fury of crystles and fire, flying to the city to take the humans away. drago looked at soraya, crimson, dragora, avagon, rei, kevlar, flicker, ilyce, iclyn, david, kugan, kugan.jr, hexus, steelux, kag, death, jace, evan and jack. he smiles. he grabs sorayas hand, and smiles. "my friends, and family.....i will see you guys on the other side, after the war." he said smiling. drago looked ahead and saw THE EVIL ONE, a man with long green hair, and red eyes. "lets take him down!"

21 Days ago
i woke up and then i found that you can now like comments. and im just like...wow. whats next?
21 Days ago
so, my basketball team lost, 24-8, but there was a good thing about it....i got to jump!
21 Days ago
i want to make a website like thissssss, but like, my universe, you know?
26 Days ago
i just found out my uncle on my dads side plays magic the gathering, and then i realize that two of my uncles, one on my dads side, and one on my moms side, both of them play magic.
27 Days ago
ok, i just figured out they are releasing a new bakugan 2019 toy release, and i watched a video on how it will be played. i am in love with the series once again! when i was little, i played with the original toyline, and i loved it. now that they are making a new toy line i am so stoked to play with it again! i seriously can not wait!!!
27 Days ago
dang, people dont know this, but im a huge fan of ben 10. the original is my favorite, to be honest.
27 Days ago
pete swings through the sky, dr. shock punches pete in the stomach, making pete fall from the sky. the purple troll stabs petes back with his claws, and pushes him into the sky. the mud giant slams pete into the ground, and spider-demon, a man with 8 spider limbs walk torwards pete. "pete, pete, pete. you think you can just walk through this world without having a care in the world? wrong!" yelled spider-demon stabbing pete in the leg with his spider limb. dr. shock looks at spider-demon, then he punches the spider-demon in the face. "leave my nephew alone." said dr.shock. spider-demon looked at the others, and nodded. then the others kill dr.shock by beating him. pete tries to crawl away, but cant. he then webs spider-demons face up, and pulls his leg off. he hops through the city, hoping for that golden rain to happen again, but it never happens. he collapses to the ground, and bleeds out to death.

27 Days ago
sorago stood on the ground, watching the world being overthrown by THE EVIL ONE. sorago held his sword in his hand, and then, one of THE EVIL ONES servents stab sorago with thier claws. sorago collapses to his knee. soragos eyes flash,and suddenly sees in the eyes of dragora. avagon is holding dragora, as both sorago and dragora die. sorago starts to pass out, then.....him and dragora die. a funeral is held, soragos children, now at the age of 13, are carrying thier father to the grave, and dragoras children are doing the same with dragora. drago and soraya sit thier, conforting crimson as she cries, while they both cry silently. drago looks over, and sees rei and avagon, grieving over their losses. back at what dragora and sorago both saw in the middle of dieing, was jack, death, and many others welcoming them to the afterlife, flicker, ilyce, iclyn, and david being four of them.

28 Days ago



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