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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 3,671/3,709

Game Records

Trainer ID: #207272724
Registration: 28/09/2014 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 514:17 Hours
Total interactions: 1,310,909
Money: 627,364
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


By Whimsicott - 3 Hours and 5 Minutes ago.
So I will do a Raffle for my next shiny hunt after this ekans. So here's how it goes...

I will be giving away 2 shinies for free.
All you have to do is share and hash tag it so I can see who is entering and choose out of random who'll win the first two shinies.

#ShinyCottonee or #ShinyWhimsicott

Let the best man/woman/genderless/all gendered win!

Yesterday, 12:590 comments
How to get shint celebi?

Yesterday, 04:093 comments
Sold my idiot tyrogue in the auction for 30,001 pd (start bid was 30,000)

1 Day ago2 comments
I have two tyrogues in my party, but both are idiots

1 Day ago2 comments
Interact with my party

1 Day ago1 comment
I am buying lots of proteins! Anyone selling?

1 Day ago0 comments
i want to buy proteins.... Please palpad me if you are selling...

2 Days ago1 comment
Please help me evolve my pokemon in my party!

2 Days ago2 comments
Buying griseous crystal.... I can pay in pd or nuggets or dragon gems, please pal pad mr if yoi are willing to sell....

2 Days ago0 comments
Anyone selling griseous crystal?

2 Days ago0 comments
By CuppaTea -
On the 3rd day of May, Cuppa brings to me...

A giveaway! All you got to do is share the hashtag until May 19th. Share once per day to get one point- more points equal more chances of winning!

Now the prizes:
1. My personal Shiny Chatot + a free Shiny Lapras slot + I will breed you a second shiny of your choice!
2. All of my boxes and keys (currently worth 160k) and Gems (worth 42k right now)
3. A shiny Ghastly

Good luck and have fun!


2 Days ago0 comments
By: Nolegsthecat
Share this tag because I want the word cunfuzzled to take over ph.

[bpeugh1]: If you don’t share it then you will be very cunfuzzled when everybody
else is sharing it, so share it now!

||[Share it Button]||

3 Days ago0 comments
You know what... I am ending this event hunt already... The event couple in my daycare are idiots... I have wasted iver 100k, and I haven't got a single event egg since 2 weeks!!

4 Days ago2 comments

Interactions made 77,058
Interactions received 4,853
Eggs hatched 5
Forum posts 0

6 Days ago2 comments
Lannister is on the lookout for Dark Stones or Light Stones.
Offering: 200 nuggets or 300K PD each.

If interested just set up private ^^.
Also, share this feed everyday to stand a chance to win Riolu sets(2×Shiny Riolu+1 Mega-able Riolu) and many more awesome prizes to be added soon......
More Prizes have been added.
For every 10 Dark Stones I buy. A random user who shares the feed wins:
Riolu Set+200 Nuggets+300K PD. So a bit of everything <3

|Share The Feed|
PS: Lannister would totally take donations for these noble cause.

7 Days ago2 comments
Can I get giratina Origin for griseous pearl?

7 Days ago0 comments
Please feed Godchamp a berry, I will return.

7 Days ago2 comments
These "Are you a human" questions are so annoying! It keeps asking me that after 20-30 clicks
Is there no way of proving that i am a human one and for all? Keeping asking me that is quite annoying.....
BTW, Does anyone think I am a robot ?

7 Days ago3 comments
Please help Godchamp reach an even higher level!

7 Days ago1 comment
Trading Griseous Pearl for Griseous crystal and PD (NOTE that griseous pearl costs more than griseous crystal)

9 Days ago0 comments



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Hello! My name is Keiko, I live in Kolkata in West Bengal, India, I know seven languages, Bengali, Axomiya, (Bisnupuriya) Manipuri, (Ao) Nagamese, English, Hindi(very very very little) and Japanese.
Please Do not PM me.... Always palpad me...... its better that way....
My name in Binary language is 0110101101100101011010010110101101101111
what's yours?

hatch a shiny- o
have a box full of same species- o
get a mega Pokemon- o
Complete badges set 4- x
have 1000 friends- x so please add me
hatch a ditto!!- x
get 1,000,000 pd- o
pass the contest of the profs at least once- o (I kept my winner, Lukas)
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real name- Indrajit Audi
city- Kolkata
state- West Bengal
country- India
age- 15
birth- 7.2.2003
school- St. James' School
mother tongue- Bengali
fav pokemon-
best fiends in ph-
1. Blu_FLare
3. ihsan05juli
4. Zatopus
5. Sugiith
6. Arfaat
7. Fiona9
8. Psn~White_Croat
9. ponson

I like visitors

I like grass type pokemons

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I love solving puzzles, like rubiks cubes...

If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good

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