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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 1,250/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Finneon31 / 70


inno || tired writer || anxious artist || aesthetic obsessed

hi!! I'm eunoia, but you can call me inno or galaxy.
I'm an avid writer and reader who dabbles in art every once in a while. I can have a slightly sardonic sense of humor, and come off as rude occasionally, but I usually don't mean to. usually. my love for music, books, and tv shows basically takes up my entire personality. if we have an interest in common, don't be afraid to shoot me a message about it!! I'll talk your head off if you let me. I do not, however, reply to begging and hi/hello messages. if you want to start a conversation, start an actual conversation!! also, I might be a little nervous and take a bit to respond to you, just bear with me. the more shy I am around you, the more I like you.

carpe diem, right?

the pretty words you left behind
become a poem, become a song,
we know they'll reach you wherever you are.
if a star vanishes, will it be forgotten?
i'm holding the precious you in my arms,
trying to fill the pages of our story until the very end.

how are you doing?
your spot next to me feels so empty,
i try pushing away the unforgettable days,
but I still wonder how you are.
i’m sitting at the back of the bus, where we used to sit
humming as I remember the memories with you

Shiny Hunt

eunoia is currently hunting Finneon.
Hunt started: 11/02/2019

Chain: 35

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #540000686
Registration: 24/09/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1115:49 Hours
Total interactions: 83,733
Money: 2,100,961
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


in my continual battle with too many taemin cards on superstar sm i ended up getting, like, six of them in a pack of ten. somehow. taemin has cursed me for picking key over him.
Yesterday, 22:32
i took this empathy test and i got an 11 out of 80 jesus--
Yesterday, 14:57
why do i have like six million high level taemin cards on superstar sm but i can't get a single c-level card for nct u boss. i just wanna completely my card decks why you gotta do me like this.
1 Day ago
someone: tvxq are old and their music isn't even that good--
me, clutching the truth mv: you wanna say that again, buster??
1 Day ago
chae: it's dark in here
chae: i'm not scared of anything though. i'm a tough guy.
tenebris: do you want me to hold your hand?
chae: thank god i thought i was going to have to ask
3 Days ago
yangyang: hallo--
every german nct stan: a baby boy, 10/10, would love again
3 Days ago
if anyone ever wonders why i love key so much just remember that once he lost rock paper scissors to minho and onew and was forced to act cute but instead of just getting it over with he bolted out of the studio and had to be carried back like a toddler
4 Days ago
my characters as some of my favorite lines from fanfiction:
tenebris: "honey badger takes punches like a sissy"
death: "[taelinn] wasn't in class today so what did my boyfriend do this time"
chai tea: "i wasn't supposed to be the short one. this isn't how it was supposed to go."
miao: "i am a beautiful dragon but instead of maidens i take cute boys"
mauve: "oh no i've made an owopsie uwupsie"
joshua: "i can't be trusted around knives, my mom will be made at me"
chae: "the other day i got a papercut and i cried because i thought i was going to bleed out so you probably shouldn't ask me medical advice"
theotherone: "is this illegal? please tell me it's illegal. i haven't gotten in trouble for weeks."
sarcasm: "does this gucci make me look hot? don't bothering answering, i know it does."
4 Days ago
i swear to god i was releasing a bunch of pokemon, misclicked, and released Hyeon, my shiny girafarig that took over a year to get. i want to die.
5 Days ago
i got such an intense wave of cramps today that i almost fell over in world history. love that.
5 Days ago
conspiracy theory: ten isn't actually gay, he's just created this gay personality around him for the sole reason of exposing his panicked gay members
7 Days ago
i can relate to hendery because i am also constantly listening to music, love cacti, and want to own an unhealthy amount of cats
8 Days ago
i love drunk disney because i can absolutely see myself in their position when i get older. just inviting some friends over on a friday night, having too many drinks, and ruining my childhood.
8 Days ago
the more i learn about my straight crush the more i like him oh no oh no abort mission--
9 Days ago
some ather characters as things they've said:
chae: my personality traits include fear, foreign languages, fear, fear, extreme distrust, and did i mention fear?
valkyrie: well, stab me with a chainsaw doused in gasoline. no, really, do it. i dare you.
joshua: why can't i be soft and cuddly in the daytime and murder-y at night? what's stopping me?
theotherone: sometimes i drink and become helpful. most of the time i just drink.
sarcasm: sorry i don't speak peasant. try buying some gucci and then we'll talk.
mals: do i have to pay for two people at a movie theatre if i have two souls in my body? can i add their ages and be eligible for a senior discount? what are the rules in this dimension on multi-souled beings at the movies?
mauve: occasionally i start to think "we can't possibly screw up worse" and then i am miserably proven wrong
chai tea: can i have five seconds to listen to music without there being another world-ending crisis? that would be nice.
9 Days ago
i wanna do another shiny hunt but i also don't wanna wait until chain 500 again. let's hope my luck is better this time.
9 Days ago
the winwin love triangle is so complicated because yuta loved winwin first, then taeil joined in, but winwin just wants to hug renjun and live his life
9 Days ago
hey ya'll -Oddy and i are doing a kpop group chat!! if you wanna join just hmu or comment and we'll add you.
10 Days ago
i have a straight crush for once in my life this is so weird. like how do i flirt with guys?? what am i supposed to do about this?? i'm so confused i want to go back to being gay.
10 Days ago
ya'll are really gonna call ten and hendery's ship name tendery when you have to perfect opportunity to call them chittary?? which sounds much more stupid?? i'm disappointed nctzens.
13 Days ago

daffodils among nightshade

people I respect and admire:

zazanoshurhoosaurusyuu-yuugreggorybeep beep

my likes and interests:

⚬ a bunch of kpop groups ⚬ my chemical romance ⚬ fall out boy ⚬
⚬ panic! at the disco ⚬ voltron ⚬ yuri!!! on ice ⚬ haikyuu!! ⚬ hamilton ⚬
⚬ sherlock ⚬ doctor who ⚬ supernatural ⚬ the flash ⚬ green arrow ⚬
⚬ stranger things ⚬ riverdale ⚬ percy jackson ⚬ warriors ⚬ harry potter ⚬
⚬ keeper of the lost cities ⚬ reading in general ⚬ art ⚬ drawing ⚬
⚬ writing ⚬ flower language ⚬ cacti and succulents ⚬ space ⚬ the ocean ⚬
⚬ pastel and retro aesthetics ⚬ languages ⚬ origami ⚬ makeup ⚬

all about music

groups/soloists i stan:

⚬ shinee ♡ kibum ⚬ stray kids ♡ bang chan ⚬ vixx ♡ taekwoon ⚬
⚬ day6 ♡ wonpil ⚬ super junior ♡ yesung ⚬ kard ♡ j.seph ⚬
⚬ bigbang ♡ daesung ⚬ nct 127 ♡ jungwoo ⚬ nct u ♡ ten ⚬
⚬ nct dream ♡ chenle ⚬ jbj ♡ kenta ⚬ vav ♡ ayno ⚬ astro ♡ jinjin ⚬
⚬ exo ♡ sehun ⚬ nine percent ♡ zhangjing ⚬ pentagon ♡ yanan ⚬
⚬ red velvet ♡ seulgi ⚬ blackpink ♡ jisoo ⚬ twice ♡ jeongyeon ⚬
⚬ ikon ♡ bobby ⚬ seventeen ♡ joshua and woozi ⚬ got7 ♡ bambam ⚬
⚬ monsta x ♡ hyungwon ⚬ holland ⚬ the boyz ♡ q ⚬ astro ♡ moonbin ⚬
⚬ wayv ♡ xiaojun and yangyang ⚬ ateez ♡ mingi ⚬ bts ♡ yoongi ⚬



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