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Trainerlevel: 46

Trainerpoints: 4,692/6,393

Game Records

Trainer ID: #745247854
Registration: 19/08/2016 (8 Months ago)
Premium member until 10/May/2017
Game Time: 1132:50 Hours
Total interactions: 860,474
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 4,302,170
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Zarkesh´s Trading-Shop

many valuable Pokemon & Items like Ho-Oh or Dragon Gems available!

feel free to palpad me, if you are willing to trade with me

Today, 16:070 comments
Shiny Wishiwashi (School) caught!



Yesterday, 03:323 comments

I've been collecting Dream points for a while and finally am able to announce the plushie raffle I will be holding until May 1st. 

1x Dragon Gem = 400 tickets
1x Plushie I am missing (above 15 DP) = 20 tickets
50x nuggets = 750 tickets
10k PD = 30x tickets
1 Share (Per Day) = 1 ticket

Guaranteed winner! Each person who shares this hashtag will receive 5k PD

1st Place Winner: 800 DP Shiny Plushie of choice
2nd Place Winner: Magikarp Shiny Plushie
3rd Place Winner: 3 Plushie of Choice (180 DP limit)
4th Place Winner: 2 Plushie of Choice (120 DP limit)
5th Place Winner: 1 Plushie of Choice (60 DP limit)

Come on guys keep sharing!

15 Days ago0 comments
Hey guys, what was your favourite april´s fool yesterday? Mine was the "Rick & Morty"-One (which was some kind of a double-fool)

25 Days ago1 comment
Drama's best Pokémon friend is turning 2 years old! She's giving away a shiny Gyarados, Garchomp, Noivern, and Drampa to celebrate! One lucky party guest will win a hoard of dragons!

Visit this page for more info, and share the hashtag for a chance to enter! The hashtag can be used once a day, but you can get as many entires as you want by sending her a Charmander plush!


26 Days ago0 comments
#WhiscashIsACatfish - By YoshikageKira

Hello! YoshikageKira here just to tell you that I've added new prizes to the raffle
1st prize winner gets 600k pd
2nd prize winner gets a random assortment of 500 gems
3rd prize winner gets a random assortment of 4 Lake trio vouchers
4th prize winner gets a random assortment of 3 lake trio vouchers
5th prize winner gets a random assortment of 2 lake trio vouchers
6th prize winner gets one random lake trio voucher
7th prize winner gets 30 Lugia vouchers
8th prize winner gets 10 random boxes
Audinette will give 30k pd to everyone who shares this hashtag!Please, it's very important, Whiscash's fate is in our hands!

29 Days ago0 comments
Yeeees Moltres from lab

1 Month ago1 comment
By - Professor_Mac

Hey^^ How are you all? Another new raffle by me.
I've decided to shiny mega hunt a grass Pokemon. So, I need grass gems.
Sending me the following will give you tickets
5 grass gems = 1 ticket
Sharing this post = 1 ticket
Every 50 tickets, you get 20 tickets free~

1. 700k PD
2. 4 random maps/summon items
3. 3 cold rocks + 4 dragon gems
4. 300k PD
5. 3 shinies of my choice

Ends when I have 20,000 grass gems.
Current progress 7100/20,000

Thanks all~

2 Months ago0 comments
YEEEES random zapdos-egg from lab

2 Months ago8 comments
Got the 10th shiny-retro-tentacool

2 Months ago5 comments
Hey Guys, please help oNaiara Ghost-Gems.
She is paying well and needs them for her Hunt.

Thx for your attention

2 Months ago0 comments
#ShinyZapdos (Posted by Atalina)

Hi! I'm working on gathering the crazy amount of gems needed to shiny hunt Zapdos, but I can't do it alone. I need gem donations, so there are lots of prizes to be won.

For every 1,000 gems I will do a raffle for gem donators, and after I start the hunt I will raffle out every extra Zapdos to ticket holders.

Here's how you get tickets:
* 1 Electric gem = 1 ticket
* 1 Flying gem = 1 ticket
* Sharing this on your feed = 100 tickets (valid once per person)
* Donating a raffle prize (palpad me first) = 100 tickets

Any other types of donations will not count for tickets, but are appreciated.

Please read this for more information and updates on progress.

To share this full text, click here, and thanks for reading!

2 Months ago0 comments
Hi Guys,
I am Planning to leave Pokeheroes soon so i am auctioning away my pokemons or giving them for free .But before leaving i want to help you
I am giving away the items mentioned below for free to a lucky winner for free-
470 evolutionary items
4000 berries
1000 random gems
300 cooking items
100 boxes and keys
My pd and around 500 nugget

Please Share this Hashtag each share counts 1 ticket.
The winner will be chosen randomly.

3 Months ago0 comments

Hey guys so I've been on pokeheroes for about 2 years now. I don't really go on it anymore so sadly I'm quitting (But no one probably cares). I decided to give away my best things like my shiny regice and mega ables. So I'm making a raffle as my final thing I do in this game. All u gotta do to enter is share this to others. Prizes will be announced soon. AKA in a few minutes. Raffle ends February 1rst.

3 Months ago0 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Charmander hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #168)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

Finally ^^

4 Months ago0 comments
#MyBestGiftEver well there were a lot...i think i have to go with my family and friends since they have the most positive influence on my whole life

4 Months ago0 comments
100 Charizard

5 Months ago0 comments



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my goals so far here are (for the next time):

- Collecting every Mega
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- hoarding 100 Charizard
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