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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 778/4,601

Game Records

Trainer ID: #465132928
Registration: 07/10/2015 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 14/Dec/2017
Game Time: 841:33 Hours
Total interactions: 277,686
Trainer Battle Stats: 1 won, 0 lost.
Money: 427,050
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


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if ya want to stay on, tell me.

Today, 19:1012 comments
1. Fav Fire type: Reshiram
2. Fav Water type: Kyogre
3. Fav Grass type: Mega sceptile
4. Fav Electric type: Zekrom
5. Fav Fighting type: Hitmonchan/Blaziken
6. Fav Normal type: Drampa
7. Fav Poison type: Seviper
8. Fav Steel type: Aggron/Scizor
9. Fav Rock type: Tyranitar
10. Fav flying type: Lugia/Rayquaza[and Mega Rayquaza]
11. Fav bug type: Ledyba/Joltik/Mega Beedril/Scizor
12. Fav ground type: Zygarde/Garchomp
13. Fav dragon type: Zygarde/Mega Rayquaza/Garchomp/Hygreigon
14. Fav psychic type: Lugia/Deoxys
15. Fav Ice type: Snorunt
16. Fav Ghost type: Giratina
17. Fav Dark type: Darkrai
18. Fav Fairy type: Xerneas
19. Fav Bird pokemon: Ho-oh
20. Fav Dog pokemon: Stoutland
21. Fav Cat pokemon: Skitty
22. Fav Baby pokemon: Riolu
23. Fav Legendary: Deoxys
24. Fav Mega Evolution: Mega Rayquaza
25. Fav Basic pokemon: Ledyba
26. Fav Gym leader: Flannery

Today, 00:490 comments

Yesterday, 23:180 comments
What triggers Xurkitree:
1. Someone getting a REALLY early shiny mega[ESPECIALLY if it's absol].
2. Snipers in AH
3. All ships except #Silvertree
4. Drama causers
5. Politicians

Yesterday, 23:162 comments

2 Days ago0 comments
share this if you are neutral in all this madness

5 Days ago0 comments
*rolls away*

6 Days ago3 comments

6 Days ago3 comments
by culture and month: peridot, sardonyx
by zodiac : carnelian
by day of the week: turquoise diamond

16 Days ago0 comments
If you were a mythical creature what would you be?
hydra dragon mix

21 Days ago4 comments
If you could change anything you want about yourselves, what would you change?
*have a decent hair color
*be taller [I would love to be 7'4"]
*Have grey eyes

26 Days ago4 comments
Trombone *sans-like smile*

1 Month ago0 comments
1. I don't get sick, instead I get strange body problems.[I'm not joking]
2. I hate eating a lot of junk food. [it's weird for someone my age]
3. I like peace and quiet.
4. I talk more here than in real life.
5. I rather watch the old loony toons than watch modern cartoons.

2 Months ago7 comments
Mega drama heroes surrounded itself in its Z-power!
It unleashes it's full force Z-move!
A critical hit
It's extremely effective!
Pokeheroes fainted!

2 Months ago4 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Absol hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #740)!

2 Months ago12 comments
someone told me that the illuminati is all powerful,
then they asked me to name one person greater,
I said "bill cipher"

4 Months ago2 comments
and _TBV_.

7 Months ago4 comments



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If you ever need help with maps,I will do the work for you and give you the item the pokemon get

I will not answer to Hi's or hellos
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