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Trainerlevel: 77

Trainerpoints: 4,575/17,863

Game Records

Trainer ID: #790937034
Registration: 14/12/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 08/Oct/2018
Game Time: 2830:52 Hours
Total interactions: 6,718,431
Trainer Battle Stats: 15 won, 5 lost.
Money: 6,686,442
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Money is always good. I wish for money.

2 Days ago2 comments
#XmasForAll by SwampFall

50 little christmas gifts so far, we’ll need a big tree to put all those gifts under it ^^
Wonder if we’ll hit 100, if you share I’ll let you have two gifts :3

Surprise your friend with a free Christmas Gift, order it here :3

Share the christmas spirit!

6 Days ago0 comments
That moment you see someone you don't like bidding on an auction, and decide at the very last moment to outbid them. Gotta love sniping. Good luck selling that garbage for a shiny mega event that you should never, and hopefully will never get.


24 Days ago6 comments
Am I the first one to have a Pumple?

1 Month ago5 comments
Holy crap! The notification pop-ups have returned! Three cheers for the devs!

Hip Hip Huzzah!

3 Months ago2 comments
Am I the only one who gets annoyed by all the feeds people make on PokeHeroes that have nothing to do with PokeHeroes and instead are about Pokefarm?

3 Months ago2 comments

I hit the first shiny Minior (Meteor) on Pokeheroes.
It has been safe in Gimarie's possession, and gave her the luck needed to hit the first on site Hylian Cubone.

3 Months ago1 comment
I just want to say, I've got a PMD avatar for the sole purposes of pissing somebody off. So happy that something so trivial is irritating to you.

5 Months ago5 comments
1st OS Shiny Meteor Minior
Who can prove otherwise?

6 Months ago2 comments
CatLady's still my favorite mod, regardless of what anybody else thinks.

Nothing personal to the rest of you.

9 Months ago0 comments
Your Gem Cauldron has finished boiling!

... But what is that!! Instead of the expected result, your cauldron produced a Mystery Key (Black)!

1x Mystery Key (Black) obtained!


I got this from boiling for a fire stone. It's true, it's damn true.

9 Months ago6 comments
By Emera Square - 29 Minutes and 53 Seconds ago.
Your Pinsir made it to Rank #1 in our Bug-Hatching Contest!

You won 5,000 Festival Points.

Your Mega Pinsir made it to Rank #4 in our Bug-Hatching Contest!

You won 1,000 Festival Points.

1 Year ago4 comments
By Emera Square - 5 Hours and 22 Minutes ago. Results of last Beauty Contest:

Photo #1 - Rank 33 (Rating: 7.16)
Photo #2 - Rank 76 (Rating: 6.73)

You won 1000 Festival Points!

1 Year ago0 comments
Legend shows up at the lab.
No room in the party.

1 Year ago1 comment
So just hatched twin shiny zigzagoons.

1 Year ago5 comments


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Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mega Lord Salamence476201,561/851,446
Mega Sala da Menci60660,764/1,379,409
van Bagon447/76


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Shiny Hunt

WingedGolem is currently hunting van Bagon.
Hunt started: 03/08/2016

Chain: 2,760
(62 Shinies hatched so far.)

About Me

Quote from WingedGolemIt has come to my attention that many of you wish to know about my relationship status. Instead of answering this question, I will say this. I am not looking for a relationship at this present time. Thank you.

I Collect These Plushes

Dream World Task Counter
From 1 To 2 - 8
From 2 To 3 - 24
From 3 To 4 - 96
From 4 To 5 - 384
From 5 To 6 - 1536
From 6 To 7 - 6144
From 7 To 8 - 24576

Splash Plate
3x Horsea
3x Marill
3x Finneon
1x Inkay

Mega Stone
5x Big Pearl
1x Staryu
1x Lanturn
1x Huntail
1x Gorebyss
1x Clauncher

Black Box
5x Phione
3x Seaking
2x Lumineon

Light Blue Box
5x Tympole, Carvanha Staryu

Dark Blue Box
5x Horsea, Poliwag, Marill

Monday - x1 Relic Silver < x5 Relic Coppers
Tuesday - x1 Relic Gold < x2 Relic Silvers
Wednesday - x1 Relic Vase < x5 Relic Golds
Thursday - x1 Relic Band < x2 Relic Vases
Friday - x1 Relic Statue < x2 Relic Bands
Saturday - x1 Relic Crown < x1 Relic Statue + x1 Relic Band
Sunday - x1 Fisherman's Hat , x1 Relic Crown

To get the Fisherman's hat, requires...
1 Relic Crown or
1 Relic Statue + 1 Relic Band or
3 Relic Bands or
6 Relic Vases or
30 Relic Golds or
60 Relic Silvers or
300 Relic Coppers

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