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Trainerpoints: 553/1,899


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About Me

[ Waffle - female - writer i guess - obsessed with silly fandoms and other things ]

haha hey so
my name is
i dont know what to put here
hi i guess i dont know
please look at the other panels
thank s

game grump guys


f a v o u r i t e s


☆Undertale + Deltarune
☆Stardew Valley
☆Animal Crossing
☆Pokemon (duh)
☆Food Fantasy

☆Danganronpa (Only watched dr1)
☆Steven Universe

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Waffle is currently hunting Fomantis.
Hunt started: 25/12/2018

Chain: 55


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #638858034
Registration: 02/05/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1812:19 Hours
Total interactions: 28,655
Money: 368,147
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


#FreeDeli now THIS is epic

10 Days ago0 comments
By TimeKidRalsei - 5 Hours and 42 Minutes ago.
This year has been in it's ups and downs but, it did have its wonderful moments.
How to enter
Comment on the original post of your most favorite and memorable moment that happened in 2018.
1st place Gets:A Shiny Fletchling and 200k
2nd place Gets: 130k plus Headshot or Bust Art(non shaded)

3rd place Gets: 90k plus a smol headshot art(non shaded)
Hoped you guys have the best 2018 you had if not. Lets hope 2019 is better!
Ends At Reset

15 Days ago0 comments
hi gamers
sorry for another advertisement but

if u wanna join my cool discord server here is the link : )))
we could always use new members!!

17 Days ago0 comments
ALSO gamers if you want to join up an epic discord server join here we could always use new members :dab emoji:

18 Days ago0 comments

now this is EPIC you guys

18 Days ago1 comment
oh no discord die

20 Days ago1 comment
damb ph sure is toxic today : /

23 Days ago1 comment
By DiamondWhiteFox - 21 Hours and 10 Minutes ago. Comment #RIPBEBsbatteringram down below for a chance to win a random prize by next reset!

29 Days ago0 comments
is for all my friends to have a good holiday : ]

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Alright, folks, it's time for the goodbyes. It's time for me to... WeedleOn.

I've finally reached my PD goals and then some and I want to share that with all of you so that one day you can reach those goals too. All I ask is that you interact with my precious Chicken nugget and share #WeedleOn

I'll be giving away 100,000 PD OR 67 nuggets (no preference please) to ANYBODY that shares. (don't forget your manners)
(also, I'm still taking weedle plushies)

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1 Month ago0 comments

*Glances at comments*...yeah, it'll be some work but I think it will be worth it…

Alrighty, share #ItsRainingGems and get your share of 25 random gems or a free dragon gem (remember, please no stating a preference so it's fair for everybody.) I'll be distributing when the giveaway ends so please don't panic when you don't get it right away.Supplies are limited so share fast! First come, first served

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and don't forget to get me weedle plushies

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By tiktok - 35 Minutes and 31 Seconds ago.
Hey, let's do more giveaways

Since it's close to christmas, i'll be doing a giveaway weekly aha

all you have to do is share the hashtag #thechristmasgiveaways to enter

you only have to share the hashtag once to enter every giveaway

this week, why not give away all of my gems?

ends next saturday

1 Month ago0 comments
Ok, I think this a good start...

I'll be giving away 532 mystery items but remember that to win, you must add me to your friend list and share #TheFriendliestGiveaway. That's it, easy as that Anybody and everybody will be accepted as a friend
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sorry for close feeds, but if you like all things Nintendo, are at least semi-active on discord and are interested in joining a Nintendo serv, please pp or pm me : ]

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discord broke

now this is epic

1 Month ago1 comment
that was such a bad rewind what the heck,

1 Month ago2 comments
youtube rewind releases in two days

1 Month ago4 comments



if you hurt them i will be very upset

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This avoids the stress of falling out of it

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When I'm ready I will fly us out of here


Get a load of this monster

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