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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 1,645/2,379

Game Records

Trainer ID: #204870448
Registration: 29/11/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 274:36 Hours
Total interactions: 156,892
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 1 lost.
Money: 42,806
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


The contest of the Profs (Part 2)

Hey, Ulquiorra_and_Grimmjow!

How is my Magikarp doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 18, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Magikarp is on Level 55, so you have to work even harder! But I'm sure you can do it.

Remember that I'll reclaim my Pokémon this Sunday at 8AM. Its level has to be higher than Prof. Oak's Pokémon by then.
Please keep it in your Party or in one of your Storage Boxes in the meantime.


Today, 06:091 comment
Interact with Magikarp? So, interaction exchange? ^^

Today, 05:203 comments
The contest of the Profs (Part 2)
Hey Ulquiorra_and_Grimmjow!
Listen, this is urgent!
Pokémon-Professor Oak from Ruby Valley challenged me for another duel! I have to level this Magikarp as fast as possible, so it reaches a higher Level than Prof. Oak's Pokémon until this Sunday.
He sounded pretty serious and it really seems like he wants to win this time (I even feel like he's going to cheat with Rare Candies!). ... But I can't lose! What should I do?


Today, 04:220 comments
By PokeRadar - 4 Seconds ago.
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Charmander in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

Yuh oh! Charmander, be good! ^^;

Today, 03:080 comments
Okay. Who voted "GOODBYE. YOU DONT MATTER" on my poll? ◑ 3◐

Today, 03:011 comment
Interactions made 3,176
Interactions received 763
Eggs hatched 0
Forum posts 0


Today, 02:437 comments
Exchanging Dragon Gems/Fairy Gems for Fire Gems! PalPad/Comment for trades/+ offers! ^^

Today, 01:540 comments
Your coin is shining bright in the water!
(Slightly increased shiny chance)

Also okay with this. Almost maxed chain anyways. ^^

Today, 00:400 comments
I REALLY NEED DREAM POINTS! Should I cave in and use my nuggets!? Or... no?

Today, 00:390 comments
Thank you to BLEACHIchigo1 For the Aron! ^^

Yesterday, 22:440 comments
By Wonder Trade - 7 Seconds ago.
Wonder Trade Report:

Vanilluxe => Cherrim
Weezing => Luxray
Raticate (Alolan) => Lycanroc (Midday)

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Okie dokie then. ∩ˍ∩

Yesterday, 22:010 comments
Ludicolo defeated Kyogre!
Kyogre escaped, but left a rare item.
Your Pokémon put it into the Explorer Bag and embarks on the way back.


Yesterday, 19:390 comments
Okay, Should I keep up my Shiny Charmander hunt or briefly break it to summon and hatch Groudon and Kyogre? Then, resume my hunt.

Or... no? Keep my hunt and leave the Summon items for now?

Yesterday, 19:014 comments
*Points at GTS* Anyone? ◑ 3◐

Yesterday, 17:252 comments
PokeHeroes: You have already changed your Username within the last 122 days. You can change it again in 27 Days and 8 Hours.

Me: -_-' Seriously?

Yesterday, 15:450 comments
Did you know that coins from the fountain are donated to charity on a regular basis? You have done a good deed!
(Nothing happened)

Second day in row. -__-

Yesterday, 01:020 comments

Relic Copper x1
Whipped Dream x1
Weather Balloon x3
Star Piece x1

PalPad or Comment for pricing! X3

2 Days ago0 comments
Area: Terra Cave

Collected money: 0
Explorer Bag: 1 Item


2 Days ago2 comments
Mega Charizard
Woah, that Charmander that I gave you mega evolved?! Unbelievable!
I didn't know that Charizard are able to evolve with a Mega Stone... Wow, that is really a great discovery! Thanks for your help - you can obviously keep it.

[I'm happy to help!] || [Yeah, and now give me some Nuggets]

What to click....? >﹏<

3 Days ago2 comments
Your lucky number today is 18
(Nothing happened)


3 Days ago0 comments



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