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Trainerlevel: 36

Trainerpoints: 1,876/3,923


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Anniversary Cupcake323,453 / 3,961

Trainer Card + About

icon made with rinmaru mega avatar creator.

you can call me maasa! | 23 | male | chaotic good | certified caffeine addict | aries | year of the boar


1. Kisaragi_Aine - aine
2. DiamondDust*Gal - serena
3. SetsuHatica - savannah
4. Cajunbaby09 - joce
5. Lemon_Zap - lemon
6. DJ_Electro - dj


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Nerymon 4 Days ago
Loop_Dreamer 4 Days ago
Kisaragi_Aine 5 Days ago
Kisaragi_Aine 7 Days ago


Game Records

Trainer ID: #537913273
Registration: 20/02/2018 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 15/Mar/2019
Game Time: 268:56 Hours
Total interactions: 231,372
Money: 72,253
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


If any of you guys are interested, there a really popular stream on twitch called Poke Nursery and if it gets more than 50 viewers at a time, the stream unlocks custom trades for an hour.
here's a link! (Tell me if it doesn't work and I'll make another feed!)
4 Days ago
Holy heck I'm gonna make a dating sim with some of my OCs----
7 Days ago
Two and a half hours of sleep and I'm still expected to wake up and cook and clean... I didn't have kids for a reason, leave me alone and let me sleep.*throws blankets over head*
8 Days ago
*stares at my oldest fictional crush* You're here forever, ain'tcha?
13 Days ago
Kisaragi_Aine is now the proud partner to a pretty little Celebi~
14 Days ago
@the group of minior I have doing rumbles: Can at least one of you bring me a nebula stone soon???
14 Days ago
Why am i like this? I'm doing a Minior hunt on PFQ and it's gonna take so long orz
15 Days ago
17 Days ago
I'm in love with too many fictional men to know what to do with myself orz
17 Days ago
Updated my profile page to include an up-to-date trainer card with my Pokemon Moon friend code! Feel free to add me if you want, just let me know so I can add ya back~
19 Days ago
Am looking to buy a a breeding set of Mareanie or Toxapex. Palpad me if you have a set to sell please :3
19 Days ago
Got deer meat cut, packaged, labeled, and frozen.
Came home and napped for like an hour and a half, then made a kick-tail supper: biscuits with white sausage gravy and a breakfast scramble consisting of eggs, potatoes, and more sausage~ Today has been a good heckin day!
25 Days ago
20 nuggets away from being able to get another month of premium whoa
26 Days ago
Would a Cosmog line (4 Cosmogs) be enough to get me a Ditto?
1 Month ago
Having good luck on the Wonder Trades > If anyone wants my friend code just ask~ I'm thinking of making it public anyway lol
1 Month ago
Finally got my own copy of Moon. <3 Now me and Loki can get a full starter set and I can get my Nulala~
1 Month ago
Loki, check private trades love <3
1 Month ago
I think my next hunt (after I get a shiny Nebby to name Eclipse <3) will be Rowlet. Not sure yet, though.
1 Month ago
@[email protected] My copy of Moon got shipped to someone else and I got someone else's 2ds. Thank God that seller is willing to help me swap the packages.
1 Month ago
@[email protected] Will pay nuggets for a Pokemon Moon download code heck it all today is a bad day
1 Month ago

Shiny Hunt

TikaBlossom is currently hunting Cosmog.
Hunt started: 11/10/2018

Chain: 61

Shiny Hunt Info

my shiny shop

current personal!! hunt:

upcoming hunt:

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shiny slots:


future hunts:

prices for shinies:

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these change dependant on the pokemon i am hunting. i understand some shinies are more common than others. this also applies to some being more rare.

easy = 55,000 pd / 110 electric gems
medium = 75,000 pd / 150 electric gems / 50 nuggets
hard = 95,000 pd / 190 electric gems / 65 nuggets
rare = 115,000 pd / 230 electric gems / 75 nuggets
special/starter = 135,000 pd / 270 electric gems / 90 nuggets