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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 823/4,601

Game Records

Trainer ID: #874414367
Registration: 26/10/2014 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1027:30 Hours
Total interactions: 377,721
Trainer Battle Stats: 14 won, 11 lost.
Money: 105,868
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


I just discovered Jimmy Fallon & Will I Am's "Ew!" song.
I'm actually really traumatized.

Today, 19:202 comments
Soccer Gay

2 Days ago10 comments
England is my city

2 Days ago6 comments
y'all are stupid
The total accumulation of addressed individuals have in my personal opinions an intelligence level that is not desired by society

3 Days ago2 comments

6 Days ago9 comments
The otamatone is my favourite instrument.

7 Days ago0 comments
gdi I thought we were gonna have alolan marowak ;_;
but this is great as well tbh

13 Days ago0 comments
I'm really curious who is Laura and Glitch?

13 Days ago6 comments
FR's dressing room is great

17 Days ago2 comments
Anyone wanna exchange mismagius plush's? :0
seems to be the only ghost plush I'm missing apart form the event shiny gira

24 Days ago0 comments
//spamming sandyghast plushs to users on fl

27 Days ago2 comments
Tell me who's hunting a poison type pokemon.
I have like- 500 gems to donate or something

30 Days ago5 comments
Sandyghast plushie!! <3

30 Days ago1 comment

6. Fav Normal type: Soutland
7. Fav Poison type: Crobat
8. Fav Steel type: Aggron
9. Fav Rock type: Lycanroc(Midnight)
10. Fav Flying type: Honchcrow
11. Fav Bug type: Galvantula
12. Fav Ground type: Cubone/Marowak/Steelix
13. Fav Dragon type: Drampa/Hydreigom
14. Fav Psychic type: Alakazam
15. Fav Ice type: Glalie/Weavile/Cloyster
16. Fav Ghost type: //existential crisis
17. Fav Dark type: Darkrai
18. Fav Fairy type: Klefki/Florges/Primarina
19. Fav Bird Pokemon: Vullaby
20. Fav Dog Pokemon: Stoutland
21. Fav Cat Pokemon: Liepard
22. Fav Baby Pokemon: Mantyke
23. Fav Legendary: Giratina(Can't resist not putting this one in for this one.)/Deoxys
24. Fav Mega Evolution: Mega Alakazam/Gengar

1 Month ago0 comments
First impression of me vs. impression of me now?
~Joining a bandwagon

1 Month ago15 comments



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