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Trainerlevel: 80

Trainerpoints: 17,064/19,279

Game Records

Trainer ID: #949212163
Registration: 02/04/2016 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 1788:05 Hours
Total interactions: 12,097,418
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 2,120,276
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


buying weather balloon or heat castform, 15k
selling gold boxes, 10k each

Today, 11:540 comments
buying weather balloon or heat castform, 10k

Today, 03:430 comments
anyone have any tips for the safari zone? i think i just need more patience...

Yesterday, 08:562 comments
By Wonder Trade - 1 Hour and 3 Minutes ago.
Wonder Trade Report:

Gastrodon (East) => Pinsir
Scyther => Petilil
Reuniclus => Pinsir

mulligan! if you can't put up two of the same pokemon for wondertrade, you shouldn't be able to receive two of the same pokemon! reminds me of the time i put three up for trade and only got two in return... i demand a mulligan!!!

4 Days ago0 comments
okay, so, not counting the three kyurem i already had for their dex entries (regular, black, and white), i now have... 1, 2... 5... carry the 3... way too many freaking kyurem.

5 Days ago0 comments
so... i'm a little bit sad that it didn't tell me i won a medal this last medal rally.

6 Days ago0 comments
two questions:
is vivillion (fancy) even in game yet?
does anyone have any tips for the safari zone?

8 Days ago2 comments
selling gold boxes, 10k each

13 Days ago0 comments
...followed by a retro tentacool =o

13 Days ago0 comments
cool, just fished my first shiny, a gyarados =P

13 Days ago0 comments
i've seen some powerfully stupid hashtags, i extremely rarely (verging on never) post them, but this one takes the gold medal in stupid hashtags.
"sniping" is a part of auctioning. auctions work by the person with the highest bid winning. if you want to win, you have to bid higher. if you don't want to lose, bid higher and keep your eye on the literal prize.
don't get upset just because someone has more money than you or because you weren't fast enough, because, guess what, this is the way i've seen auctions work on every game i've ever played.
if you're really that upset about losing your auctions, simple solution is DON'T PARTICIPATE!!!!!! use the forums and BUY pokemon instead of bidding on auctions. breed eggs, get eggs from rowan, buy maps/summon items, buy boxes/keys, TRADE, etc!!!!!!! there are SO MANY options other than auctions, so STOP CRYING WHEN YOU LOSE!!!!!

13 Days ago3 comments
does anyone know if you can chain missing no.?

13 Days ago2 comments
missing no. would break chain, yes?

13 Days ago3 comments
aaaaaand three screens after my last giratina failure, i get another chance AND WIN!!! YES!!!!

got my spooky manor map!!! =D

14 Days ago2 comments
omg! last 25 freaking seconds on the last stage in the giratina quest i only had ONE more!! it finally popped up with 3 seconds left, i didn't click it in time and it never showed up again.
you have GOT to be joking me.

14 Days ago0 comments
yay! 75% giratina quest done!!

i really hate this quest...

15 Days ago2 comments
cool. just using up some fishing energy before i leave for work, trying to maybe get the school form wishiwashi. very last fish before i ran out of energy, i got it ^-^ not a bad way to start my day

17 Days ago2 comments
finally 50% on giratina quest! man this thing is annoying...

17 Days ago0 comments
...why are mega latios and mega latias the same color? that's annoying.

18 Days ago5 comments
do you think my togetic would breed faster if i used togekiss instead?

18 Days ago4 comments


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My name is Tatarikun, you may call me Tatari. I am a 25 year old female American from the pacific northwest. I work full time at Wendy's where I not only love my job, but I am amazing at it. I usually close (drive thru/backroom) which means I work nights out of town, so between work, travel, and sleep, i don't always have alot of time to just sit and play. I try to at least check in daily and do my own personal clicklist. I also try to get as much of my friend's done as I can as well.

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