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Trainerpoints: 2,839/10,501


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Trainer ID: #200355559
Registration: 06/07/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1748:24 Hours
Total interactions: 263,641
Money: 19,483
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


I got Salad and Vodka to 5 stars on the same day! :')

Yesterday, 20:103 comments
When I was halfway done watching a Bijuu Mike video, I saw thi-

Ouch. *Cringes*

Yesterday, 19:332 comments
I just got back from laughing so hard I choked and couldn't breathe for solid 3-5 minutes. That was awful!

1 Day ago5 comments
Am I the only one who thinks Yokai Watch is a (wannabe) rip off of Pokemon? I can't be, right? RIGHT?

1 Day ago32 comments
You know... I don't think I have a hard time opening up to people/being positive because I don't want to be like some think.

It's... because I envy those who are popular, those who have way more friends, those who nobody hates. And that's the truth.

2 Days ago6 comments
The best artist in the world could be the one who drew a whole city's skyline just by memory in a helicopter.

(Looks in the mirror) Now if only you could draw in the first place.

3 Days ago3 comments
I'm looking for a Shiny Wreafki, Shaysola, Toraros, Swampras, Heartomb, Santa Bird, Knight Axew, Dralucha, Sugar Shock, Easter Bunnelby, or Derpatung! I will pay the necessary/equal amount of dragon gemmies. Would someone like to offer, or at least find another who is willing to trade? Don't forget the everstone!

3 Days ago4 comments
This is the human version of Gudetama (From a "Lazy Egg" to "Future Savior of the World").

Don't believe me? Then I assume only people who watched OPM would know what I'm talking about. The similarities are just too funny~! xD

4 Days ago4 comments
Getting Long Bao'd is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

4 Days ago2 comments
The Pre-Shipudden references though hahahaha~!

I checked first. This doesn't include effects, just a bandicam recording of the whole 3 Alolan Starter journey episode in SM that got narrowed down. Lolololol-

5 Days ago1 comment
This is my pride and joy, it took 8 months in total for 2 versions! One for v1, 5 for v2. Please watch and tell me how you like it! :')

If it's not your thing... then well, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY.

If that doesn't work, try this.

7 Days ago14 comments
I asked an opinionated question a long time ago about (side series) Pokemon games. I want to ask again, since i know more people now.

Which one do you want first:
Pokemon Snap (Wii U), Pokemon Ranger (3DS), Pokemon Conquest (Switch), etc.

8 Days ago22 comments
My best Pokemon concept/idea in a while. It might be cheesy and stupid in general, but whatever. I'll say it anyway.

Species: Meager Scrub ---> Grand Scrub

Type: Soap/Water

Good Against: Wait for it... wait for it... (check the comments to find out or place your guess here)

9 Days ago4 comments
That cookie jar of deth... apparently my dad took them out and put merch in there instead. At that point I felt bad for being angry at him. But I saw a gift in a pink bag. It was 2 random rocks from who knows where.

Me: Holy crap! That's almost as bad as coal!

10 Days ago4 comments
Me 10 mins ago (Browsing Google Images like I do every day): Wait a sec...




But the one I saw next is definitely more terrifying. I'm not kidding. VVVVV


(didn't give the direct link bc I'm not sure if it's allowed)

12 Days ago10 comments
Let's say you have a chance to change the shiny of any 5 Pokemon (1 per region: Kanto to Unova). Name the Pokemon and what color you think would fit them better. Don't insult people's opinions, there is not right answer. It's basically just your preference.

I'll join in too.

1. Vulpix- A swirly mysterious kind of Mauve Purple.
2. Heracross- Brown like a glossy chesnut.
3. Medicham- Blood red circle and black baggy pants.
4. Piplup- Black Body and Gray above the nose... like a real penguin! You can hardly tell the difference atm
5. Zekrom/Reshiram (They are a duo)- Zekrom has Resh shiny color and vice versa. BOOM. Problem solved.

12 Days ago5 comments
Wow... did I really only get one suggestion on that rough outline? I really need more suggestions. Please.

13 Days ago3 comments
Since I planned multiple video ideas for my newer channel, I decided to make one a little different. Like, not just putting video clips and music and calling that the final product. Something more... unique.

So that's when I thought of this: "Picture Day (A Pokemon x Haikyuu Crossover)" Totally genius, right? You'll see what I mean in just a sec

Here is an excerpt from the rough outline/storyboard I wrote. Constructive criticism please. If you don’t like this show, don’t verbally attack me. It will be in the comments below.

13 Days ago7 comments


NO criticizing my opinions and/or beliefs in ANY circumstance.

NO begging for free Pokedollars (PD for short).

Do NOT message me or say "hello" just to ask if I have certain items/pokes.

I NEVER, EVER say anything that annoys someone on purpose. Aspies (Asperger's) make it hard to talk to others, and I don't know the right thing to do/say in certain social situations.

It does not make me a bad person, and I didn't choose to end up with this disorder either. Check these links if you don't believe me and/or don't know the definition. I want as many people to understand my case as possible, because now I'm not so sure that any of you know. Read up...

Wikipedia meaning

Autism Society meaning


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