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Trainerlevel: 48

Trainerpoints: 2,311/6,959

Game Records

Trainer ID: #480783704
Registration: 30/06/2017 (8 Months ago)
Game Time: 828:46 Hours
Total interactions: 1,597,894
Money: 433,768
Starter Pokémon: Chikorita


Cya :3

9 Days ago2 comments
Lowest 100 Shiny Frequency (Maybe a more interesting one than the top 100 ^^

14 Days ago3 comments
Spikes of Life and Death (just released vs non-released pkmn)

15 Days ago4 comments
Shiny Frequency Graph (unreadable)
I like the aliasing (at least on my screen ^^)

16 Days ago0 comments
10 Mega Glalie in a row :o and 1977960 says "3rd OS" and 1977961 says "6th OS" xD

16 Days ago2 comments
I'll start giving this a hashtag for no reason :3
Path of the Shiny Mega

16 Days ago0 comments
Comparing Pokemon Activity
Blue = Ecco, Green = Lighty, Red = SwampFall
Top left is the first pokemon that you own (not necessarily your OT) and bottom right is the last pokemon you own (based on it's ID)
Again, if you want to compare yourself to someone else, you can just comment :3

17 Days ago9 comments
First 20 shiny mega pkmn OS ^^ except if some got released

17 Days ago0 comments
Released Pokemon Map
Made an image of first 700,000 Pokemon on PH ^^
Width = 1,000
Height = 700
Released Pokemon = Black
Not released Pokemon = Red
Starting with first pokemon on site
(What happened after the 14,000th Pokemon?? so many released)

18 Days ago8 comments
First mega pokemon on site ^^ (except Riako's test megas :3)

19 Days ago3 comments
Has a non premium user ever hatched a shiny mega?

19 Days ago16 comments
Suggestion for showing pokemon types as text while image is loading in Royal Tunnel :3
You can also choose which Riako should implement ^^

22 Days ago1 comment
This is a cruel link
This is bad GET usage Riako

26 Days ago7 comments
This 777 coincidence ^^
I just like numbers too much xD

1 Month ago1 comment
All 5 of my birdies are Level PI <3

1 Month ago1 comment
Any anime suggestions? Exams coming up so I'll need something to distract me from studying ^^

2 Months ago23 comments
You know those little word games where you start with a word, and the next word has to start with the last letter of the previous word? Let's do that ^^
I'll give a dragon gem to the one who is the last one to comment a valid pokemon ^^
Pokemon should only be used once!
I'll start: BulbasauR

3 Months ago66 comments



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