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Trainer ID: #480783704
Registration: 30/06/2017 (6 Months ago)
Game Time: 726:04 Hours
Total interactions: 1,494,979
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 1,102,944
Starter Pokémon: Chikorita


#WhenWillMyBirdiesBeFriends ? D:
At what level will my little birds in my party all have the same level? The one that's closest gets one of each gem, including dragon gem :3 I replace the bird with the highest level whenever I get a hoopa or kyurem egg
P.S.: You can actually try & get closer to your answer by interacting (+guest) with lowest for lower level or highest for higher level ^^

Today, 06:523 comments
Tall Grass Strategy Program
You can make your own strategy and test how good it is (the lower the average steps it needs the better)
If you find a decent strategy you can comment your strategy here
A strategy looks like this: [[1,0],[[[0,0],[[[0,1],[[[1,1]],[],[]]],[[2,1],[[[2,0]],[],[]]],[]]],[[0,2],[[[1,2]],[[2,2]],[]]],[]]]
(might make this a thread later)

Today, 00:2910 comments
Maybe this helps for all you tall grassers
I might update it in the future so that it suggests "good" next moves

Yesterday, 16:3816 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

I updated the prizes for the final big giveaway, you can find them and the rules and stuff here ^^

Active stuff:
Riddle 11
Riddle 12 (Final riddle)

Good luck and enjoy them :3

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1 Day ago0 comments
All royal tunnel answers as of 2018-01-15
There shouldn't be any mistakes, if a pokemon doesn't have a Level, for example Slowpoke, it's because it has multiple ways of evolving (held item, day / night, etc.)
If you find anything that should be changed, let me know

1 Day ago4 comments
I'm curious what you guys thought/think about my riddles, which you liked most/least etc ^^ Let me know in the comments :3

5 Days ago1 comment

Ops I forgot to mention that Riddle 12 needs 2 answers, one for the girl & one for the guy ^^

It's updated now :3

5 Days ago0 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

I updated the prizes for the final big giveaway, you can find them and the rules and stuff here ^^

Active stuff:
Riddle 11
Riddle 12 (Final riddle)

Good luck and enjoy them :3

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5 Days ago0 comments
Please help this guy to lvl 100? ^^ No gifts today cause I'm busy & lazy but I'll remember your name ^^ Oh I'll also click your party, guess that's a lil gift xd

5 Days ago8 comments
So who of you likes procrastinating? Any story you got about that? Been late for an assignment an awful lot? Got in trouble cause of it? :o If there's no trouble, why wouldn't you procrastinate anyways? Also when do you give up on an assignment when you're late already?
I'm currently working procrastinating on an assignment that should've been finished before christmas and I just delivered one that had it's deadline set on 21 November, only 50 days late :3

6 Days ago3 comments
#GTSgame Round 10 - Results

Trade 1: 2 Offers
Trade 2: 4 Offers
Trade 3: 3 Offers
Trade 4: 5 Offers
Trade 5: 4 Offers
Trade 6: 1 Offer
Trade 7: 2 Offers
Trade 8: 3 Offers
Trade 9: 5 Offers
Trade 10: 2 Offers

1. CrystalAkiHeart
There are 2 trades with 5 offers, so I guess there'll be 3 winners today:
2. FlamingBlaze
3. mr27Unbreakable

Congratz to all of you! ^^

P.S.: We got our first user who won twice ^^ So you're out for future GTSgames, sorry!

6 Days ago2 comments
#GTSgame Round 10 (Starts at reset)
Ok so I got a bit time now and I got a bunch of pd, so I'd like to do the 10th round of GTSgame
I'd like this round to be a bit bigger than the others so I'll put up 10 trades, each having 100.000 pd and 3 dragon gems ^^
Also the rules change a bit, there will be 2 winners this time.

Winner 1: The person to offer on the trade that has no offers yet while all the other trades have 2+ offers
Winner 2: Random person of the trade with the most offers when Winner 1 is known (When all trades have an offer)

6 Days ago2 comments
buy something from my booth and I'll uhhh, maybe gift you something,... probably,... I think, just comment

7 Days ago12 comments
Happy new year to you all! <3 I see you guys are enjoying the current event ^^ good luck and enjoy this year as much as you can!

16 Days ago0 comments
I'll be inactive for a few months, maybe longer, maybe not.. I'm sorry for those who wanted to know the answer on the riddle, I'm not going to give it away just yet, maybe I'll ask people to update me on that while I'm away. We'll see where time will take us. I hope you all have a great time left ahead of you, see you :3

21 Days ago10 comments
Any anime suggestions? Exams coming up so I'll need something to distract me from studying ^^

22 Days ago23 comments



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