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Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 1,403/4,143

Game Records

Trainer ID: #175399927
Registration: 28/10/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 437:03 Hours
Total interactions: 599,103
Money: 224,139
Starter Pokémon: Emboar



A wonderful time with my friends and family :-)

3 Months ago0 comments
This year I had nothing for 4 months… my mother gave me money for this time
And I'm always thankful for my two best friends… you are the best in the world :-)

3 Months ago0 comments
- the Pokémoncalender
- Celebrate with friends and family

1 Year ago0 comments
My friends and my dog Nadine
I love them all <3

1 Year ago0 comments
Can anyone tell me, how I can get such an pixeled Egg?

1 Year ago0 comments
#happy birthday pokemon

1 Year ago0 comments
It is hatched... my HO-OH!

1 Year ago0 comments
Interaction Exchange?
Please... I have 7 Eggs in Daycare

1 Year ago3 comments
More Digimon for everyone and more Evolutionstages

1 Year ago0 comments
Interaction Exchange?

1 Year ago0 comments
Hey guys
I'm looking for a Blue Orb… would anyone change it for my Green Orb?

2 Years ago0 comments
By Junichi_Masuda
Shiny Jirachi Hunt Raffle

You can win over 1160x Nuggets(1 month of premium with flutes) , Many more exciting prizes........

Spread the hashtag #ShinyWisher and click here for more info!

Exciting prizes will be given to the highest spreaders!!

[Delibird Delivery] || [About this Raffle]

2 Years ago0 comments
My first own Shiny
It was hatched yesterday and I think, it wanted to say " Get well soon"
Yesterday I became ill… headache, fever and so on… and then my Smofty told me from my Shiny Seviper and I felt better and better…
And today I feel fantastic
So thanks to Smofty for telling me and thanks to my Shiny Seviper for fast healing
I will call it Dr. Miracle

2 Years ago0 comments
Hey guys... have a new Poll
have fun with it^^

2 Years ago0 comments
Please help me hatch my eggs
still 6 in Daycare

2 Years ago0 comments
Hey guys^^
I've already started my first Shiny Hunt: Seviper

2 Years ago1 comment

2 Years ago0 comments
I only reached 168 interactions because I had to use my stupid smartphone, because my stupid pc don't want to work!… I hate my pc… I hate my smartphone… I hate my internet… I HATE MY LIFE… F*** YOU NEW YEAR!!!

2 Years ago2 comments
Interaction Exchange please
I have 5 Eggs waiting in Daycare

2 Years ago2 comments
By maca$h
Guys , starting a new raffle #scizortime . You have to feed berry to my scizor and share it in the notification. If it reaches to level 450 till 3 january then 10 users will get -

1) 1600 nuggets
2) articuno
3) 11 million
4) mega lucario of level 600
5) arcaddly of lvl 850
6) weather trio pokemon
7) dog trio pokemon
8 ) shaymin sky + giratina origin
9) 4 manaphy
10 ) 4 dragon gems

Spreading and feeding berry matter most.

2 Years ago0 comments



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