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Normal People: Yaayy exams are over!
Me: Uh oh, exams are over... here comes coursework, the kids project I'm organizing, more coursework, extended essay, ACT... Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program xD

Yesterday, 06:284 comments
I apologize if I'm not as active as normal for the next week or so ^^ I'm currently in exam season. This isn't like the other years though. I'm in year 12 (grade 11) now and these mid course exams decide my expected grades for next year which in turn decide what universities are within my reach.

6 Days ago8 comments
*runs around like a lunatic*

What am I going to doooo? My midcourse exams are in 2 weeks and I'm not even 1/8th done with biology revision, I'm about 1/4th done with history, basically did nothing for math and chemistry and ignored English and Chinese. I've also got assessments (other than those exams) for English as well as Theory of Knowledge coming up. Oh oh and also ACT is drawing near. Yeah and I'm on PH :'D Somebody help me get my priorities straight.

I swear I haven't forgotten the art I promised like half a year ago... I will do them... um... sometime :'D

18 Days ago21 comments
Give my poll a few votes? ^^ I'm interested in how popular those universities are because those are the ones I'm going to be applying to next year. Obviously, some of them are more dream schools :'D

21 Days ago1 comment
生日快乐!我希望你能过个愉快的一天^^ 跟你聊话帮助了我提高我的中文。谢谢了~

27 Days ago1 comment

Happy birthday! Thank you for putting up with me all the time ^^ I know I tend to rush things and make people annoyed. You're a saint for being able to cope with me. I hope you have an amazing day~

1 Month ago2 comments
I know some of you think being a mod = better shiny/mega chances... Proof that this is false: my chain :'D

1 Month ago28 comments

Happy birthday! Thank you for all the times you've helped and guided me ^^ Oh and for fangirling about KnB/YOI with me I don't have friends in RL that like this stuff so PH is the only place I can gush about that stuff to.

2 Months ago2 comments
I'm so tired ;-; I've been writing my history notes since 11AM and it's almost 5PM now xD My history teacher allows us to bring in 1 piece of A4 paper with notes so I have to fill it with as much stuff as possible. My notes were pretty spread out at first, then they became closer and smaller as I realized that I needed to fit around 6k words on 1 piece of paper. I'm barely halfway through

2 Months ago25 comments
I forced Cookie~ to listen to Yuratcha's eng dub accent. She compared it to Oleg from Two Broke Girls. I'm not sure how to feel right now xD

2 Months ago7 comments
Let me just point out that mods don't get anything out of warning you so the chances are, we're only doing what we consider is right ^^' Feel free to explain why you disagree - I'd be happy to explain my side and consider yours. Everyone makes mistakes so if you don't agree, just tell us. It's not like we get nuggets every time we send a warning or something xD We volunteered for this job to keep this community friendly and fun for everyone.

3 Months ago22 comments
Man I fail as a VIP xD DarkChoco already watched the Bigbang Weekly Idol episode and I haven't yet ;-; She's an ARMY... Welp Jiyong here I come~ <3

3 Months ago4 comments
Happy birthday~ ^^ I hope you have a great day! *throws confetti*

3 Months ago0 comments
Alright, time to give the answer my 3 truths and a lie ^^

1. Dip in the middle of the forehead. Yup, this is true ^^ I don't know how you can actually chip your bone instead though? xD So I dunno if my mom's theory is correct

2. Bowed legs. Contrary to what a lot of you thought, this is true. While mine aren't extreme, you can tell that they aren't straight. I'll take a pic and put it in the comments later ^^

3. I've had 2 boyfriends. This is actually the lie xD I've kinda had one in junior school... but we never confirmed it and just broke apart. I don't really want to fall in love before uni ^^

4. I would like to become a lawyer. This is true Dunno what else to say about this one except that I love debating and English? xD

6 Months ago21 comments
#ThreeTruthsOneLie Alright let's do this Note: Cookie, ilu, but no giving anything away xD

1. There is a slight dip in the middle of my forehead which according to my mom, is cause I fell down and hit there as a kid xD

2. I have bowed legs. In case you don't know what that means... basically my lower legs are curved.

3. I've had 2 boyfriends (in RL) so far: one during junior school (kind of? xD ) and one during senior school.

4. I would like to become a lawyer someday.

6 Months ago14 comments
Just a little reminder to everyone... please don't post Goretober stuff on Pokeheroes. Gore is very much against the rules... art with small wounds etc is alright but gore isn't exactly child-friendly. Yeah, that means no Goretober even if you've put a warning in front with the art in a spoiler.

6 Months ago10 comments
Free Art~

I use art as stress relief ^^ However, I'm not the most imaginative person (nor am I good at drawing things without refs) so I need stuff to draw. Since I can't guarantee when I can finish things (yeahhh no rushing me), it's free :3 So yeah, just comment a character (no humans) for me to draw - 1 per person. I will only draw characters where there is already existing art. Like I said above, I'm horrible at imagining things XD

I do however, have the right to reject if I don't think I can draw it/it's too complex. This is my fun time not commissions ^^

7 Months ago25 comments
@People on my friendlist, are there any plushies you hate? As you've probably realized, I often randomly send plushies using the randomizer for friendlist users in the dream world shop. So to keep your gift log clean of hated plushies, comment anything you don't ever want so I can avoid that when I send please

7 Months ago14 comments
Hmm... this seems fun ^^
• gender
• age (what age do i act?)
• size (height & all)
do you think I am?

And yeah yeah, I know I've revealed basically all of those before XD I want to know how you guys imagine me though ^^

7 Months ago25 comments



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