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Trainerlevel: 56

Trainerpoints: 3,607/9,463


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Shiny Hunt

Sansica is currently hunting Oricorio (Pa'u).
Hunt started: 04/11/2018

Chain: 183
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

My A-boot Me! :D

Made by Noir-Gladia

Heya! I'm Sansica/Sansi/Miku ^w^
I'm just someone who loves to do Digital Art, play Video Games, watch Youtube and more :3! I'm tired 24/7 and quite lazy -w-.

You're always free to PalPad/Private Message me! I don't bite :3.

Made by Burucheri

Private Commissions

I'm willing to take Private Commissions but please keep in mind that there's a chance of me denying.

Feel free to PalPad/PM me about if you want me to do a commission for you, make sure to provide a clear, full-body reference of your character and what style you would like.

Style options


I accept
Dragon Gems [50k]
Characters [picky]
Art [picky]


[Made by Maniac]

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #260072264
Registration: 05/04/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 4563:38 Hours
Total interactions: 520,138
Money: 7,154,918
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


That feeling you get a anonymous card that has a very sweet message but you wanna know who it was =v=''

2 Days ago1 comment
Anyone willing to do a custom design? ;v;'' Or Art in general? ;v;''
PalPad/PM me!

4 Days ago0 comments

Still surviving :”3

12 Days ago1 comment
Commission feed

I'm willing to choose two or three commissions to do after a current one i'm working on ;v;! Example of what i'll try to do

Please provide a reference and how much you're willing to pay [accepting PD and Nuggets]

Comment only on this feed ;v;!

23 Days ago14 comments
Looking for Art of the following:

PalPad/PM me if you’re interested <3 Paying in PD and Nuggets

27 Days ago0 comments
Comment down Pokemon Adoptable ideas /o/

1 Month ago6 comments
Made by Eijirou ;v; <3

1 Month ago3 comments
What do you suggest my pokesona should be for Halloween? ;v; anything but a witch :"3

Need ideas for a quick doodle for someone :">

1 Month ago6 comments
Finished pumpkin -v-b

1 Month ago4 comments
What pokemon do you imagine me as? B>
I'll try to return :">

1 Month ago14 comments
Sorry if close feeds

Doing this for fun -v- Ask me about anything and i'll answer honestly

1 Month ago8 comments
Anyone have any characters/adoptables up for offers? ;v;

1 Month ago3 comments
Anyone willing to do a custom design to do with Decidieye? ;v;

1 Month ago13 comments
Finally had the chance to 'cuddle' with my cat

1 Month ago3 comments
Happy Birthday, Sansica!
I wish you health and much happiness for the future!
Are you having a party with your friends today? Or are you spending your day at the Emera beach?
Whatever it is, I hope you have a very nice birthday!

Isn’t Prof Rowan so great?

1 Month ago9 comments
Normal: I love you.
Fighting: I’d fight you.
Flying: I’d date you.
Poison: I’m envious of you.
Ground: I want to meet you in real life.
Rock: I can relate to what you’ve gone through.
Bug: You bug me sometimes.
Ghost: You scare me sometimes.
Steel: I think you’re strong.
Fire: I think you’re hot.
Water: I think you’re cool.
Grass: I think you’ve grown a lot.
Electric; You surprise me sometimes.
Psychic; We have a lot in common.
Ice: I want to be closer to you.
Dragon: I think you’re amazing.
Dark: I’d sleep with you.
Fairy: I think you’re cute

I'll try my best to return ;v;!

1 Month ago13 comments
Got my Persona redesigned by the marvellous Umbreon /o/

Looking for art of her ;v;! Willing to pay with PD, Nuggets or maybe, depending on the character Art

Comment below!

1 Month ago0 comments
Help Naoto hatch their eggs? ;v;

I'll return with berries /o/

1 Month ago0 comments
Selling characters from here ;v;

I'm accepting PD, Nuggets or characters ;v;!

If I decline it may mean that I paid more or something worth more for the character ;v;''

Only comment here <3

1 Month ago0 comments
Looking for Art of anyone here ;v;!

Paying PD or Nuggets!

Sorry.. wrong link the first time

1 Month ago2 comments


My Online Family <3!

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Great Dane Dog

Shiny Xerneas Hunt






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