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Shiny Hunt

Sansica is currently hunting Oricorio (Pom-Pom).
Hunt started: 18/09/2018

Chain: 26
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

My A-boot Me! :D

Made by Xion

Heya! I'm Sansica/Sansi/Miku ^w^
I'm just someone who loves to do Digital Art, play Video Games, watch Youtube and more :3! I'm tired 24/7 and quite lazy -w-.

You're always free to PalPad/Private Message me! I don't bite :3.

Made by Burucheri

Private Commissions

I'm willing to take Private Commissions but please keep in mind that there's a chance of me denying.

Feel free to PalPad/PM me about if you want me to do a commission for you, make sure to provide a clear, full-body reference of your character and what style you would like.

Style options


I accept
Dragon Gems [50k]
Characters [picky]
Art [picky]


[Made by Maniac]

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Starter Pokémon: Infernape


By Fluorine-Silver
"Ight you won't do it


"Will it be lit?"

Really lit fam
Ight so how about I do a 2 winner giveaway then? It'll be real lit fam, and I know people will love it

One winner will get this (Shiny Primal Dialga), and the other winner will get 8mil PD

So yeah, just comment and share for entries, will end tomorrow at reset

just remember that I love y'all

1 Day ago0 comments
Check out -Naoto-'s amazing adoptable in their last feed ^3^! <3

1 Day ago0 comments
Still selling Characters from here ;v;!

Offer PD, Nuggets or characters ;v;

2 Days ago1 comment
By Nymphrasis
Oh! And is anyone selling Pokemon characters / adopts? No Legendaries, tracing, and bases uvu.
[[ Wiggles 9.2k nuggets ]] I got some nuggies that I'm willing to spend eue. Oh! And PD too ;v

Also not looking to buy customs at the moment. I have nothing left in mind and already waiting on the other customs I've requested qvq

5 Days ago1 comment
Apparently evil- found a REALLY old drawing I did about 4 years ago :">

We grew too quickly..

7 Days ago1 comment
By Nymphrasis
If you know someone who's open to doing digital art customs for nuggets / PD, let me know uwu.
I still need custom art of a fire type Pangoro and Gardevoir ( Body base ) / Galvantula fusion ( More details: Bob-cut hair, four eyes, Galvantula colors, fang teeth, think of the lower half of the body as something like this but as a Galvantula instead. ) qvq

10 Days ago0 comments
*Comes back from cleaning my figures in the bathroom and sees that my cat is on the shelf im supposed to be cleaning -w-“*

15 Days ago3 comments
By Mimi
LF: Shiny Male Tendenne!

Offering ; A Zapdos (or a Shiny Hawaiian Cubchoo, take your pick~) 200k PD, and a Mega Winter Camerupt! Please PalPad me if you have one for sale or trade ❤️

16 Days ago0 comments
Yato is just too cute -v- couldn't help myself

17 Days ago3 comments
By Fluorine-Silver
Oof i had class from 0630 to 2340 yesterday and then from 630 to 1640 today so I'm tired

But like I'm gonna giveaway this to someone

Y'know just comment and share, it'll end tomorrow at reset

19 Days ago0 comments
Hibiki and Mimi are selling characters, go check out their feeds! ovo

19 Days ago0 comments

By rainbowblitzer
it's ok to be gay, it's ok to be lesbian, it's ok to be straight, it's ok to be bi, it's ok to be ace, it's ok to be trans, it's ok to be anything!

20 Days ago0 comments
I woke up to my cat looking dead inside :”>

1 Month ago7 comments
My Art Shop is now open again!

Don't forget to read through the rules :"> Edited some of it

1 Month ago0 comments
Finally found a decent place for them /o/

Now they can all watch me sleep :^)

sorry, wrong link before

1 Month ago7 comments

2 Months ago0 comments

I'm bored so wynaut :^)

2 Months ago6 comments


My Online Family <3!

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