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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 110/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Stantler (Retro))
26 / 24

About Me

Made a custom box for my about me since I can’t find it, if there even is one.

Hello! Found this game while looking at the profile of one of my favorite fanfic writers. (Yes it means I read fanfics) I’m your average everyday girl who’s obsessed with anime(well manga since I don’t really watch anime) I’m open to new friends if you’re willing to commit to the friendship, otherwise you may leave right through that door ^^ *points to the back button*

Favorite anime/mangas would probably be Fairy Tail, Black Butler and Hetalia (with the exceptions of some others I did not lost)

For those that know Hetalia and ship male characters together, sorry to say but I’m not one of you. ^^;; I don’t hate those stuffs in general but it makes me uncomfortable. However that is just my opinion and you’re free to ignore.

Favorite character in Hetalia is Matthew(aka Canada) if you couldn’t tell by my profile pic.

Favorite color’s green, favorite animals are rabbits.

Currently on the search for event Pokémon’s in the Auction house that I don’t have.

Also you’ll probably find me sniping cheap shiny, my pride tossed into the trash, in the auction house

If you need anything, feel free to ask, I love being able to help out ^^
but please don’t try to take advantage of me




The Broken Lost Soul

Nobody cares
They’re all unaware
That I am still here
But broken
Broken beyond repair

The silence unbearable
In this room that I am held
The pain insufferable
Abandoned by those I knew so well

I once long for light
For the hope to fill my heart
But that desire is long gone
How long since I’ve fallen apart?

I once touched a dream
But it was only a dream
A manifestation
Of what I wish I’d seen

Too tired to cry for help
Too somber to dream of hope
Too forlorn to ask for friends
Too foolish to live again

And one day they’ll remember
And come back to fetch me
But by then I’ll be long gone
Only the husk left of what I used to be

Promise (WIP)

Would you let me lead you by your side
Along this road that we call life
I promise you won’t have to cry
So promise me you would try to survive

I promise you needn’t be afraid
I’ll never let you go astray
We’ll follow the paths shown in the stars
And I’ll come with you to places near and far

I’ll take you by the hand
And lead through the night
I promise you’d be fine
We’re both there under the same sky

I’ll give you all I have
For you to cherish and protect
And expect me to do the same
For all you have and all you lack

Because a human is only as strong as themselves
When the fall they would need some help
I promise to catch you before you crash
So let me be your support when your decisions are rash

Shiny Hunt

SWDLove is currently hunting Noibat.
Hunt started: 30/11/2018

Chain: 37
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #987163015
Registration: 22/09/2018 (2 Months ago)
Game Time: 307:36 Hours
Total interactions: 787,992
Money: 1,178,484
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Part 1 - School
I came to share one of the reason why I’m so down prepare for the rant, and no I don’t want to discuss it, just sharing it, writing my feelings down

I’ve known for a time, how desperate I wish to go back to middle school, because despite how boring the assignments were, they were simple enough for me to complete in a set time. Where as now, I feel like everything is 10x harder, particularly science (or Chemistry)
But that isn’t the main reason why I dislike high school so much. Near the end of middle school, my only concern for high school was whether there’d be bullies, but I never took into mind whether I’ll get friends or not.... high school came, no bullies (Pro) but no friend either. I guess I always realized how lonely I was, but I kept hiding it, telling myself that it’s not gonna be forever, even my friends from middle school tell me the same. But I’ve long given up hopes for friends irl. It hurts, I’m lonely.... I’m pathetic

Today, 03:144 comments
To all those that I’ve received a gift from (that hasn’t labeled themself as anonymous) that I haven’t gotten a gift back to yet
Now worries, it’s not because I hold any grudge towards you, simply that I ran out of ones that I can send with pd
I’ll get to you ASAP tmrw :3

Today, 02:215 comments

Welp that’s over with, just gonna announce the winners and get it done with....

1st- 30k pd - Wolflesshowl
2nd- 20k pd - Iccywolf
3rd- 10k pd - ~Evi*The*Shiny~

Congrats, will be sending the prize promptly

Today, 01:567 comments
Ummm sorry to spring this on all of you guys but I’ll be taking some time off ph. I won’t be leaving technically speaking, but I’ll come back once or so everyday for the advent calendar. Why you ask? I feel like there’s too much being out on me in my life. Whether it’ll be school, home or matters regarding friends, I seem to be faring worst than usual. Heck, I’ve even resorted to going back to my anime fandoms and reading fanfics just to get my mind off t all. Sometime I wonder what I did wrong in my previous life to deserve everything that happened in this life time. Welp with that said, I’m just putting this out so you’ll know before hand why I won’t be as active. I just need some time to sort my thoughts. You’ll probably find me back here regularly within a week or so.

To anyone that I’ve ordered something from, be it shinies or arts, please send me a pm if it’s ready and I’ll send the payment as soon as I get to reading it.

Yesterday, 23:5410 comments

A friend’s leaving, it hurts. I remember how when I met you, I respected you, I thought you were one of those famous people, well popular to be exact XD Remember how you taught me the B.B. codes and I started sprouting how I wanted to be like you? To get better at ph like you are? Remember how I marveled at how you had so much fortune while so little interactions? That time when we started that little rp thing above confetti and it swallowing the world? When you told me the truth about you, and how it’s like a craving you can’t stop? When I helped you with the little drama you tried, with the shiny male weedle?
I wish I can go back and tell myself to talk to you more, cause now I won’t be able to... I know I said I’ll be happy for you since you’re moving on but... the tears won’t stop

2 Days ago6 comments
Stolen from Nyankat

Bomb away

I’ll be removing question 9 tho -////-

Also, some I might not be able to answer since I’ve yet to graduate high school yet, much less get a job :p

2 Days ago8 comments
#Nourishthenub Please continue to interact with Clara and those that had shared the hashtag, please comment down below

2 Days ago5 comments
Just for the people that are planning/recently had added me to their friendlist.

Hello this is SWDLove here :3 Only have been here for about two months min but already gotten pretty much the hang of everything. English is my main language (which you should be able to tell from this post)

If you add me to your friendlist because you want to possibly become friends, I’d be expecting you to talk first, since you’ve show interest, not me, since I’m the receptor of your curiosity. If you added me and expected me to talk to you first, then give up hope on becoming my friend. Sorry for being so blunt I’ve been more than welcoming at first when I’ve received friend requests and they actually turn out to be worthy friends that wishes to converse with me. But then I’ve gotten pretty tired of having to start the conversations (almost) every time just so you’d talk to me.

Continued in comments

2 Days ago15 comments
Just realized I’d need at least 10x the amount of nuggets I have now to get premium for a year.... welp at least I didn’t spent any so if I continue to save....... hopefully one year will be enough....

2 Days ago1 comment
Ok, to those that know me from Roblox

No, I don’t have two accounts here, simply because my bff is using the same username I used in Roblox doesn’t mean anything. It started off as a whim for her, since she wasn’t that convinced to stay here long time and only joined because I begged her to do so. Heck she chose her nickname at first just to prank me, since I’m superstitious (yes I believe in doppelgängers and all those stuffs) Now she’s too bothered to change it, and since there isn’t any harm done (except people accusing me of double accounts ) I just let her be.

Now if you’d so kindly leave my bff and me out of this, thank you and have a nice day. *slams door*

3 Days ago5 comments
When you get a notification the same time it said one of your eggs hatched
Me: *heavy breathing* C-could it be? No, reverse psychology, think it isn’t and it’ll have a higher chance *clicks notification*


Me: Oh.... just a forum thread....

3 Days ago12 comments
By DJCats - 5 Minutes and 20 Seconds ago.
Help i need 1 egg hatched in less than 2 hours

Welp I usually only do this for friends, but I can’t turn away someone’s plead for help.
Warm their eggs please? uwu

3 Days ago0 comments
So..... I may have decided to look through shiny mega pokemons and I saw some beauties there OwO
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the beautiful color scheme of green <3
Ik the skin color isn’t really the perfect shade of green but it’s eyes!!! And the emerald(?) OwO

So it’s officially decided that when possible (probably at least a year into this game) I’ll start a sm hunt for one of these *^*
Why so late you ask? Because I have no nuggets XP (well not enough at least) welp I’ll be looking forward to it :3
Since they take extremely long as well and there’s always gonna be some extra shinies and mega able, I’m planning on giving those away to friends and sell the leftovers

3 Days ago8 comments
Anybody know how to get a masterball in this game? If it even exists?

4 Days ago2 comments
By tiktok - 29 Minutes and 59 Seconds ago.


It's a war! Obviously, silverware will win *hisses @ fruit and veggies*

So, yes

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4 Days ago1 comment


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Nothing to say
Not a word can describe
The friendship we have
How the bond will last

~ SWDLove