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Trainerlevel: 55

Trainerpoints: 6,222/9,129


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About Me

Some people wear masks that present a happy face, but behind that mask is someone who's been damaged beyond repair, and like all recreational objects…the mask chips and withers away and begins to reveal what's really real… You can try and force yourself to be happy… but a facade can only last for so long before the real you comes back out… being fake for too long can wither away what mentality you have left..
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(1) I'm a very friendly person but I'm also very shy so if you want to talk to me you'll have to be the one to make the first move ^^' I do have Aspergers though and it's very hard for me to keep up a conversation so please don't take it personal if I don't reply much.
(2) I'm the biggest Kingdom Hearts and Dinosaur nerd you'll ever meet, so sorry if I ever annoy you with my constant talk of the topics XD
(3) If I put you on my blocklist it's either because A) You were rude to me or are just a negative person for the sake of being negative. B) You make and breathe drama. C) Are known to steal art/OCs. D) You were being very shady and I'd rather not associate with that at all.
(4) If you are on my blocklist it is not on me to explain to you what you did, if I feel wronged by you I have full right not to deal with you anymore. If you report me for having you on my blocklist that goes against Rule 1.2 and you could get into trouble for that.
(5)Don't ask for any of my Pokemon that are not in the clearly marked Trade/Sell box.

Looking for

Old Amber Fossil: 3/100
Skull Fossil: 5/100
Plume Fossil: 4/100
Helix Fossil: 3/100
Cover Fossil: 6/100
Sail Fossil: 7/100
Dome Fossil: 4/100
Root Fossil: 3/100
Claw Fossil: 3/100
Armor Fossil: 5/100
Star Piece: 6/200
Light Stone: 2/100
Dark Stone: 0/100


Art by me~
Dark Blue Box Count: 93 left
Light Blue Box Count: 23 left

Current Art Projects {WIPS}

NyanKat YCH Image

Art Shop Commissions: OPEN

My Art Shop is back Open! {Please go read the rules before commissioning me.}

Just your reminder my shop will be closing October 31st, Spyro is right around the corner and my shop will stay closed until December 1st

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:
Slot 6:
Slot 7:

Notice: If you have not paid yet before your slot comes up you will be pushed to the bottom of the barrel, and if you never pay within 2 weeks your order will be canceled.

My arm is making a speedy recovery which is a good sign! It doesn't hurt nearly as bad to hold my phone up for long periods of time while I draw/color. Maybe by next week it'll be back to tip-top shape~ Beware of folding doors, they can do a lot of damage if you're not careful.

Game Goals For Myself

Jurassic World Alive
Obtain a Level 20 Indominus Rex: 17/20 X
Obtain a Level 20 Velociraptor: 19/20: X
Obtain the Indoraptor: X

Kingdom Hearts 2
Obtain Max Munny: 999,999/999,999 ✓
Obtain Max Statuses for Sora: X
Obtain Max Statuses for all Party:X

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
Obtain Max Munny (Ventus Only):26,993/99,999X
Obtain Max Statuses (Ventus Only):
Obtain Max Medals: (Ventus Only):21,686/99,999 X

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Obtain Max Munny: ?/99,999X

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Obtain Max Munny: ?/99,999X
Obtain Max Heart Points: ?/9,999X

Game Records

Trainer ID: #594901222
Registration: 23/02/2017 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 28/Sep/2019
Game Time: 1908:15 Hours
Total interactions: 2,132,626
Money: 1,925,195
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


I wonder if my friend has made it to the hotel yet or not. I was going to go with her and her friend to the Anime Banzai this weekend, but money is tight and I do not want to spend a full weekend with that other girl, that is not good for me especially when my emotions are still so unstable still (it's not a good mix to stick a pushy headstrong "it's my way or the highway" person with a timid and easy to hurt person like me in a room together for too long…trust me…still trying to recover from being stuck with her for 9 hours a month ago...) Plus my arm is still recovering and my jaw hurts like crazy, I think I'll just be staying home watching movies and drawing pretty much what I always do, I'm such an recluse lol maybe next year we can go and I'll have my own money to get my own room just in case that other girl wants to go again, too.

Today, 14:160 comments
When you hatch a shiny early but this time you're doing a shiny mega hunt xD wonder how long this'll take

Today, 06:300 comments
Roxas: When I get a heart do you think I'll be able to love somebody?

This line always makes my heart flutter, I love this game.

Yesterday, 11:330 comments
*claps hands* Okay. The YCH Halloween Auction is ready to begin. Please go read the rules I have posted over in one of my custom Widgets. The auctioning process will take place in this status thread so please only offer here. serious offerers only

Let's begin~

4 Days ago23 comments

Shiny Hunt

The~Lone~Indoraptor is currently hunting Magikarp.
Hunt started: 17/10/2018

Chain: 67
(2 Shinies hatched so far.)


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