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Trainerlevel: 59

Trainerpoints: 7,373/10,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

Shiny Hunt

RoxasNuggetsXIII is currently hunting Mankey.
Hunt started: 19/01/2019

Chain: 24

Station of Serenity Shiny Shop


~Rarity: Hard

~Payment: 240k PD/160 Nuggets/5 Star Pieces
Slot 1: ONIKITSUNE (1x No Preference Naughty Nature) ((Opitonal))
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:


~Rarity: Hard

~Payment: 240k PD/160 Nuggets/5 Star Pieces
Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:


~Rarity: Easy

~Payment: 100k PD/67 Nuggets/2 Star Pieces
Slot 1: ONIKITSUNE (2x No Preference Naughty Natured)
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:

Things to Note...

~Currently slaving away over a sketchpad/phone screen getting SoRoku art prepared for February 13th~

Art Stuff To Remember (Not In any particular order)
1. JadeING: Has 5 Free Art Vouchers left {0 Vouchers Redeemed}

Crystal-HiMe: 1x Shiny Lapras reserve - Has Been Born! (Waiting for Shiny Fennekin to be born to do the trade )

Avi: Sora - Kingdom Hearts 3

Looking for


Old Amber Fossil: 7/500

Skull Fossil: 10/100

Helix Fossil: 18/100

Sail Fossil: 23/100

Root Fossil: 12/100

Claw Fossil: 12/100

Star Pieces: 120/200

Light Stone: 3/100

Dark Stone: 2/100

Latias Egg Count: 2/200

Latios Egg Count: 0/200

Light Rock: 4/200

Hard Rock: 1/200

Cold Rock: 1/200

Frozen Lava: 7/100

Magma Stone: 1/100

Grecious Orb: 2/100

Emerald: 0/200

Ruby: 1/200

Sapphire: 1/200

Game Records

Trainer ID: #594901222
Registration: 23/02/2017 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 05/Oct/2019
Game Time: 2381:44 Hours
Total interactions: 2,539,919
Money: 267,232
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


*sees they put Happy Feet back on Netflix* omg thank you I've been wanting to watch this again so bad

Today, 16:390 comments
*stares at this Wip*

*heart explodes*

why are they so cute

Today, 07:040 comments
Eeeoooh…. Yeah that's a spoiler I do not want to see. Be careful on YouTube guys, the KH3 spoilers actually got pretty serious as someone's leaked a Secret Boss fight and we kinda know what happens with Secret bosses in these games…

The first wave of spoilers weren't that bad but now the bigger badder ones are coming out unfortunately.

Time to do a history wipe of my computer and youtube so I don't get these recommended to me.

Today, 05:532 comments
Never thought I'd hear my uncle say he hopes Sora and Kairi kiss in KH3 ouo looks like someones got a thing for SoKai

Lowkey though, I'd like to see them kiss or at least share the Paopu Fruit together as it's one of my predictions X3 <3

Today, 04:162 comments

KH3 Hype Train

We're using the Organization Members to do the next part of the countdown, can you keep up?

These are Spoiler Free theories I've had over the years

~Roxas and Ventus meeting for the first time.
~Interchangeable Characters
~Using Photo Mode outside of challenges.
~Bolt Summon/Link.
~Lea/Axel, Roxas, Xion, and Namine getting new outfits.

~More than 2 playable characters (I'm thinking at some point in time we're going to be able to control all 7 Guardians of Light.)
~The Seashell that Xion left behind that Roxas has, Namine is going to be able to do something with it to restore the old Xion they once knew.
~Terra gonna die, bet.
~Roxas' heart is going to embed itself in Data Roxas which combines the two together to give Roxas a body of his own again.
~Data Twilight Town is going to be in unkempt ruins and we're gonna have to fight a corrupted Data Roxas.
~Data Hayner, Pence and Olette are also gonna combine with their Real Counterparts giving them all the memories the Data versions had of Real Roxas.
~Sora and Kairi are gonna share the Paopu fruit together.

~Riku dying.
~Vanitas dying.
~Roxas' appearance changing the moment Ventus' heart gets restored.
~Xion dying, again.

Current Art Projects/WIPS

Twitter Squad Only: SoRoku Day art dump lineup (2/13 ♡)

2: Not started yet


4: Not started yet

5: Not started yet

6: Not started yet

Sora and Roxas Play Beat Saber


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