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Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 1,228/3,103


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Furfrou (Star)59927 / 10,621
Furfrou (Heart)48579 / 7,057
Furfrou (Heart)474,936 / 6,769
Furfrou (Diamond)452,729 / 6,211


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IzayaH 4 Days ago
Venom 5 Days ago
QueenChrysalis 5 Days ago
QueenChrysalis 5 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

QueenChrysalis is currently hunting Rokkyu.
Hunt started: 19/09/2018

Chain: 42
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

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QueenChrysalis hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #415436584
Registration: 09/02/2018 (7 Months ago)
Premium member until 29/Sep/2018
Game Time: 210:28 Hours
Total interactions: 287,798
Money: 113,233
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


By SwampFall - 14 Hours and 59 Minutes ago. #LinkedTopics

Doing a little giveaway because I need your help :3
I'm looking for closely related topics, the more general the topics the more useful for me.
You can answer as many times as you like, every answer will be rewarded with 1 Gem.
When I have enough answers (I don't know when that is yet) I will also give away 3 legendary birds to 3 people who have answered, the more you answered, the more chance you have to win :3

You can share this once a day and will be rewarded with 5 Gems.

Answer here
Current answers

Today, 13:000 comments
Before I head to work...

Interactions made 8,132
Interactions received 4,122
Eggs hatched 60
60 eggs in one day! I think that is my best ever. ^.^

4 Days ago0 comments
How many times do I need to cook up evolutionary stones in the cauldron before I unlock the Mega Stone?

5 Days ago1 comment
Oh no, you broke your Shiny Event Hunt!
All of your unhatched Event Eggs have been returned to the Event Shop.
Your Event Pass is now expired and becomes useless.
Nooooo Raylong you hatched like 2 seconds after the first Pharraloin! You were supposed to hatch first! You were even in the lead! Bad Rayray, bad! *grumbles*

5 Days ago2 comments
Well now that my Shiny Zorua hunt is over, I can finally work on hatching a Raylong egg! After that well... not sure what Shiny I will try for next. Perhaps Ponyta? (Heh it seems almost all the shiny ones I have tried for so far are blue shinies... XD)

8 Days ago0 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Zorua hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #50)!

Lucky #50 woooo! If anyone needs Zorua, let me know and you can have one for free. (Or Zoroark.) Mostly have males, but I think I have a female or two.

9 Days ago2 comments
Why does it seem on X2 days my silly Breeders don't even want to breed? *sighs* Not a single egg today.

13 Days ago0 comments
By CatCatCat - 4 Hours and 50 Minutes ago. #pidoveprize
I'm going to do another giveaway! This time with two winners!

To enter please share the hashtag, and/or comment below on this feed!!
(one winner who shared the hashtag will be picked, and the other from the comment section! if you do both, more of a chance of you winning!)

Prize 1:
A shiny pidove + 50k pd + 3 random boxes and 1 random key

Prize 2:
A normal pidove + 25k pd + 31 random gems

It will end on Sunday 8pm Server time!

Good Luck!!!

15 Days ago2 comments
If you use a Enigma stone, is it random which of the Lati's you will get, or can you choose Latias or Latios?

17 Days ago2 comments
Did you know that coins from the fountain are donated to charity on a regular basis? You have done a good deed!
(Nothing happened)

Ugh 3rd day of nothing happening in a row. x.x

18 Days ago0 comments
How would one go about getting the Sacred Sword to get a Resolute Keldeo?

20 Days ago3 comments
Gaahhhhhhh why do female Zorua's have to be so rare? x.x Please, my breeding pair, give me a girl so I can switch my female litleo out and be able to get all the eggs rather than 1:4 eggs.

20 Days ago4 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Rockruff hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #293)!
XD Hilarious! Decided to adopt the last three eggs I still had of Rockruff after getting my Shiny Lycanroc Dusk form, and lo and behold the third one of the three was a Shiny! Hilarious, now I have an extra hehe.

23 Days ago2 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Rockruff hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #290)!
Woooo finally my 4th shiny Rockruff! Now I can stop breeding these pups and start a new Shiny chain. XD

23 Days ago2 comments
Woooo my MissingNo finally hatched!

27 Days ago0 comments
230 Rockruff hatched, 3 Shiny's. Been almost 100 eggs since I got my last shiny (#138). Ugh, I want the whole line as Shiny, but this is getting a little crazy!

1 Month ago2 comments
Does getting a MissingNo. Egg break a Shiny Chain? Finally reached lv30 so I can start trying to get them now wooo! But I don't want to break my chain heh.

1 Month ago2 comments
You obtained a new badge (Hoarder)!

Woooo finally got it! Now two things left to do:
1) find homes for all those Lycanroc(Midday)
2) Get that last Shiny Rockruff so I can finally start a new shiny hunt. ^.^
SO IF ANYONE NEEDS A LYCANROC (MIDDAY) let me know and I'll set it up in trades. Just offer a junk poke (or if you want feel free to offer one I'm missing but not required) and then you can have a pretty little wolfy. ^.^

1 Month ago0 comments
How much PD do you need for the last step in Raylong quest?

1 Month ago3 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Rockruff hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #139)!
Wooo Shiny #3! Just one more and I can have the full evolution line!

1 Month ago2 comments


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