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Trainerlevel: 45

Trainerpoints: 3,847/6,119

Game Records

Trainer ID: #354727794
Registration: 11/05/2017 (7 Months ago)
Premium member until 30/Apr/2018
Game Time: 607:47 Hours
Total interactions: 382,739
Trainer Battle Stats: 3 won, 11 lost.
Money: 613,926
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


All Christmas Gifts are welcome !
I'll send back as much gifts + 5 DP of Plushie per gift

Today, 13:210 comments
Unova Dex completed !
With that, I have completed all the first 6 gen Dex

5 Days ago3 comments
*points to last feed* Can someone lend me a Victini for like 10 or 15 minutes, just to complete my Unova Dex ? *_* You'll get 10 Rare Candies as a reward for your help !

5 Days ago3 comments
Can anyone lend me a Victini as its the only 'mon I miss for my Unova Dex pleeeease ?

6 Days ago0 comments
Oh ! A random Shiny Dr. Crazee, cool

7 Days ago7 comments
#IAmThankfulFor myself, I recently found what's wrong in my head, knowing the illness you got is a perfect way to start getting better I hope

11 Days ago0 comments
Does a Mega Gyarados and a Mega Shiny Gyarados cost the same ?

12 Days ago8 comments
Selling a lvl740 Shiny Mega Gyarados !

I'm looking for PDs and Nuggets (eventually a Victini and Rubies too).

Message me if you're interested !

13 Days ago0 comments
*close feed sorry*
Points to last feed: You'll get a Nebula Stone if you can help me with those 3 !

14 Days ago0 comments
Can someone really really nice lend me a Terrakion, Cobalion and Victini ? I only need them to complete my Unova Dex I'll only borrow them like 10 - 15 minutes and you'll get a present for your help :3

14 Days ago0 comments
Day #196 : Still don't know how or where to find Harvest Sprites ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

14 Days ago2 comments
I almost want to sell my Shiny Megas just for the satisfaction of trying to get them by myself ^o)
Gonna decide this evening or tomorrow I guess !

17 Days ago1 comment
Kalos Dex Completed
Only a bit less than 30 fifth gen Pokémon and my Unova Dex will be complete too ! Can't wait!

19 Days ago0 comments
I'm looking for Moomoo Milk. I offer 300 PDs per bottle and I want AT LEAST 500 of them !
I'll pay with PDs or Nuggets (Can eventually give some Dragon Gems too)

22 Days ago0 comments
There's a lot of things intriguing me in this game, maybe some "mechanics" from the original games don't work here. I need your answers/thoughts :

- Why do people think only a male and a female are "a perfect breeding couple" when they have both the same Original Trainer ?

- Why do people tends to make the price go up for a Pokémon with an Adamant nature when this Pokémon is better at Sp.Atk ?

- Why do people sell (and buy) at +100k PD a medium rarity when it isn't even shiny ?

So confused

27 Days ago2 comments
My Arceus is approximately 2 minutes old and already getting naughty with the Pinkie Blob Is this even legal ?

27 Days ago4 comments
Can anyone lend me a Cresselia for my Sinnoh Dex ?
I just set up a Private Friend, you'll get that Shiny Houndoom for helping me !

28 Days ago0 comments
"Pokédex entries: 1000" Damn, it took soooo much time

28 Days ago0 comments
I'm still buying Cresselia or its Summon Item/Map in PDs or Nuggets. I'll pay a good price it !

30 Days ago0 comments
Can someone tell my poor colorblind me which color are actually normal and shiny Heracross and shiny Scizor please ? xD

1 Month ago3 comments



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