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Registration: 24/09/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 998:30 Hours
Total interactions: 26,459
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Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


val, with a bunny: squish squish floof flump
zigzag: they don't like that
val, immediately tearing up: i'm sorry bun bun friend
zigzag: they called you an idiot
val, hugging it tighter: then i'll squeeze the life out of it
zigzag: what
bunny: wHAT

Yesterday, 21:590 comments
i can pretty much describe my emotions through hyungwon's various meme faces
for example

1 Day ago1 comment
things to remember when writing:
-your stuff seems boring because you frickin' wrote it
-inspiration isnt around 24/7, so don't worry too much about it
-you write for yourself more than anyone else, so be happy with what you create
-you're never going to please everyone, dont try to
-sometimes you just have to get it down and tweak it later
-writers block is a real thing, remember to take breaks and dont force it too much
-everybody writes differently, cater to your schedule and mindset
-not feeling up to writing is okay!! self-care is not important than getting something out

2 Days ago2 comments
things I've overheard at the con (so far):
-"I have to sell my [stuff] at my table so tell me your plans for world domination quickly"
-"im not gay but nEIL GAIMAN OKAY"
-"it's eleven o'clock time for everybody dies!!"
-"gimme back my ears I dont look elfish enough"
-(softly) "oh my god I forgot my hair"
-"I make housing decisions based on the available space for bookshelves"
-"why drink coffee when you could chug alcohol"
-"the man eating cow ran away with my sword"
-"it's always the right time for quadratic equations, duh"
-"the walking dead meets stranger things meets game of thrones- we're only halfway throught and everyone is already dead"

2 Days ago4 comments
if you associate me with any fictional characters who would they be??

stolen oops

3 Days ago1 comment
I ran into my favorite author again in a deserted hallway and he said "have you started taking over the world for me yet?" and I said no so he sighed, rummaged through his bag, handed me another one of his signed books and said "please get right on that for me," I am c r y i n g

3 Days ago7 comments
I just met one of my favorite authors but I was too shy to say anything other than "hello, I love your books," so he leaned in to me and whispered, "remember, kid, it's always the quiet ones that no one suspects, so please take over the world for me," before handing me a signed copy of his book and I cannot--

3 Days ago5 comments
I love conventions because you can run down a hallway with a tardis pillow and lightsaber in your arms while your friend in star trek cosplay chases after you and no one questions it

4 Days ago1 comment
clouds are a conspiracy by the government

4 Days ago1 comment
i don't care about waking up to go to school, i care about the next seven hours i will spend surrounded by idiots

5 Days ago0 comments
what i found out yesterday: the pocky game doesn't work if you've already kissed the person before

6 Days ago0 comments
if you're happy all the time i firmly believe you suck the life force out of unsuspecting children to gain the emotion and i will probably never trust you, for i do not want to be one of the unsuspecting children

8 Days ago1 comment
don't judge people on what they like, judge people on how they like it. no one should be afraid to express their interests because they're worried about how people will see them differently if they do.

9 Days ago0 comments
gentle reminder that girls can be abusive in relationships too

9 Days ago2 comments
i get anxious when people look at what music i'm listening to for no good reason

10 Days ago0 comments
@everyone who used to roleplay with me
i'm back

11 Days ago0 comments
autei: i love cats!! i just wanna shove my face in their fluffy ears whenever i see them-
ziggy, a cat hybrid: please don't

11 Days ago0 comments
i'm the kind of person who wears earbuds when i'm not listening to music just so people don't talk to me

14 Days ago0 comments
person: you're not that obsessed with svt
me: okay, you know how you can immediately recognize taylor swift in any song, just from her voice?
person: yeah, so?
me: i can do that with thirteen guys, as well as recite their birthdays, full names, and nicknames. i'm a little too obsessed if you ask me

15 Days ago0 comments



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