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Trainer ID: #518115356
Registration: 09/04/2018 (1 Month ago)
Game Time: 67:36 Hours
Total interactions: 1,898
Money: 429,695
Starter Pokémon: Charizard



hi guys, I'm gonna be leaving pokeheroes, It's been fun but I feel like I'm not enjoying the game.

so i'm gonna be giving away EVERYTHING I own, I have 794,491 pokedollars, 101 nuggets and alot of items and pokemon, it might not be much but hey, it's free stuff.

so if you're interested in a chance of winning all this free stuff then share this hashtag and this message.

2 Days ago3 comments
#AgSMV by Argentis

Prizes: x100 Dragon gems, shiny Regis, a Zapdos, and a set of 13 shinies ! Daily share prize is 25k PD [links must be included in share post].

How to join:
1, Fill out the form in the [thread].
2, Send gems to Argentis' Gifts in GTS.
3, Wait for a response from Argentis in the forum thread.

Deadline: July 17th, minute before reset

Disclaimer: Gems sent without an accompanying form will be accepted as donations and NOT as ticket-payment!

[Share It] | [Lottery Thread]

15 Days ago0 comments
By Badges Report - 10 Seconds ago.
You obtained a new badge (I'm rich!)!

Imma be partying tonight.

15 Days ago2 comments
(Note: Not mine)
Everyone who joins has an equal chance to win. I'm organizing this to spread a little joy among the users in this beginning of May.

In order to participate, please use #KageSpringBestWishes in your feed, alone or accompanying this entire post, it's up to you and it doesn't modify chances of winning. Commenting here that you did so is optional (I will check the hashtag anyway to see which of you entered).

Onto the prizes:
The first winner (1st place) will receive
2 Dragon Gems
50 Grass Gems
1 Terra Cave (Map)
Shiny Electrike

The next 5 winners will all be awarded 1 Dragon Gem & 15 Grass Gems each.

End: This Thursday, at around 15:00 (time on site)
You can enter anytime before this deadline.

Winners will be chosen using a random generator
May you have good luck!
Best Wishes
(I hope I did this right)

(Original by Kageyuki)

16 Days ago0 comments
Wanna get an Articuno but don't Have
Enough Money? Have some ice or flying gems lying around?
Join Super_rishi's Lottery! You can also win 2 cold rocks and a shiny magikarp. Here is the link. Share it once a day with link for getting a ticket

17 Days ago0 comments
Please help these babies become stuff!

20 Days ago3 comments
By: ~The_Darkling_Mod_Wolf
Gonna give away 1 set of 200 gems to 2 different users who share this ^3^ good luck all
may add more depending on the amount of shares lmao
[bpeugh1]: Share it or I will send all of you to the Shadow realm! XD
||{[Share it Button! ]}||

20 Days ago0 comments
On the 3rd day of May, Cuppa brings to me...

A giveaway! All you got to do is share the hashtag until May 19th to enter your chance to win!

Had to change it so here we go

Now the prizes:
1. My personal Shiny Chatot + a free Shiny Lapras slot + I will breed you a second shiny of your choice!
2. All of my boxes and keys (currently worth 160k) and Gems (worth 42k right now)
3. A shiny Ghastly

Good luck and have fun!


21 Days ago0 comments
New art style added to my shop!

24 Days ago1 comment
My avatar shop is empty toady..Why not be the first to order?

26 Days ago2 comments
Just a reminder, my avatar shop is OPEN, and we have five empty places!

27 Days ago0 comments
New avatar, drawn by yours truly, me!

27 Days ago4 comments
Just wanted to tell you all, i just started an AVATAR shop, so feel free to come by and maybe order!

27 Days ago0 comments
I finally have a shiny noivern, thanks to MrJerkWad.
Thank you so much, and i'm sorry you are leaving Pokeheroes.

27 Days ago2 comments
By MrJerkWad - 17 Seconds ago.


Okay, MrJerkWad (NOT ME) is gonna be selling all his shinies then giving all the money to a random player

Share this so everyone has the chance to buy from him

28 Days ago0 comments
Scratch that, we have a tie again

30 Days ago0 comments
The winner is....Dialga!

30 Days ago0 comments
Alright, we need one more vote to determine one of my poll's winners because we have a tie.

30 Days ago0 comments



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